File Explorer in Windows 10 for phone video tour

If there is one thing people love to have – even on a phone – it is a File Explorer. Microsoft previously gave us an app called Files for Windows Phone 8.1, but Windows 10 for phone takes it a step further with a real, Modern File Explorer app for desktop and your phone.

Tune into our video tour of this app, including its features and functions. The app is demonstrated on both the Lumia 830 (AT&T) and Lumia 635 (T-Mobile).

Oh and yes, it does do landscape orientation as well! Of all the new apps so far on Windows 10, the File Explorer feels quite stable. Considering it too is an app, it can be updated through the Store like other system apps directly.

Stay tuned for more Windows 10 coverage! Let us know in comments what you think of this new File Explorer – hit or miss?

File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10

File Explorer in Windows 10

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • The forums are full of people who sound like angry 12-year olds over the simple hamburger menu, but i think it looks really nice. Much better than the old Files app. Same thing with the photos app. So much nicer...
  • Don't forget those complaining about not getting the update on their flagships ;)
  • That includes me. Wahhhhh
  • Thanks for the reminder, I hadn't gotten to that yet.  [L1520 HK user waiting for denim..]
  • The real question is when can my 1520 have it?
  • Copy pasted your personal favourite question on every article have you?? This guy is spamming.. WC moderators pls do something...
  • The problem is they are complaining the update is not on their flagship now and they will then complain the build has bugs on it when they eventually get it.
  • I think so too.
  • I think having the menu be on the bottom with the ellipses is a better design pattern than the far away hamburger menu.
  • It may look "prettier", but its not nearly as functional. Take the calculator app for instance. Since the hamburger menu is at the top, you're able to fit many more options for what type of calculator UI you want (there are about 20). With the elipses, you would sacrifice functionality.
  • That's only if they keep the same style. I don't care if it looks like the new menu, just have it at the bottom for easy access.
  • All of these new apps follow the same style, so I'm not sure what the issue is...
  • top IS harder to reach than the bottom. that's why NO important ui was on the top in windows phone. only information.
  • it becomes more difficult to use the phone with one hand, the humburger menu may be nice to the eyes but when it comes to the real usage of the phone, one is forced to use both hands to access certain functions from the menu yet from the previous menus it was easy to use one hand. thats why the first great designers put those three dots at both bottom, i wish they put this humburger menu at the right bottom corner, just like the start menu on PCs thought to the right corner  
  • Even on the right hand side would be better than the left, for most users at least. Configurable would be better. But having both the bottom corners active like it is at the moment is ideal. I don't care if they change the menu to make it look exactly like the new hamburger menus. Just keep it at the bottom so you can use it one-handed without dropping your phone. Most phones aren't under 4 inches any more.
  • Define better and nicer. The current app is pretty damn nice and it doesn't look like a mobile website.
  • I don't mind the hamburger menu, but honestly Windows 10 right now FEELS and RUNS like a Technical Preview. My phone heats up occasionally, and quite a few of my favorite apps, including Spotify, don't work.
  • Daniel TOLD YOU that bugs like this would be present in this new release. Don't let that stop you from crying about them over and over though, because I know that's exactly what you're going to do. 
  • You mean, a technical preview both feels and runs like a technical preview ?! Those bastards at Microsoft sure did decieve us. 
  • Spotify don't work! Thanks for the info!
  • I think the new files app looks like trash. Those folders look too big. It just looks bad but everyone has an opinion.
  • then bloody well tell microsoft you think it looks trash using the feedback function.  We can't do anything about it here can we mate?
  • He just stated his opinion and that's what the comment section is for. I don't understand your frustration.
  • careful. don't call them 12 year olds. It implies "childish" and I won points or something for saying they were acting childish. Im wondering if I can cash themin for prizes? who knows. But yeah it depresses me the state of some of the Windows Phone users.
  • Wow the first post of the article is an off topic attempt to start a fight. THIS is what's wrong with these forums.
  • There are many things that are wrong with these forums, but pointing out how people overreact is certainly not one of them. Really, making ridiculous assumptions is a big one IMHO.
  • No, the files app we have now is much better and easy to use. There was no need to make this, really
  • I serious have no idea what the big deal is with the hamburger menu. It's a huge space saver. People act like you need to bring a ring to Mordor to open it.
  • How is it a "space saver"? It takes up like three times as much space as the ... ellipses menu.
  • It would seem they would rather have "originality" over quality, or they equate the two terms. 
