Facebook and Twitter Lock Screen notifications spotted for Windows Phone 8

To the left, Twitter and to the right, reportedly Facebook notifications

Looks like Nokia’s New York City announcement is the gift that keeps on giving. Such is the case from the newly observed Twitter and Facebook notifications on the Lock screen during the introduction of the wireless charging part of the presentation. (Although Twitter is clear as day for us, we're still  not sure about the Facebook one--it's quite hard to tell.)

We have discussed the new Lock-screen notification system before in Windows Phone 8—in short, users can add up to five apps, including 3rd party ones who are coded properly, to the Lock Screen for quick updates on their most important services.

It should be of no surprise that Twitter and Facebook are both there. After all, the two popular social media services have been baked into Windows Phone for a long time already, seeing that extended with these notifications is to be expected. Regardless, it’s still cool to see them there and we’re sure many of you will be excited over the new feature.

Previously, notifications for Skype and 3rd party app AP News was spotted as well for the upcoming OS.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Nice to see the pieces of the puzzle coming together.
  • Yeah looks like the right justified lowercase f that Facebook uses.  Cool.
  • I agree. Looks like the Facebook logo.
  • what the f! hahaha... ^_^
  • I'm very happy that those are added. It was one of the key features that I missed from my old 9900. Hope that they'll add Whatsapp as well :)
  • You know everyone's asking for a notification center I would just love it if they put all the notifications under the ME tile with the Facebook and Twitter notifications. This would be the perfect place.
  • +1
  • +1000!
  • I like that idea, i was previously thinking of a dedicated metro looking notification app with live tile...
  • Wow that's actually a really good idea!
  • That would work. They would still be my notifications whether it's Facebook, Twitter, What's App, etc so the ME tile notification center would do it.
  • What about under all the tiles on the bottom of the home screen...
  • yeah and put ME in the left corner of the homepage 
  • totally agree man, just yesterday i was thinking the same when i turned on my n9. they could even use swipe left to open it. of course that would copy nokia's way of doing it but hey, it can be good for the os hence for nokia too
  • +1
  • Excellent idea!!! Now someone at Microsoft should agree.
  • I like it, I like it
  • So what are the 19 notifications being shown by the Windows flag icon? Could those be global?
  • That looks like Outlook..
  • That should have the usual mail icon, this is the Windows flag. Was also in the first image linked in the article which showed the new Windows flag with a notification count and the outlook icon is clearly shown seperately. http://www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-8-images-reveal-pinnable-credit-cards-and-new-lock-screen-notifications
  • Probably app updates...
  • At first I was thinking it's the new windows phone store, like marketplace app updates, but that should still have the shopping bag. OS updates?
  • Not 19 of them
  • I know, that's the thing. The numbers on the two examples thus far don't add up. What is that little WP8 logo counting?
  • I think those are messages from "Live" or whatever its new name will be.  You know, things like SkyDrive updates and such.
  • Lock screen notifications are nice, but you're limited to 5 apps so it's most likely going to be your social networks + 2 other things. the iOS/Android Notification Center does not limit how many apps, plus it gives you a time-sorted list of missed toasts. Sorry Microsoft but there is no getting around this gaping HOLE in the OS.
  • Do you find the iOS notifications useful though? I certainly don't... Any more than a couple and it just makes them too difficult to read. Other than the weather, I find notification centre pretty much redundant.
  • I suspect that lack of the iOS/Android notification center will be that "gotcha" thing that everyone latches onto that they just have to have, because, well, they're used to it.  So get ready for that...
  • Precisely... kinda like we latched onto Copy/Paste about iPhone for 3 years.
  • Dude, the whole WP first screen is a notification center for almost 2 years.
    Get over it!
  • Exactly. If you configure you home screen tiles right you don't need a separate/dedicated notification centre.
  • No - not everyone wants to pin everything to their home screen to receive a notification. Some apps have annoying tiles that update their image automatically when I don't want it to, don't match my theme, or simply aren't configurable. Why can't I receive notifications without suffering with their crappy tile? Also, many people have hundreds of apps - having to pin a lot of them to the home screen is absurd... with custom hubs / folders that's a different story.
