Mush is probably the most charming platformer in the mobile Xbox Live lineup – and it’s an exclusive to boot. Developer Angry Mango has kindly provided Windows Phone Central with some exclusive goodies to share with you.

First off, Mush is a generally easy game. Like ilomilo you can’t die, so the challenge comes entirely from the puzzles. It does get harder as you progress though – take the puzzle at the end of Level 5: Catfish Capers, for example. Getting the ball where it needs to go in order to activate a switch and open the door might just stump some gamers. Fear not; the above video shows exactly what to do. Whichever lovable writer got stuck on this puzzle was most certainly overthinking things.

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Next up we have a bevy of beautiful Windows Phone-sized wallpapers. Check ‘em out after the break.

Mush Happy WallpaperMush Angry Wallpaper

Mush Confused WallpaperMush Sad Wallpaper

Pretty, aren't they? Mush costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Turn that frown upside down by getting it here from the Marketplace.