Fable Fortune card game will kick off into closed beta next week

If you've been eager to get your hands on Fable Fortune, the time has almost arrived — if you're lucky. The card game based on the popular Fable franchise will officially kick off its closed beta test starting next week.

If you're unfamiliar with Fable Fortune, the game takes the big themes of the Fable universe and translates them into what looks to be a solid card game. And yes, that includes the series' famous good and evil alignment system, which will determine the powers you're able to use.

According to developer Flaming Fowl Studios, the closed beta will only run on an invite-only basis through the Steam platform on Windows for now. That said, both Early Access and Xbox Game Preview versions are due to launch sometime in the second quarter of 2017 as a "Founder's Pack" that will include some bonus card packs and an exclusive card.

If you want to try your hand at jumping into the closed beta, you can register for an invite throughout its duration. Invites will be sent out in waves over the next several weeks, gradually expanding to include more players over time. Perhaps the best part is that each invite will contain 3 keys, so you can jump in with two of your friends.

Register for the Fable Fortune closed beta

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  • I tried Gwent. Didn't really get the system, but this looks interesting. Although I haven't played hearth stone either, it looks similar. We'll see I guess.
  • Looks interesting and the graphics are so nice! I wonder if it runs on a typical low specs atom tablet. Since this is a turn based game I can't see why not
  • The fact that this will be available on Xbox means it could userp Hearthstone easily. I'll try this when it releases.
  • People have tried to take on Blizzard before and failed, those guys just know how to create an incredibly well balanced game.
  • Blizzards Hearthstone isn't in the console space at all. Over 80 million current gen players they are missing out on. That's what I was getting at. This game will be cross buy and play pc/xbox. And the visuals look beautiful.
  • I'm actually pretty surprised Hearthstone hasn't moved to consoles. But yeah, I'll be grabbing this game too.
  • its not beating hearthstone.  
  • I wish all the Fable games are available on PC (Win Store, Steam, etc). I really want to play Fable II
  • Magic The Gathering guys It's the best TCG from 1993... And we have it on Xbox as Magic Duels. So Who cares about the silly Hearthstone
  • I play and love Magic. While I agree, Blizzard have a blind following. Haha. I mean I have Diablo 3, but the game is way way to easy. Like its not even a small challenge. Overwatch for me is way over rated and lacks content. The best game I've ever played from them is Warcraft 3. That was years ago. Since Wow, I feel they have become average. Everything they make is about loot. Developers from Blizzard even saying in an interview their games play on the same part of the brain that gambling does. A need to just replay the same thing over and over to get a newer costume or a better sword. Which is actually the biggest con in gaming. Players playing the same missions over and over against the same enemy with more health and you having a slightly better weapon. It's exactly the same thing hundreds of times over. But its that gambling mentality that keeps a player coming back. Which is why I don't play those games. It's not that its a good game. It's that its a scientific addiction.