new notifications in WP8

To the left, Twitter and to the right, reportedly Facebook notifications

Looks like Nokia’s New York City announcement is the gift that keeps on giving. Such is the case from the newly observed Twitter and Facebook notifications on the Lock screen during the introduction of the wireless charging part of the presentation. (Although Twitter is clear as day for us, we're still  not sure about the Facebook one--it's quite hard to tell.)

We have discussed the new Lock-screen notification system before in Windows Phone 8—in short, users can add up to five apps, including 3rd party ones who are coded properly, to the Lock Screen for quick updates on their most important services.

It should be of no surprise that Twitter and Facebook are both there. After all, the two popular social media services have been baked into Windows Phone for a long time already, seeing that extended with these notifications is to be expected. Regardless, it’s still cool to see them there and we’re sure many of you will be excited over the new feature.

Previously, notifications for Skype and 3rd party app AP News was spotted as well for the upcoming OS.

Via: Plaffo