Fallout 76 gets 2019 roadmap full of features, new main quest coming soon

When Fallout 76 launched a few months ago, it was plagued with a number of problems like poor performance on Xbox One, and a lack of compelling content. Every enemy you encountered was either a brainless monster or a clever machine. This made Bethesda's latest creation feel dry and uninteresting.

Bethesda is aware of these problems and over the past few months, has focused on improving performance and fixing bugs. However, the company didn't improve the content. Luckily, there seems to be a plan now. Today, Bethesda released two roadmaps for Fallout 76. According to the company, one is a bird's eye view of 2019 that outlines three upcoming seasons worth of content, spanning new game modes, quests, stories, events, and much more. The second contains details of new content and features coming to the game on March 12.

Wild Appalachia

According to Bethesda, the Wild Appalachia update contains "a mythical beast, a lost generation of scouts, and the strongest brew this side of the wasteland." New quests, features, events, crafting system, and more will be added starting on March 12. However, don't expect all of the content on the same day because it'll be added over several weeks. You can read about some of the major additions below.

  • Shear Terror! quest: Uncover the 'encryptid' secrets of Appalachia in a new series of quests and encounters to separate monsters from myths.
  • Ever Upwards quest: Journey to the deepest reaches of the woods with new stories for the legendary Pioneer Scouts. Earn merit badges, climb the ranks, and earn a customizable backpack for increased utility.
  • Legendary Vendor and Scrapping: Locate the mysterious Purveyor to exchange and scrap your unwanted legendary items for new legendary gear. For every star rating on a legendary item you scrap, increase your chances to get the legendary weapon or armor of your dreams.
  • C.A.M.P. Decorating, Player Vending, and Camera: Use items from your stash to decorate your C.A.M.P. You can also build vending machines and flag items for sale. Simply set your prices and walk away to continue your adventures in Appalachia.
  • Brewing and Distilling: Go on a new quest to discover the secrets of the forbidden brew Nukashine.
  • Fasnacht Parade event: Chase away Old Man Winter and quicken the coming of spring with the ancient festival of Fasnacht.
  • Survival: Survival appears to be launching out of beta. This all-new game mode brings a higher-stakes competitive experience with fewer restrictions

Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter should launch in Summer 2019 and will follow a similar structure of Wild Appalachia. The update brings with it an entirely new way to play. You can read about the changes below.

  • Nuclear Winter mode: – A new way to play Fallout 76. It's unclear what this means.
  • Vault Raids: Vaults 96 and 94 are opening and they're the ultimate test for seasoned players.
  • Legendary Players: An all-new prestige system will allow players above Level 50 to become Legendary, resetting their characters with new, more powerful abilities.


Wastelanders is expected to launch in Fall 2019. This is by far the most important update because Wastelanders will include a new main questline, new factions, new events, new features, and more surprises.

It's great to see that Fallout 76 is being supported this well after launch. Hopefully these seasons will be filled with compelling content. We can't wait for Wastelanders to launch because of the mystery surrounding the new main quest!

Asher Madan

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