  • Notification centre on iOS and Android is much more useful because it allows apps to show text of the notification, more than one notification, and also direct links to the relevant part of the app.
  • You can do al that with a live tile.
  • Not to the same extent - in iOS it takes you to the message itself or to different parts of the app; in WP live tile has a fixed destination (which can only be changed if live tile is re-created) - so even if it will show several messages in some slide-show (ugly hack imho) it cannot link directly to the individual messages.
  • With iOS, don't you have to unlock the phone to be able to get to the notification center?  If so, it seems the WP8 implementation is better in that you get at least 5 notifications at a glance, and then for more notifications, you only have to 'swipe up' to unlock the screen to see your Start screen.
    Personally, I like that there are a max of 5 at a glance - the lock screen, as I remember Microsoft touting, is for the 'most useful information; therefore your most useful/important notifications are at a glance, and the other important/no-so-important notifications are just a 'swipe up' away :)
  • No, it shows on lock screen in iOS.
  • It really is a gaping hole. Nowhere in the history of computing you would be shown an auto-hiding message that you can't review later. This is certainly a design flaw, and I am getting tired of people who don't want it because they only care about WP not looking like, or not taking something from Android. I say this because their counter-argument is ridiculous. Would it kill you to have a list of missed notifications in your Me tile? What are you losing exactly?
    Just admit it people. If there is a warning, alert or message that you might miss, you should have a place to notify you about it, and let you review it. Enough already.
  • +1 I hate it when people argue against a feature that they don't see a need for (with their limited vision), and won't affect them in the slightest
  • Amen! +100000
  • Ya, I know that a lot of the time we WP users have to defend ourselves but this really is a problem. Its ok to admit when something is missing, that's how problems get fixed.
  • Agreed.  Notifications are one of the top 5 things WP does really, really badly.  This seems to represent only a small improvement.  I would argue that notifications are so bad on WP, that they really are a "gotcha" that makes it hard to recommend the OS.  Hopefully, there will be some other system in place beyond just the "Start Screen" and the "Lock Screen".
  • I like this, but it would be nice if you could have more than 5 notification but only see 5 at a time with an indicator that more are available. I'd love to see 10-15 notifications and be able to swipe left or right to see more notifications. That would be just about perfect.
  • It's a hole that is missing but a gaping whole I wonder. I have all my notifications on the start screen using the live tile. Now I can use the lock screen. If it is something important then you should have it where you can see it.
  • They should add weather features in the lock screen as well.
  • Agreed.
  • I second this.
  • Since WP is so big on swiping left and right, why not swipe the icons across the bottom of the start screen to see the # of notifications and not have to worry about limits?  For more detail you tap on an icon, which makes the lock screen open up like a book to show that application?
  • I know what you mean but scrolling horizontally would defeat the purpose of "at a glance." Remember that this is from the lock screen.
    Not talking about you in particular, but it appears that Microsoft will never be able to satisfy everyone when it comes to notifications. We all have different views as to how it should be done.
  • Fuk release the phone already
  • Lol
  • Seriously. I can't wait.
  • Hmm, i want Facebook, WPcentral on my lockscreen NOW!
  • Interesting. What WPCentral notification would you want? New blog posts? Replies on forums (that could get crazy)?
    I love the WPCentral app, btw. Each update makes it better and better.
  • He he, all ideas are good ideas. But just happy with a new posts notification. With luxury version we could have latest topic.
  • WPCentral lockscreen notification would be awesome. It's the only thing I risk getting in trouble at work checking my phone besides text
  • Will 7.8 get this?
  • Slide to the left.. That's where all notifications should be
  • This.
  • Perhaps the Windows Flag icon is on the lock screen is referring to the Marketplace updates? Or perhaps it's demonstrating the ability to choose which apps feed the lock screen? Or both?
  • Since there was AP the last time, it's probably customizable.
  • it's news but then again, it's not.  For those people who are running it, you can see the same thing on Windows 8.  You can customize which apps have notifications on the lock screen there too.  I guess I just assumed that it would be the same thing. 
    (I just want picture password unlocking)
  • Zoom and enhance!
  • - OK. Now turn the phone 180 degrees, so I can see its back. Can you do that?
