Fallout 76 to feature cosmetic microtransactions and free updates

Today, Bethesda revealed even more details about Fallout 76 for Xbox One and PC. The shared-world shooter is launching on November 14, 2018 and contains numerous new mechanics. Aside from more ways to experience a post-apocalyptic West Virginia, Fallout 76 features microtransactions and free updates.

According to Bethesda, the studio will provide free updates for years to come. Apart from that, microtransactions will only be cosmetic in nature and can be earned through gameplay. WCCFtech compiled a great list of other changes like player mutations, perk cards, and deep crafting as well.

It's great to see that Fallout 76 will receive free updates, but it's unclear if that rules out paid expansions. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know. The game's microtransactions model also seem fair because it's cosmetic only.

Keep in mind that Fallout 76 isn't a hardcore survival game like Ark: Survival Evolved or Conan Exiles. Bethesda's Todd Howard called it "softcore survival" but it's unclear what that means. It seems that the focus will mostly be on completing quests rather than mining resources or chopping down trees, even though the latter is required.

Hopefully Fallout 76 will be a polished experience when it launches this winter. Bethesda spent a considerable amount of time clearing misconceptions surrounding the game after its initial reveal. More publishers should do this if they sense gamers aren't understanding the concept or there isn't more information available.

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Asher Madan

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  • Meh, people want to spend real world cash on virtual bling, who am I to complain.
  • That's exactly how I feel.
  • Yeah I have a friend who likes to buy cosmetic upgrades, but as long as it didn't affect game play I don't care
  • But studies show that there is a very small percentage of players who like them. (less than 2%)
    This is stuff that is done in free2play games.
    Using free2play economics in full price game is always wrong for me. The possibility of adding extra grinding just to tempt gamers to use real money is always there. This is not an option. ofc what could happen is that the focus is more on how to make more money rather than making the best possible game. We've already seen, items, and even game modes that were created to make more money...
  • note: most free2play game locks progression behind paywall.
    No all dark looking beverages are coke.
  • Really excited and nervous in equal measure regarding Fallout76. Most nervous about the lack of a level playing field due to microtransactions and the potential lack of a firm story like Fallout 4 had. Find the updates that this site has on the game to be really useful and up to date https://www.sp-bx.com/updated-fallout-76-news-and-details/
  • Did you not read the article. It is a level playing field the micro-transactions are only for cosmetic things, they do not affect the game play at all.