Exclusive: 64GB version of Nokia Lumia 1020 supposedly headed to Telefónica (Europe, Latin America)

While a few of you have lamented that the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 will reportedly come with only 32GB of internal storage (and nothing expandable), we now have evidence that a 64GB version of the device is planned for the market,

Unfortunately, it is exclusively destined for Telefónica (O2, Movistar and Vivo) in both their European and Latin American markets.

The device is slated to launch in September and will provide double the storage of the “standard” Nokia Lumia Eros...

The information comes via a draft press release for Telefónica that happened to come into our possession through unofficial channels. While we can’t reveal our leakers info, we’re leaning heavily on the legitimacy of the content, due in part to the detail and our knowledge of the source.

Interestingly, we’ve been calling the device “EOS” for some time now but evidently “Eros” is also another codename for it (or the previous EOS was a mistake). Coincidently, we recently reported on how "Eros" and "Mars" both appeared for O2 Germany on their roadmap, which now matches up with the above info rather nicely.

From the press release, which should hit the wire tomorrow:

Madrid, July 11th 2013.

Telefónica today announced a global agreement with Nokia to sell Nokia Eros 64 Gb exclusively to Movistar, Vivo and O2 customers in Telefonica markets during 2013. The smartphone will be launched this September.This announcement is part of the Telefónica strategy to reinforce the smartphone portfolio and increase the ecosystem offer for their customers. Telefónica will actively promote Nokia Lumia Eros 64Gb, as part of Telefónica iconic smartphone offering.Nokia Lumia Eros brings stunning innovations only found in the SLR cameras so far, like a 41 Mpixel sensor, 6 lenses, and high resolution zoom. Taking excellent photos has never been so easy, as complex settings are turned into easy adjustments with immediately visible results.Eros 64Gb, for Telefónica customers, will have more than double capacity than the Eros standard version, extending the capability for customers to store large amount of content,  up to 4,000 images or 6 hours of very high quality Full-HD video.… of Telefónica,  said “Telefonica is firmly committed to deliver the best and exclusive experiences to our customers as part of our connected smartphones offering. This moves us one step ahead, and reinforces our leading position in front of the consumers looking for the best proposals”

