Fallout 76 first update rolling out (update)

Updated November 19, 2018: The servers are now offline and there will be an update to download on your PC or console that's 48.39 GB on the Xbox One X. So get to downloading if you want to play again today! For the latest on when the servers will come back up stay tuned to the @Fallout Twitter account for status updates.

Fallout 76 is a shared-world multiplayer survival game for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. The title marks an all-new direction for Bethesda's establishing post-apocalyptic role-playing series, allowing groups of survivors to explore, build settlements, and uncover secrets of West Virginia. It's a multiplayer experience which requires you to work together and form alliances.

Bethesda has a reputation of creating unbelievably great stories, but their technical prowess is abysmal to say the least. Fallout 76 is the latest title to suffer from a host of issues at launch. Aside from the horrendous performance problems, there are server issues that need to be addressed, not to mention the broken quests. It seems like the studio is aware of all of these problems — they're hard to miss — and has promised a series of patches.

We have our first patch coming Monday, November 19 — and while this update has many performance fixes and optimizations in it, we know some of your biggest requests... are not included in this update. These features are coming in the next several weeks... The next update will focus primarily on game performance and stability on all platforms, but will also come with a list of fixes to quests.

It's great to see that the first patch is launching on Monday. Hopefully it'll fix the performance because even on Xbox One X, the game runs very poorly. It's at if no optimization took place at all. In the coming weeks, Bethesda will increase the stash limit so that you can carry more items. PC players will also get basic adjusts like a field-of-view slider and push-to-talk functionality by 2019. It's a shame that the game shipped in such a state. This is by far the studio's least-polished game, and everyone played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 at launch.

Looking ahead, the team says that it wants to bring "new content and game systems" that add to life in West Virginia. New vaults will be opening, there will be new ways to improve your C.A.M.P., and even a faction-based player vs. player mode. It seems that a lot of this content will be free, but there might be paid expansions down the line. The first step is to fix the broken game.

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  • "Bethesda has a reputation of creating unbelievably great stories" They really don't have that reputation though.
  • They do have great stories just the delivery of those stories in their games usually isn't the best. All the elder scrolls games have good stories they are just usually masked by the huge open world so what you want play style so you aren't forced to experience them. what I am surprised about is that Bethesda didn't learn from the Elder Scrolls Online launch. Since the game flopped so bad at launch due to so many issues that they had to relaunch it you think they would have ensured Fallout 76 was good to go before launch so they didn't repeat that mistake.
  • Here's the thing though. Fallout 76 is good to go. The current issues are minor annoyances more than anything.
  • The Mass Effect series fell apart for far less though, and had way better story content (and even a few NPCs!). Makes you realise Andromeda wasn't as bad as painted after all.
  • Seems to me not enough of us got in the beta
  • Rolling on the floor laughing.
  • in this gaming age of bugs and patches it's hilarious how people pay extra to play earlier and have a worse experience
  • Anyone who thought an MMO was going to be bug free on release is crazy, it hasn't happened yet, why would it happen now?
  • Well, Bethesda has a proven track record with fallout, the sheer amount of obvious bugs. I remember seeing characters (player and npcs) fly off randomly on the console in fallout 3. That was a memorable experience lol. Another funny yet annoying glitch that I came across is in fallout 4 (PC), fast traveled to a settlement and found it empty. Looking around I found all the inhabitants huddled in a corner inside the damn walls that I built around the settlement lol. This was in a unmodded game, I used sim settlements to sort out the pathing issues as I found creation kit tool too cumbersome to manually patch it myself.
  • This is so bad. I'm glad I stayed away from this...