  • The problem I have with the hamburger menu trend is it's placement on the top. The way I use my phone like 95% of the time is holding it in my left hand only, which means I want to be able to use just my thumb to navigate around, which cannot reach the top of the phone without having to put the phone down or bring in another hand. That's why I like the ... menu on the bottom: it's much more user friendly because it 1. takes up less real estate, and 2. can be reached more easily. I think the hamburger menu is a bad design choice, but, seeing as how it came from Android, that's not surprising.
  • Photos app is very mediocre. It does nothing unusual or worthy of comment. Photos stored in other than designated directory cannot be accessed in Photos. Cannot create Albums directly in phone! Also, on my Nokia 1320, 10166, Photos does not display thumbnails of images on SD card (placeholder is present and photos open, but no thumbnail.) A very pedestrian effort on MS's part.
  • As its built in can you finally attach docs and other files directly to emails?
  • Currently it doesn't attach anything for me. It says "getting content ready" then goes back to the screen.
  • I could do that with Files for MP3s and this works the same here. It should work with Documents just like Files does now.
  • I meant directly from the email client which only attaches pics now.
  • Nope, but this is not the new Outlook either, which presumably will let you do that when it comes to the Tech Preview.
  • Are you sure? When I clicked the attach button, I got a screen that said "choose where to get file from" and it let me pick from Onedrive, files, file explorer, text reader, camera, and my contact list.
  • Thats how it worked for me as well. Sent multiple attached files via file explorer. Works great. The new keyboard layout is very nice.
  • I absolutely LOVE the new keyboard, though they did forget the comma! Lol
  • In wp8.1 there's an option in keyboard settings that says "show comma when possible" or something... Maybe its deactivated in 10.
  • Ok thanks, makes sense, wasn't sure if the email client was updated as well.
  • Can you save video files from recieved emails mate?
  • haven't tried the preview, but I never liked how you couldn't action photos in the "photos app" the way you could in the file manager. It should all be integrated. So if I want to rename, move or copy a photo I shouldn't have to open the file manager; should be able to do it from wherever I am viewing the photo in the phone. If you know what I mean
  • you have always been able to go from Office or the file picker to START and email... the issue is if you start the email first and want to attach anything other than a picture.  Here's hoping they fix that because that has been extremely annoying.  But then again the new email/Outlook app looks much more full-featured, so here's hoping!
  • If only had a spare phone. * cries away*.
  • Now, I don't have the preview, so I don't know how this works yet.....
    But, if I long press a picture from a website, or hit save a file from anywhere on the phone, I would like for it to ask me where to save it to.... I hate having to go move newly saved items around using Files, when it could've gone there in the first place.... Windows should work like Windows.
  • You want viruses, slowness, and other bugs?
  • Viruses, slowness and other bugs.. No then he would be talking about android.
  • What does this have to do with viruses❓ And, how would that differ from anything we already do today❓
    You're thinking too hard.... All I want to do is,, when getting a picture from someone in a text message, when I choose to save a picture, instead of it automatically going to the saved pictures folder I get a "save as" option that lets me choose which folder it goes in... Same thing for a picture saved from the internet... Viruses❓
  • While some sites let you set it manually, to the best of my knowledge, almost everything you download in Windows goes to the downloads folder.
  • Well, WP "see's" what type of file it is, and automatically chooses the folder to put it in... Which is fine, and I don't want that taken away... But, to have a "Save as" option pop up, that would automatically take you to the file explorer so you can choose which folder for it to go in, would be nice...
    This is EXACTLY how Windows has always worked on desktop... You have "save", and "save as"
  • But I can already choose where to save my new media from the SD card setting on wp8.1 forever.
  • So, you're saying that if you do a search with Cortana for a picture, find it, long press and hit save to phone, it will give you an option to save it in the desired folder❓❓❓❓
    I don't think so..
  • Nothing to do with the website; that functionality is solely provided by the browser.
  • I think he's talking about uploading... Lol!
    And, that was one of the best features of WP8.1.
    WP8.1 was a really good update... I hope 10.0 is as big.
  • Don't clutch at straws.  His point is straightforward: The phone needs a 'Save As' option to allow users to manually specify a destination for downloaded content, whether it's via IE, from a text message, etc.  He never once stated that it's a feature of the website.
  • Exactly.... This is a no brianer.... It's called WINDOWS phone, or W10, whatever....
    If it says WINDOWS but acts like a feature phone, nobody is going to take it, or MS, seriously.
  • Dear rodneyej pictures directly save in phone gallery, now its depend upon where you want to save in phone memory or memory card this option in setting.
  • I know how WP works... Lol. Really?
    I just want it to work EXACTLY like PC does.. And, there's no reason why it can't, or shouldn't.
  • Hoping Microsoft adds support for Networking!