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • So I'm buying off contract and importing. Got it! :)
  • Nothing is true until tomorrow
  • Lol indeed
  • This is a sad day for those of us who can't just fly to Brazil and drop a grand to get a phone. ;)
  • you can still buy it online
  • gladly, I am from brazil hahaha, kiddings apart, you just have to import it, via ebay for example, just be careful with lte networks, different bands from different places =)
  • pssst...theres a 128Gb one coming too...a guy working at McDonalds told me...so has to be true !!
  • Lol!!!!
  • +920
  • +1020 + 128
  • Yeah a 41MP phone with 64GB makes a lot more sense!
  • Omgwtfbbq. Better be coming to US
  • Oh my god what the f*** bar b que?
  • '.....better be quick'
  • I like bar b que better.
  • Why bother having an event tomorrow? :)
  • SO THAT I CAN PLAY WITH IT!  (of course) :P
  • Touché
  • Lmfao!
  • Haha!
    64 GB on O2, Sweet finally i don't have to look at an iphone everytime i sign-in into my O2 account (hopefully!) and have a colleague chirp about me switching to iphone from my L920.. I swear one of these days ill throw his iphone out the window! he does it every damn time. it was funny the first time around, but the billionth not so much.
  • You still don't know how good it is, that's up to tomorrow.
  • To see the actual device. To also see the bitter fandroid blogs be reminded how they'll never have any Lumia goodness :)
  • Jip ;)
  • OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!!
    Brazil will get some love!!!!!
    OMG!!! Shocked!!
  • So are you going to get the 64GB version? ;)
  • No. I´m not finished to pay my Lumia 920 yet... :/
  • I'm selling my 920, hahahahaha
  • Hahaha fail
  • i can't imagine the price there for this version :P at least 1200$ if not more
  • Me too... I was thinking buy L920 this week... Now I'll wait.
  • YEH take my money NOWWWWWWWWWW :D 64GB
  • This would be shitty expensive. You can bet on that!!!! :/
  • Loool:P
  • What is with Nokia and these dang exclusives?!?! This is an option any 1020 owner should have if they are going to take tons of photos
  • The carriers pay Nokia premium dollars for these"exclusives". Its best to take the sure money than to hope people will buy your device.
  • Guess att didnt want to pay for a 64GB version.
  • no because they will make more $$ by getting the consumer to switch to a higher data plan for cloud storage/streaming in the end.
  • There really is no evidence that any carrier has this reason as any motivation when selling phones when people can just simply wait till they have wifi access.
  • at&t is offering 50GB free in the att cloud att locker.
  • Yuck
  • Not necessarily.  Wifi access is not available everywhere and cannot be used at all times.  People will pay extra for data to have everywhere and anytime.   -I do this.  I rely on streaming/cloud/mapping/email services at all times.  There are some times when I do not have wifi access -such as when I am driving to work, at the gym, travel, or pretty much any public area that does not have open wifi access.
  • If true, just goes to show how the US carriers hold back WP devices. Because if I understand it correctly its the carrier that tells the manufacturers what they want.
  • Looking more and more like it...it is obvious that carriers want to make the most $$ possible.  Limiting storage is an easy way to do that by getting the consumer to upgrade the data plan.
  • Yeah, they would never do that to a phone like the Galaxy S4.
  • or the HTC One, no? 
  • Good call. S4 got cripped with quadcore and One slap you in the face with duo sim, removable battery and SD expension.
  • Maybe ATT is getting the 64gb version and that's where the $299 price comes from....I can dream can't I ??
  • Telefonica & Verizon. Right?
  • +928
  • If the 32 GB variant is $700 then I'm guessing this will cost $800 x.x
  • How do you pronounce #Nokia? “no KEE ah” or “KNOW key ah”? We'd say the closest is “knock ya”!! Start practicing!
  • Depends on where you live. I live in the US but prefer the alternate pronunciation. US: "NO - KEE - A" Other countries: "NAH - KEE - YA"
  • Ballmer pronounces it as Knock-eeya
  • ha ha !!
  • Haha, it's a troll! Meaning... Knocking out all the phones out there because Nokia is the king!!!
  • The company is Finish. And in finish you pronounce "knock ya". So that's the only correct way...however Americans also eat the i in aluminium and pronounce "mo'ble" instead of"mo-by-le"...
    So just say it the way you want lol
  • Many Americans say inner-net instead of in-ter-net
  • Americans... they want all, even the letters LOL
  • Tweet from Nokia :
    How to pronounce #Nokia?“no KEE ah” or “KNOW key ah”? We'd say the closest is “knock ya”!! Start practising ;-) http://t.co/tYyp5CioA6
  • I say "NOK EE YA"
  • I just No kia
  • This is kind of proving that in the US market with carrier data plans that they are limiting external storage because they assume cloud storage will take over...and of course carriers want you to spend more $$ on data.
  • I dream of a day when Nokia is free of all the exclusivity BS and those of us who want to shut up and give Nokia our money can directly do so without concern of where we are located and who our cellular provider is.
  • Yes, poor Nokia, forced to negotiate those agreements and take that money.  Boo hoo.
  • Well, if they were in higher demand they could take that money AND make the rules... i.e., Apple
  • +1
  • IMO, all tips and leaks that are official in nature should come through you at WP Central. Others throw out crap all the time. But, when you guys aren't able to authenticate a source, you say so. In short, I think anyone who has insider info should go through you. I don't listen to the others until you run it... Love you guys!
  • WPC really is the best WP site.
  • History repeats itself. Not surprised -_-
  • Hey Daniel!
    Its "Movistar" not "Moviestar". ;)
  • thanks, fixing
  • Oh if only Spain was near me...oh wait...XD Nah, joking. I have no intention to get this phone. Still, if I was to, I would certainly be crossing the border. However, for those overseas, you may want to check "vipmovil". It's likely that they'll have this unlocked for you ;)
  • I'll have to change my telephone operator to have this amazing Lumia!!!
  • Mano, acho que é melhor falar "carrier" não ?..
  • Y'all windows phone central nokia fanboy bloggers need to chill with the 1020 posts. There's one every other post you all make and the phone isn't even out. Obsessed much?
