This post is for just my fellow 8 million or so New Yorkers who rely on the MTA for daily transportation, occasional napping and studies of human social behavior. Good news Everyone! Developers Presselite have made their 'New York Subway' app available in the Windows Phone Marketplace for a very fair $0.99.

The app is well known in the iPhone world, as it not only gives the MTA subway map, but shows the nearest station in relation to your current location, can plan a route (including estimated travel time) and it can even give MTA track updates (e.g. when repairs are being done, lines are shut down, etc.). All in all, it looks to take advantage of Bing, GPS and Metro UI quite effectively and makes for a great daily travel tool. Or we suppose if you're one of the millions of visitors, to which I say "You're walking to slow!"

Source: Zune/Windows Phone Marketplace