    -Yup. (Starts typing on the keyboard)
  • No one seems to understand that the start screen is the notification center. If you miss a toast, just look at the live tile.
  • i dont think you get what people are asking for, most people are asking for a centralized notification area. "No one seems to understand that the start screen is the notification center"-- when you have over 30 tiles pinned to your start screen it gets a little inconvenient, WP8 startscreen is a step in the right direction but when we want to do things quickly going to one spot to see all the notifications is, well, Convenient.
  • What about when an app I don't have pinned notifies me of something? Can't tell you how many times my phone has vibrated or sent some toast only for me to check it later and have no idea what it was. Adding a "Other Notifications" pivot or some such to me would fix that. Just a time sorted list of all the toasts I missed in a stack. Or if they go the copy route (doubtful) why not just pull down from the top to see the actual toasts in a stack, with the ability to swipe them away still?
  • Not true. You have a limit of 9 working in the background, so even if ya had every app pinned to START you would start missing some updates, especially the services that check every 30 minutes because they don't use their own services or Microsoft azure's cloud services
  • I think that most people get it but not everyone wants to keep the every tile on their homepage because it can get cluttered. Android and iOs have a notification center so people are used to that way of seeing their notifications, and they both involve a pull-down style draw! I personally don't like how microsoft handled the new notifications, they are redundant. Honestly its a fail. Like people have ben saying just swipe in from the left. Then we will have three screens; the notification center, homepage, and app list.
    my question is are they going to have a universal search? Seriously they need it. Webos style please ;)
  • I think making the toast notification on screen untill manually dismissed or the message was read would solve a lot if issues for people.
  • Does anyone know if on the lock screen if you tap on the icon will it open that function like a shortcut. Say for example I turn my phone on and see I have a text and I tap on it will it take me to the text app or would I have to unlock the phone and then go to messages?I think that would help the "Doing more in less steps" campaign.
  • Would be great but I highly doubt it.
  • Perhaps it could be like a toast, where when you tap it then unlock it goes to the app?
  • For this I've always imagined that, since it's slide up to unlock anyway, why not simply hold the notification icon that you wish to jump straight to, have it enlarge, glow or move upward slightly to show the touch has registered, and then simply slide up as normal to unlock and jump straight to that specific "app". 
  • Idk, the notifications are too crowded now. It doesnt seem as glance and go as it was before.
  • I hope that the windows logo blinks when there are new notifications, and that you can configure which notifications trigger this
  • Or any sort of notification on the physical device, so you don't have to kill the power button by pressing it all the time to see if you missed something.
  • A white "breathing" Windows button to tell you there are notifications would be so modern and classy!
  • Perhaps Nokia will be able to implement this for WP, since this is what they have on the N8.
  • +1 though I feel like the white breathing is a bit "apple." perhaps a different color or pattern?
  • the Nokia e71 and many other Nokia phones had a breathing light inside of the sqare directional/select button. I loved that and wish they would bring it back
  • Nope.  The white breathing light is a Nokia thing - my N8 menu button 'breathes in white' whenever I miss a call, text message, or voice mail :)
  • Great, now push it to WP7.8 please...
  • How many notifications do you guys have? I have missed calls, text, and email. I would somehow have to fill 2 more slots. No idea what I would even put there.
  • For me, one would be Facebook. I have a Twitter account but rarely use it so I won't waste a notification slot with it. I probably won't use the email notification either. In my case 5 slots are more than I need. Some people may add Skype or other stuff like WhatsApp.
  • Facebook and Gchat would be mine. I also would love to see notifications for news stories on WPCentral.
  • I would have those plus kik and Tango or maybe Skype.
  • That notification center is looking more and more irrelevant
  • Hope it works better than the current Facebook notification system.
  • This is amazing! Great idea
  • It would just be nice if they'd hurry the f up and release the list of features. I was holding an HTC One X in my hands today and thought, if only windows phone had such a nice looking and feeling device.
  • That would probably be the 8X, except it's not out yet, like the rest of the WP8 devices, LOL!
  • People need more than5 slot. There are so much apps that are used everyday. So the real solution is a notification center.
