F1 2019 gets keyboard support on Xbox One

F1 2019
F1 2019 (Image credit: Codemasters)

Source: Codemasters

Source: Codemasters (Image credit: Source: Codemasters)

What you need to know

  • F1 2019 is a racing simulator from Codemasters.
  • The game has received excellent post-launch support these past few months.
  • Today, the developer added keyboard support on Xbox One.
  • You can purchase F1 2019 for $45 on Amazon.

F1 2019 is an incredibly popular racing simulator from Codemasters. The game gives you the thrill of being in an F1 competition, and features a number of cars and other mechanics to enhance realism.

Let's say that you don't like using the controller for playing this racing game, well, you're in luck. With the latest patch, Codemasters added keyboard support to F1 2019. You can try it out right now if you want to. The patch should already be live on Xbox One, but if it isn't, try waiting a few hours until it rolls out to everyone. You can read the complete patch notes on the Codemasters blog.

Will you play F1 2019 with the keyboard? What sort of setup do you prefer? Let us know.

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