Files and Folders Pro is our myAppFree deal of the week

Files and Folders Pro is a fully functional file manager for Windows Phone 8.1. From copying, moving, renaming, deleting and performing other routine actions with files and folders, this Windows Phone app should help sort things out.

The app pulls in a 4 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store and has a certain level of appeal. To help bolster that appeal, Files and Folders Pro is this week's myAppFree deal.

Files and Folders Pro

Key features for Files and Folders Pro include:

  • Opening and extracting files from archives
  • OneDrive and Dropbox support
  • Adding folders to Favorites and pinning them to your Windows Phone Start Screen
  • Custom themes and backgrounds with Bing Wallpaper support

Files and Folders Pro offers support for opening/extracting these file formats; RAR, Zip, 7z, ZipX, ISO, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ARJ, XZ, and CAB.

The interface appears fairly straightforward and if you've been on the fence about picking up a file manager, now might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

If you give Files and Folders Pro a try, let us know in the comments what you think. Also, remember to post feedback in the Windows Phone Store to let the developer get a feel for what works and what needs improving. Oh and as an added bonus, the Windows 8 version of Files and Folders Pro is also available for free during this promotion. However, it appears that you may have to get the free Windows Phone version before the Windows 8 version shows up as free.

Also, please note that if Files and Folders Pro doesn't appear in the myAppFree app, it may take a bit before the app updates. However, at last check the deal is already reflective in the Windows Phone Store.

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  • THIS OUR ?
  • +1020
  • corrected.
  • Official file manager needs a revamp.
  • This app really appears out of nowhere!
  • I got this while it was free on W8 and because universal apps, I got this free when it launched. :-) I prefer pocket file manger for its id3 editor, but this app is great, with plenty of customization and it's own fair share of features. For free, get it! :D
  • Why do we need this when we have official files app?
  • Some features of this app doesnt have on the other one
  • The official is about as basic as it gets. Others, like File Manager, are far more robust like Network and FTP support.
  • Because we can't even move/copy folders in official files app.
  • I think I own this, but store didn't show that I do.
  • BBM updated, and it says BBM for Windows, not WindowsPhone.
  • This is great
  • Great App, I enjoy it on my Surface RT.
  • Locked it free awhile ago. Interface looks awesome. Wish pocket file manager had such good interface.
  • Excellent file manger + it is an universal app. Win/win. +1520
  • Don't actually need another file manager since am ok with files but this is too good to miss
  • Unrelated... But can anyone help me out with a method for attaching PDF's to emails on WP... I had an app called PDF Send which worked great but it seems to have disappeared from the store :(
  • Can you open from Files(official app). Select one or multiple files THEN hit share. Not from creating new email first.
  • I can view the received PDF in PDF reader but I doesn't show up in files app by the look of it?... I'm trying to receive an email with a PDF attached and want to attach it to a different email instead of forwarding..
  • PDFs you received should be in the 'Documents' folder on your phone directory. You need to open it first.
  • Nope... Documents folder is empty, yet if I open PDF reader there are 4 PDF's in there?
  • Maybe download folder, check both phone and sd card directory. Beyond that i also clueless.
  • Nup, not in there either... Seems to just save to the app you open it with
  • Finally. I was asking for a zip file opener the other day.
  • Would love to see MoliPlayer as a MyAppFree deal.
  • yeah i want that too  
  • Ok, as i can see it's a great WP8.1 app. Too bad i am on WP8 GDR3 still. However, anyone can suggest good (not to say best) file manager app (payed or free) for WP8?
  • Passward.   The very important feature is to be able to set passward for each folder separetly.  
  • We want moli player for free
  • It would be useful if article at least summarised what this app gives us different than other such apps. Thanks.