Fable is not an MMO and Halo Infinite's multiplayer is not being delayed

Fable 2020 Toad
Fable 2020 Toad (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Recently, rumors spread that the new Fable from Playground Games was an MMO.
  • Rumors also quickly spread that Halo Infinite's multiplayer wouldn't be included at launch.
  • Both of these rumors are completely false.

After yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase featuring reveals like Halo Infinite's gameplay, rumors quickly started to spread about some of the big games shown. Citing @ChronoTK on Twitter, the rumor that Playground Games's Fable was actually an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) title quickly spread.

For anyone who is concerned about not getting a proper role-playing game (RPG), your fears are unfounded. Multiple sources familiar with the plans for Playground's take on Fable have confirmed to us that it is an action-RPG, one that you can play in single-player. There may be online elements like co-op functionality or limited, optional shared spaces but nothing to the extent that would justify classifying the game as an MMO.

This wasn't the end of the worried whispers though, as a comment from Brad Sams indicated that Halo Infinite might ship without its multiplayer. 343 Industries community director Brian Jarrard quickly stepped in to explain this rumor wasn't true, replying to a (now-deleted) Tweet about the rumor.

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We've previously reported that the multiplayer for Halo Infinite might be free-to-play, in the same vein as Call of Duty: Warzone being available without buying Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. If so, it's possible that the campaign and multiplayer could use seperate clients but they are intended to ship alongside each other.

Halo Infinite is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC with a release window of Holiday 2020. Fable is coming to the Xbox Series X and PC but there's no release date or even window right now.

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  • I Wonder why he deleted the Tweet. I've been all over with my thoughts, since the show last Thursday. I actually liked the May reveal, so it is odd that Thursday's show left me wondering if I enjoyed it. Halo is gonna look great for me, but I'm coming from a Day One Xbox. What didn't help is the stream reverted to 144p resolution during the Halo reveal. So when I did get it back, I liked what I saw. I sincerely hope the rumours, that this was an older demo, are true. The pop in needs work. Fable is interesting, though a longer trailer would have been better. I think what irks a little, is that in all the stuff showed, I'm still unsure what the launch line up is. I know Halo is coming. But I'd like them to have summarised the expected launch titles. It was a lot like a fantastic and for Game Pass, but I'd have liked it to say hey, look at this, this is next gen.
  • I agree. So many games of many different types. But there was no stand out game that was a graphical powerhouse. No showcase of loading either. Just (hopefully) great games. Not that I'm complaining.
  • They can't focus on loading, Sony won that battle. They don't wanna highlight that area.
  • We all know it’s going to be be all over like current gen RDR2 blurry checkerboard 4k ps4pro native 4k xbox one x. AFAIK Digitalfoundry showed 2080S performs noticeable superior than a 2070 even if it’s overclocked....no next-gen SSD can ever possibly join the gap let alone the huge memory bandwidth difference between the two. It’s just that Halo Infinite was from a February build running on PC without Velocity Architecture optimisations and Gamecore.
    Most of the new titles they showed were Xbox Series X next-gen exclusives.
  • If you watch the 1 minute 4k trailer for Halo that was posted after the showcase, you can see that the textures are already much more detailed than what we saw in the gameplay demo during the showcase. It definitely was using an older build, and it will likely still get some polish before release. I think what it did show is that it will be fun. I think part of the problem was that before the show so many people and sites were talking about this event like it was a Series X showcase, but it was never intended as that. It was an E3 replacement that was solely an Xbox games showcase announcing all the great things they're working on to make game pass an incredible service for the foreseeable future. I think in that regard, just knowing that all those games will be available day one, they accomplished what they set out to, and it instilled the confidence that if you purchase the Series X and game pass, or just game pass if you are inclined and able to build a more capable PC, then you will get to enjoy some of the best gaming experiences over the next decade.
  • It was a Game Pass advert, really. For me, it was embarrassing how many times they had to throw it in. Like with the new stickers in the damned game UI on Xbox. Labelling it just looks like overkill. Say it once, say it right. It exposed them in the sense that they had little else to sell. They didn't actually sell a reason to upgrade. The sold a reason to buy Game Pass.
  • PS5 gpu is essentially a combination between RDNA 1 and some features of RDNA 2 like RT.
    This was revealed recently by the Principal Graphics Engineer who worked on PS5 hardware team.
    Evidence #1 showing PS5 engineer confirming this - https://imgur.com/a/5KKMRUT This is the core reason why it doesn’t support things like mesh shading (which is an entire ground up redesign of pipeline from primitive shaders introduced in RDNA 1; watch the nvidia starship demo), Tier 2 VRS(unconfirmed) and also extra Machine Learning hardware support which has been already shown back in Feb running on Xbox Series X to be able to automatically upgrade real time original Xbox titles from non HDR period to HDR without any changes in coding using DirectML.
    Evidence #2 showing PS5 engineer confirming it doesn’t support
    machine learning - https://imgur.com/a/N7EtiCS It’s grossly hypocritical how Xbox Series X hardware breakdown was done by a neutral third party like Eurogamer and Digitalfoundry wayyy back in February but for PS5 we’re still supposed to rely on marketing stakeholders like Mark Cerny and Tim Sweeney. I recommend you check out the original well-detailed technical blog by Eurogamer on Xbox Series X hardware breakdown. Even though Xbox Series X has a way faster 320-bit 560Gbps GDDR6 memory, RDNA 2 features like mesh shading, VRS will come as an extra optimisations on top sheer raw memory bandwidth performance delta that we have already seen between X1X and PS4 Pro where in huge photorealistic dynamic open world games like RDR2, X1X can push native 4k30 and PS4 Pro can only do checkerboard blurry 4k. Evidence #3 showing Xbox Series X hardware engineer confirming even higher optimisations possible than what is claimed by the developer - https://imgur.com/a/oLchP70 I recommend everybody to read the developer's explanation, you learn a lot about how games are rendered. Traditionally and including PS5, all mip maps are loaded but on Series X what is far away and doesn't require it, only the necessary mip maps are loaded (Sampler Feedback Streaming) and this saves a huge amount of data because in 3D games there are always assets and textures that are far away and textures are oversampled. If you want to know what Series X is about, have a look.
    But why is Sampler Feedback Streaming so important? I/O throughput.
    As it is know, PS5 is theoretically faster than Series X, speed is, actually, the only technical advantage of PS5, which features I/O throughput up to 5.5GB/s (raw) / 8.5GB/s (compressed) while Series X I/O throughput is 2.4GB/s (raw) / 4.8GB/s (compressed). Sampler Feedback Streaming results in approximately 2.5x the effective I/O throughput (SSD performance) and memory usage above and beyond the hardware capabilities on average. In other words, it gives a speed boost till 6GB/s (raw) / 12GB/s (compressed) on Series X which makes Series X faster than PS5 in practical terms. https://gamingbolt.com/xbox-series-xs-sampler-feedback-streaming-is-an-a...
  • And this is fine. When has any new generation had a strong or stronger line-up across MS, Sony or Nintendo? This is normal at the launch of any new generation. The line-up of Day One is always thin if that's what you are looking for.
    As for me Halo Infinite at launch is good enough. Neither MS nor Sony will have anything 'ground-breaking' at launch. All their games will be able to technically run on the X1 and PS4