  • +1. Really hoping for that feature. But I think it'll never happen...
  • Yeah at this stage in the preview it does not look plausible. Still quite an early preview, fingers crossed :)
  • this
  • What is that?
  • Awesome! At least this version looks more intuitive to use compared to the current one on 8.1. Keep it up Microsoft!
  • Finally!
  • Omg is that PIVOTS I see at the bottom??? Yess!
  • looks like subfolders. not pivots.
  • how make compact view, like that lumia 630?
  • the resolution of text and UI at places seem bit out of place .. anyways its a TP .. so i understand ... just briging into notice .. :)
  • Those white folder icons are so ugly.
    And when do they fix that white tap and hold menu you get. The white block is just too big for that little text. Same in w8.1. Often the white box extents at the bottom when there is nothing there. To see it yourself tap and hold battery saver app in wp8.1. Then tap and hold WhatsApp app or any other third party app and tap and hold. Below uninstall you will see extra white space. The block is too big. Seems they still aren't paying attention to this.
  • Agree. Almost all the graphics are getting uglier with the minimalistic gorgeous design language of WP7 and 8 fading more and more... Luckily the features are getting better at even faster rate!
  • Pivots subfolders semantics I see bottom nav buttons and it makes me incredibly happy! Woo hoo!
  • Wow, the Universal Apps approach, I'm sold. I thought the new outlook app was my highlight, but this right here is incredible. I love I love. Besides the start menu UI, I love everything about WP10
  • All of these things should have existed in wp7 lmao. Don't get too excited ppl. Still playing catchup here.
  • Yeah most of us knows that, but the biggest part of Windows 10 is universal apps which every other platform didn't have.
  • Not a huge fan of the UI, but this is a good start. I'm sure the final version will look way better ;)
  • ​ in my opinion the usability of the hamburger menu is really bad compared to the "good old" way using pivot controls. Want to open your recent files? using pivot: Just swipe left. Now: Stretch your thumb all over the screen. Push the button. Select recent files from menu.
  • It definitely is. But pivot is not good on desktop; and since MS is pushing with universal apps, also try to code apps now that doesn't deviate much with iOS or Android apps to entice devs.
  • I think they are good on PCs too. a pivot is nothin else the a tab which has been in use foralmost 30 years in desktop software. that aside it should not be that hard to create a framework which shows elements in a pivot on the phone and fullscreen with hamburger menu on tablet/pc.
  • actually i think this app so far is the first seen in W10 for phone to use the hamburger menu right. we have hamburger menu for navigation, other buttons at top(like "order by") for logical usability and anyway they are from a less-used category which is ok to place them at the top....and finally, we have the main functions at botton. the kind of hamburger i hate the most in W10 is that from mail app...that app also have the "Compose/New/Write email" at the top which is no longer a less used category button. that new mail app should inspire from this file manager app as of how and where to place button given by their use-frequency and as of what to place in hamburger and what to keep on screen.
  • It's more productive than before nice
  • This should be a universal app. I don't want to use the Desktop File Explorer ridden with crayon icons.
  • Sounds like my Lumia 635 will get windows 10 update.
  • Rise Against, nice!
  • nice......
  • I think they're on the right track with this feature. The user interface is sleek just like the transitioning.
  • The App looks better on the smaller screen and shows more necessary information/files in landscape there. I don't get why the hamburger menu takes half off the screen on the 830
  • No 'Print' option?
  • that's awesome! :)
  • What about usb OTG? OTG? OTG? OMG........
  • OTG?
  • Yeah where's USB otg support?
  • I  like it
  • I don't have access to the Preview, but I hope they add remote file access over cellular to a NAS drive through VPN. Similar to what BlackBerry 10 can do.
  • Having a flagship device in the US and not being able to get the Windows 10 for Phone Preview... the new example of first world problems.  It use to be that out technology didn't work... now we are the saturated market that nobody cares about.  Guess it had to happen sooner or later.
  • Stop crying. 
  • The left sidebar with icon displayable on 830 but on 63x they are hidden under hamburger menu and on photos app they are hidden can you choose between always displayable and hidden I really Like them when they are always displayed just like on pc
  • I prefer pivot then hamburger button...
  • I want to see the music app please!!!!
  • Does it have network file management and USB OTG?
  • Funny thing you can browse a Windows network with an Android but not with a Windows phone. You can also find your Android phone from a Windows computer but you can't find your WP.
  • If anyone needs further proof that is the "real" Windows, open up the new Photos app, go into the settings, and take a look at the "Sources" section. Not only is this reminiscent of how multiple folders have been aggregated since Windows 7, but one of the sources is an actual path on a C drive (C:\Data\Users\Public\pictures).
  • The breadcrumbs are ugly! Fonts are too huge! Fix it!
  • Does it support usb otg Daniel?
