FIFA 17 headlining the next batch of games to hit EA Access

As we approach the end of the season in various parts of the globe, soccer fans will be delighted to know that FIFA 17 is hitting the EA Access vault on Xbox One on April 21.

The latest in the long-running franchise is certainly the best to date with a number of changes under the hood that equates to a better experience all round. New players will also get to experience The Journey, the career mode played out following the career of a single player as he tries to make it big in the English Premier League.

FIFA 17 will also be hitting the Origin Access vault for PC, but the fun doesn't stop there. EA has more titles to add in the coming weeks.

Dragon Age: Origins will be arriving for Xbox One alongside Medal of Honor: Airborne, while PC gamers will get Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection as part of their new arrivals.

For more on what's to come for both EA Access and Origin Access, head on over to EA for the full details.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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