  • I know, its almost like the droid boys and the S4 launch, almost but not quite. Still if it makes you feel better Engadget will post 50 non-new items they hold back to quickly push it off the front page as quickly as possible - dont believe me, just watch.
  • Ha I see what you did there lol
  • Please tell me you post on iPhone sites telling them to do the same thing.
  • You realize the announcement is tomorrow right? The hype is to be expected, beginning of next week will be back to norma-ish.
  • Wtf...they finally ger their heads out of their ass and offer a 64GB phone, but only for citizens of Bora-Bora....nice :/
  • O2 is pretty big actually...
  • I know.... I just love being a smart ass :). Just praying that by the time I'm up for a new phone in a year, the specs will be on par with what is already out there, and not playing keep up. The OS is amazing, the build is amazing, the cameras are amazing....
  • And on a small off topic; the fact that everyone I know that has an iPhone through AT&T, gets subsidized deals for a new iPhone EVERY year when the new version is released. Why don't we get the same treatment? Just because I dont have a banana or kiwi etched on the back of my unit? Providers piss the hell out of me with this one.
  • Nokia can match that when they sell you a product valued 450 at a price of 750.
  • Hopefully it's $300 for the 64GB version and $200 for the 32GB, on-contract.
  • I think the 64gb version will eventual come to other models and I'll wait for them hopefully 64gb will be an option for a phablet
  • But, will it blend?
  • No, its a Nokia.
  • as long as we know there is a 64gb version we have hope it will come to all of us. that is the best!
  • Hope there will be an international 64 GB version!
    For all that say "cloud! Cloud!!", gi travelling in Europe and get surprised by atricious data roaming prices ... of course you can take a laptop or tablet with you to store your pics every now and then, but some prefer travelling light.
  • Its about damn time O2 got a decent Windows Phone exclusive. So far its in the UK its been EE (Lumia 920) and Vodafone (32GB Lumia 925). I know what phone Ill be getting next. I was always going to EOS/Eros/Elvis, but like other was concerned about the non-expandable 32GB storage, so a 64GB model would seal it for me. on another note, i recently had a brainwave. O2 UK is said to be very close to launching 4G (according to them themselves). Some suggestions on Twitter say in the next two weeks (although given we've had no details from O2 other than "This Summer", im sure the next two weeks would only be an announcement), i did wonder if an O2 UK4G announcement could coincide with an announcement they'll be offering the 1020/Eros, as a launch device. lets hope in right.
  • VIVO client here, baby, hahahahahaha! COME, MY PRECIOUS! P.S. Vivo is a brazilian carrier :)
  • Omg, VIVO getting the 64gb version, I'm with vivo, sure it will cost $1100 after taxes and conversion but still... I ain't getting it bacause I will only pick another phone after the windows phone 8.1 or 9 is released with new hardware, but still. great news, maybe i can make my parents get one
  • OMG no love for 'Merica (f yeah!)? Lol
  • You're either with us, or against us.
  • How long will Nokia keep innovating in the smartphone camera area and does the average consumer really care about the camera technology that much?
  • Every company needs a differential.
  • I'm glad a company finally does! To me, camera  quality is about the most important thing in a smartphone and I've been disappointed long enough! Thank you, Nokia!
  • And Australia
  • Unreal that its lighter and thinner than my 920 but without wireless charging and the LCD it makes sense. PPI doesn't matter anymore at this size/resolution so its a smart move plus the clock feature makes sense
  • I guess the new 64gb version is going to Europe and Latin America 'cause they love more the Nokia brand and they are going to sell more units even if it's expensive.
  • Not in Mexico, here Telcel takes all the exclusives and Movistar (telefónica) its a cheap company without good phones.
  • Have you got any information about Vodafone?
  • Nokia should sell the 64Gb version, branded direct in markets where carriers did not take them.
  • would still prefer 920 over this one :P
  • Anytime you hear Nokia and exclusive in the same sentence...smh
  • As much as I want a Nokia or HTC flagship device with microSD, I will definitely jump on this if it has 64 GB in Australia!
  • So, It's coming to Brazil.... But, I believe you know, here we have the higher taxes in the world... so, if announced price is about U$ 699.00 (no contract), here in real, will cost something like US$ 1,300.00. Trust me!
    Here we don't have discounts for "contract mode" like you have. Just exploration... :(
  • I hope thinks change in this Telefónica-Microsoft agreement because, so far, things couldn't be worse.
    I live in Madrid, home of Telefonica HQ. It's been almost 15 days since they stated that Telefónica had signed an agreement with MS to promote WP Devices. Well, so far, Telefonica's flagship store in Madrids Gran Vía (think of NY Broadway)  hasn't got in display a single unit of Lumia 925 which is supposed to be the top notch Lumia Phone so far.
    I've been there 3 times to try and test one but the only way is to wait a long line, talk to a sales agent, wait for him to fetch a box from the warehouse and try it for a couple of minutes.
    If that is promotion I'm pope Francisco.
  • The irony here is that we get *lots* of Brazilian tourists here (Florida) and they arrive with the clothes on their backs and then buy four or five suitcases at the outlet malls and stuff em silly cuz things are 3-4x expensive back home. Guess I'll need to approach one and ask for a reverse export/import lol
  • Yeahh that's true lol.  I went to Orlando last year and I did that hehehehe.  Just to give you an idea:  A simple Tommy t-shirt costed me US$ 12.00 in Orlando. The very same t-shirt here in Brazil, costs something like US$ 150.00. Sounds crazy, but it is true hehehehe
  • This is rather odd. For the first time in history Brazil is getting a better product.
    I bet on a $1200 cost.
  • Well Telefonica has "Movistar" in Mexico, so that's not far for all of you americans who want a 64gb 1020 ;) 
  • It would've been great if this was released as 64gb worldwide and not just some operators, i'm sure some ppl would want this monster of a camera with so much more space available, i'm opting to purchase it from uk and have friend ship it to me since they dont offer international shipping.