  • Very nice, I really hope Microsoft launches a unlocked flagship that is compatible with T-Mobile because I'm really want to try Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why not just spend $50 and get one of the low-end models and use it strictly on wifi?  That's a pretty inexpensive way to try it out.  Because I didn't want to trash my Lumia 1020 I forked over the $50 to get a Lumia 635 just for testing Windows 10 Mobile.  Although I can't test any of the phone call features, I'm able to test everything else.
  • Is this is built-in app ? Or a seperate app ??
  • I think its built in
  • Well, I certainly don't care about having a file explorer on my phone.  I keep everything in the cloud, so as long as the OneDrive app works I just don't see the need to spend time manipulating things on my phone.  For music I use the Music app.  For documents, the Office app.  For pictures I have the Photo app.  A file explorer is just a complete waste of space on my device.
  • Is it me or are the font sizes and hit boxes on the buttons on these W10 universal apps way too large? These designs look horrible.
  • Does this signal the coming of a new file explorer for desktop as well? This is going to be a universal app just like all the others, and it would be redundant to have this and Explorer available on the desktop.
  • Can snd apps via Bluetooth. ?
  • Too many features. Can't Wait for windows 10...
  • Can we now edit mp3 tags through it?? Anyone?
  • Hey can we install apps from file explorer
  • probably not ... thats too much for windows to do ... 
  • Is there OTG and wifi direct features in 10?
  • Wifi direct is there in WP 8.1. Use the easy transfer app.
  • I need a share with Wi-Fi option under share
  • why share feature is so crapy on windows phone ?
  • The properties button does work. At least as tested on music files....
  • Office apps have elipses at bottom...& i think touch office for windows 10 one of the best ever designed touch apps ever made by any sort of developers.
  • Does it support otg cable??
  • But when I will get WP10 on my lumia 925?
  • Anyone pls post youtube link for this video, youtube was blocked in my office, also I can't see "Source" anywhere in this article. Thanks in advance:)
  • Wow, but no access to system files
  • You cant demo it on L1520 and then screw us all with removing it from 1st wave ... Go to hell MS im moving back to andoid .. My L1520 is not even on Denim still ..bloody morons
  • Looks cool!
  • Does "attach file" from email client open file explorer in 10?
  • Still no fucking option to share via WhatsApp which was there in wp8.C'mon man
  • Will wp8.1 apps run on windows 10?
  • Could you please make a video on the new MUSIC app for Windows 10 ? 
  • As it stands now, the UI is not ugly now and hope is changed to something better in the coming build
  • Is it possible to swipe through the images left/right now? In WP8.1, we've to open each and every image manually to view. 
  • Sometime we get annoyed when we read something on the articles that says, discontinued, or removed from stores, or stopped supporting, or your device not included, and other stuff. Then people start throwing rude comments and stuff, and sometimes directly to the person who wrote the article, (poor guy). But there's nothing more annoying reading these articles with bad news than reading the comments. Believe me, no matter how good the article is, or nomatter how good the news in the article is, just scroll down to the comments and it will turn your mood to the opposite side.
  • Does it have Flash? Windows RT has and it can be useful sometimes.
  • Is it possible to simply edge-swipe to open the hamburger menu?
  • Why is there a hamburger menu in the top left and three dots in the bottom right? I thought hamburger menu was here instead of three dots :\
  • This is not Windows that i use on my primary phone, i dont kow what kind of operating system it is. This is a major stepback in terms of design , the icons, navigation bar and hamburger menus, really bad i have small fingers to reach those hamburger menus in one hand. i would like to suggest a Twitter client app called Aeries, this app has design that match my taste in terms of typography and simplicity to do pivot scrolling just in one hand. Well people have opinions, i think Microsoft will fix this based on feedback.
  • If they provide grid view, it will be good!
  • It will be nice, if messaging apps like whatsapp and  hike can access any files(PDfs,Documents) .
  • I am enjoying the changes... haters, hate change...
  • I rather like it but for some reason I now have a striking and inexplicable desire to put my Rise Against albums on shuffle and repeat. 
  • looks like this will also replace the current file explorer in windows  for desktops/tablets. That also explains the properties menu item.
  • This is one of the biggest hit that I've missed since I lost my Windows Phone device... :( Well, anyways, I'm happy to see that Windows 10 is getting unified, once and for all :D
  • i cant attach any documents to outlook mail it shows a blank screeen when i try to attach
  • I made a mistake and change my photo view to 3d objects. Now my photos look like a mess. Does anyone know how I can get my photos to look normal?  I am using windows 10. Thanks, diruss  
  • I have the Lumia 822 File Explorer sounds good i upgraded to windows 10 and file explorer will not open it crashes so I cant download photos or anything right now and i cant screenshot. Also cant find in app store any help would be nice already tried a soft reset like Microsoft suggested in an email.
  • Yeah file explorer is way nicer my file Explorer works now and I love it and yes the photo app is nicer and I like you can set a background imagine:D