Final Fantasy XV 'Comrades' multiplayer to split into separate game

Recently, Square Enix announced that Episode Noctis and more expansions for Final Fantasy XV had been cancelled due to substantial losses at the company. A week ago, Square Enix hosted its latest earnings call in which executives acknowledged that the publisher lost $33 million. Furthermore, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata announced his resignation.

During the briefing, it was revealed that a lot of changes would be made to Final Fantasy XV. According to a report by TrueAchievements, Square Enix is separating multiplayer from Final Fantasy XV's campaign. The multiplayer achievements probably won't work after that's done. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is expected to launch with its own set of achievements. The download will be available for free to anyone who owns Final Fantasy XV, or $10 if you don't want to experience the single-player offering. It seems like the publisher wants to give more gamers a chance to experience multiplayer without having to pay for the content they might not play.

It's unclear how many gamers play the Comrades content, but considering that fact that it'll sell for $10, more people might be inclined to pick it up. The company has to cover that $33 million somehow, right?

In our review of Final Fantasy XV, we said the game "mostly delivers. While it takes some getting used to, its combat is infectious and fun. Its artwork is utterly breathtaking, and some of its set pieces are awe-inspiring. Its characters are fun and memorable, and the plot is engaging enough to keep pushing you forward."

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Asher Madan

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