Facebook feed issues in People Hub? You're not alone!

We've received reports from readers that they seem to be experiencing some trouble with the Facebook feed in People Hub where updates aren't appearing from friends and contacts. The good news is that it's not an actual bug or problem but more of the social network viewing the Facebook integration in Windows Phone as a third-party app, not an official app.

As each registered account has control over who can view and access status updates as well as personal details it's up to that contact to set privacy controls accordingly. Should they not allow status updates through third-party apps then you will unfortunately not be able to view when they visit the bathroom or when their mood changes.

Here's an official response from Microsoft in a support thread:

"Facebook considers Windows Phone to be a third-party app, rather than an official Facebook app. This means Windows Phone only has access to information that is shared with apps and websites.Each individual has control over what they share (Account > Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites: Edit your settings > Info accessible through your friends: Edit settings). If someone disables "My status updates," their friends will be not be able to see the updates in third-party apps. They will, however, show up on the Facebook website and in official Facebook-branded apps. Turning off platform apps entirely makes the user's whole Facebook profile disappear from Windows Phone.This can be very annoying, but people should be able to control what they share. The ideal solution would be for Facebook to make Windows Phone an official app. Until that happens, updates from some friends may not appear in the People Hub."

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Update: To be able to see your contact updates in the People Hub, that contact will need to alter their privacy settings and enable "status updates" in the following area: "> Privacy Settings > Apps and Websites: Edit your settings > How people bring your info to apps they use: Edit your settings"

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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