  • This may have already been discussed, but would it surprise folks if the notification system on the bottom of the lock screen is customizable?  It'd have to be right?  Being that we've seen a different set of icons/numbers in that area on a bunch of different screens...
  • It is customizable. There's a link in the article if you want more information about it, but basically, "users can add up to five apps, including 3rd party ones who are coded properly, to the Lock Screen for quick updates on their most important services."
  • On my friends iPhone, all his notifications show up on his home screen once he presses the home button with a detail listing. Something similar to that or the ME tile would be great. Just having 5 limits the space. For example, if I have outlook, Facebook, twitter and a google email I have to decipher between my other emails, my missed phone calls/voicemails and text messages to take the last slot.
  • I still think having the toast stay on screen till manually swiped away is the easiest solution,,,I hate to say but on android if you miss a text the notifacation stays in the pull down bar till its dissmised or the message is read,,,even if its been there for hours.
  • @WPCentral, will you be adding this code? If so you have a spot on my lockscreen!
  • My notifications would be email personal/work, Facebook, wpcentral, weather
  • What if at the lock screen, if you start your swipe at the, lets say Facebook icon, it'll take you directly to the Facebook app.. or even to the notifications screen in the FB app. What do you guys think?
  • I Think they made a notification center as a third screen. When they were demonstrating the now home screen they wouldn't let anyone swipe left to the app list. It's quite possible to add more screens
  • They said that swiping to the left was some kind of child friendly screen.
  • This is true from the lock screen
  • Im sure it's going to be awesome. Just give me 7.8 already Microsoft.
  • Will WindowsPhone Central be "coded properly" to be an option on the lock screen?
  • this a great feature. Sometimes 3rd party app twitter or Facebook notification don't work sometimes.
  • I wish there was a generic unlock and a specified unlock. Meaning, if I just want to unlock I drag an icon up the screen. If I specifically want to go I to one of the notifications o drag that icon (which is already on the lock screen) up and that takes me straight into that app/hub.
  • Hey guys this is off topic but Wired is running poll asking smartphone enthusiast which of the new wave of smartphone they will buy, the Lumia 920 is the only Windows phone represented and it rocking the 2nd position closely behind the iPhone 5. Please lets go and vote for our adorned baby.
  • Voted
  • The Lumia 920 and Iphone 5 are both at 33%. inn the poll.
  • Next time provide the link =P http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/09/iphone5-spec-showdown/
  • As of 9/16, the 920 is first, followed by iPhone 5.
  • 920 now on 41 %
  • Woooopeeee!!!!! :D
  • What's the link?
  • http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/09/iphone5-spec-showdown/
  • More importantly will wpcentral give us lock screen notification on wp8? ;)
  • http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2012/09/iphone5-spec-showdown/
  • Will skype be baked in to the social hubb like face and twitt?
  • Your guess is as good as anyone elses
  • Honestly, if notifications are a priority then Android is your best bet. If you want a solid system that has deep social and app integration then wp8 is the answer. Lastly, if your a pedo and want to impress high school kids get the iPhone 5.
  • Obviously joking on the last part. If there was no wp8 I would have an iPhone 5 preordered.
  • Just had an idea for weather on the lock screen- could a weather app be coded to show the temp as a notification number and maybe even the condition as its icon (if that can be changed at will)? I think that'd be an elegant solution instead of something that takes up a bunch of space with ugly graphics and extra info. I hate coding, so feel free to use my idea if you can.
  • While I have a weather app on my start screen, it is used for me to check the forecast. Unlike Zooey, I don't need a phone to tell me what I see out my window.
  • That's a GREAT idea,,I hope its possible and somebody makes it happen,,,keeping the lock screen as clutter free as possible.
  • Looking at all the suggestions. At what point does the lock screen become too cluttered and you don't even need the lock screen anymore? Just press the button and the home screen pops up with all of the tiles flipping if anything is new.
  • Cool
  • Need Facebook messages.
  • I can't understand why some people are satisfied with the "notification counters" in the lock screen!! The live tiles already do this thing, no? All I want is know what are this notification, read they! With numbers only I can't!
    I wanna a better Me Title with all the toast notifications pouping up there!