Final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens prepares us for its Dec. 18 release

Disney and Lucasfilm have released the third, and most likely, final official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The long-awaited seventh movie in the series is set to be released in movie theaters nationwide on December 18.

The final trailer, as with all of them, could have some footage that some might deem as spoilers, but it's likely you are so pumped up to see The Force Awakens that you will just dive in and watch anyway. Recently, all six live action Star Wars films were released on Microsoft's Movies & TV service. In addition to the original trilogy and the prequels, the digital releases came with all-new bonus content. You can buy each movie individually for $19.99 each, or as a bundle for $94.99. That should help prepare you for Episode Seven.

If you did happen to view this new trailer, what are your thoughts and does it make you more or less excited to see the final film? Let us know in the comments!

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Source: Star Wars (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Yoooo
  • Ima have to go watch all the others now...... SMDH.
  • I was actually very curious about the Trailer for Star Wars VII with anything Microsoft tie-in. But the release of episodes I to VI on a Microsoft film platform make a pretty decent connection.
  • JJ looks to have hit this out of the park, looks amazing but still want to reserve judgement till I see the thing in cinemas
  • Can't be any worse than the last three prequels. Those have got to be the three worst movies in existence. But I won't put it past JJ to ruin a franchise, he's already done it with Star Trek.
  • Star Trek is awesome. The SW prequels were decent. They weren't horrible. Had some wooden acting from child and adult Anakin, and Jar Jar was too stupid to have survived that long. But it's far from being the worst movies ever made.
  • Dude hates everything
  • Agreed. Star Wars Episode 3 was actually pretty good, though the great Obi-Wan vs Anakin scene was party ruined by horrible dialogue. And I still love the battle against Darth Maul, it may have had little emotional depth compared to the original trilogy fights but it looked awesome. :P
  • @Reflexx:
    Of course JJ Abrams ruined Star Trek.
    Picard pretty much set the route for Star Trek's mission with him saying "I think of myself as an Explorer" [instead of a warrior].
    JJ Abrams Star Trek movies were all about fighting and had nothing in common with Star Trek's roots of curiosity and exploration.
  • I agree that the Star Wars prequels were crap, especially compared to the original movies BUT the two latest Star Trek moves have been excellent without excessive CGI and alot of actual scenes that have proper character interactions and conversations. This to me didn't look like it is going to have the same feel as the other movies but maybe it was just the way the trailer was made.. At least I hope it is.
  • @monkeysaintfun:
    "[...] the two latest Star Trek movies have been excellent without excessive CGI [...]"
    So I presume you think these movies were filmed in real space using actual spaceships with working warp drives?!
    These movies were overloaded with CGI, with even the infamous, obnoxious lens flare being added in post-production.
    I give everyone who likes these two Star Trek movies that they are quite fun to watch action rides, but they absolutely have nothing to do with what Star Trek is actually about.
    Name them [put generic space action flick title here] I and II and everything would be fine with these movies.
    But they definitely don't fit into the franchise they were tried to make fit in.
  • He did indeed ruin star trek, LOL. Star Wars is harder to ruin, though. It was never very deep to begin with.
  • I enjoyed the new Star Trek movies (Except for all the awful lens flare), never liked all the crappy TV shows and old movies, JJ managed to make them entertaining. Saying that, I'm a star wars mega fan, minus the cos play and pointless collectibles, always enjoyed the original movies but I'm one of the few people on earth that enjoyed the prequels more though I do wish they cast better actors for Anakin and that George Lucas wasn't such a lazy director, dialog in all his movies is terrible because he merges multiple takes together to get the "best performance" from each actor, but all that does is make everything weird like all the actors are talking to themselves and share no real connection. Regardless, for me its the story that matters not the execution. Adventure, excitement, a Jedi craves not these things!
  • So what you're saying is that you prefer mindless, shallow action drivel over thoughtful, intelligent stories that provoke thought over real issues. That's fine, but be honest about it. JJ Trek is shallow, cheap trash. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • "Those have got to be the three worst movies in existence. "
    You haven't watched many movies at all then. I get the prequels were not all that great (except maybe Episode 3 although even that had pretty bad dialogue in some places) but claiming they were the worst movies in existence really makes you look ridiculous and clueless. Not to mention the original trilogy had its faults as well.
  • Proven fact the worst movie in existence is The Room. Plus the first the movies weren't that bad. Although the clone wars cartoon was better than the movies.
  • Exactly, why a new timeline for Star Trek?? I don't think it would be impossible to make good profit out of the Prime timeline. 25th century maybe? 
  • "Exactly, why a new timeline for Star Trek??" Why not?
  • Because doing a carbon-copy reboot would've been boring
  • Wish there was just an Original Trilogy bundle called the "Let's Pretend the Prequels Never Happened" Bundle.  I hope these films take that stance.  This one looks really good.  A trailer can do that, but I have hope for the first time in a long time that Star Wars might actually be great again.
  • No joke about trailers...they can make the most atrocious film look pretty good...
  • Agreed completely.
  • Lol. Now what do you think about the cannon vs. Legends topic?
  • It's a shame but its practical and necessary, not all of the books and comics were great and some of them were downright stupid in terms of story line. I hope they do take some of the good stuff though.
  • I saw the prequels first when I was younger they're okay.Then I saw the original trilogy oh man it blew them out of water but I like all of them. I hope this movie has the same feel to the other movies.
  • The prequels aren't that bad, people just like to jump on the trending bandwagon and say they are because everyone else says they are. isheep mentality
  • I disagree with this belief. I genuinely do not care for the first two prequels. Episode 1 is basically geared towards kids, and even as a kid I found it to be a bit too corny. Episode 2 was a bit too teen-drama-flic for my liking. However, I genuinely enjoyed Episode 3, as I felt it did a great job of wrapping up the prequels. It also had some pretty awesome visual effects, without being over the top. While it is possible that some people are like this, I'm pretty sure that there are plenty of people that genuinely do not care for the prequels. To each their own.  
  • Episode 3 was the worst of them all in terms of a movie. The script ruined it for me tbh. I still love all 6 films because star wars! But this new trilogy has me beyond sceptical..
  • Good reasonable argument
  • Old school SW fans who hate on the prequels are simply not coming to terms with the fact that these are ultimately kids' movies, and forget that when we fell in love with them we were kids ourselves.
    We hate on the prequels because we were adults when we saw them, but watching the original trilogy we still see them through those wondering, childlike eyes we had back then. It's just psychology, really.
  • My dad tried to introduce me to the original trilogy too early. I finally got into them in the mid nineties. Then I watched the prequels with him as a teen... He thought the new star wars movies were so bad that had Jar Jar not been in there for comic relief, they would have had no redeeming qualities what so ever... He called them poor B movies... I couldn't disagree... Poor dialogue. Poor acting... I thought Ewan McGregor was great, but a wasted effort...
  • Good reasonable argument.
  • Uh no...the prequels are almost universally regarded as a steaming pile of shite compared to the timeless genius of the originals.
  • no. Just no.
  • No the prequels really sucked. He spent the first one with trade talks, midichlorians, and parliamentary procedure for Jeebus dake.
  • It was different than the original trilogy, doesn't mean it was bad (though Jar Jar Binks was too annoying). The pod race was great and I love the Darth Maul duel. I don't mind the midichlorians one bit either.
  • The problem is that The Force is supposed to be something ethereal and innate... not sound like a yeast infection
  • 1. Says who? 2. Not sure how the midichlorian "explanation" (which really doesn't explain much at all - What are the midichlorians? How do they work?) takes away anything of that from The Force? It's more a way to quantify The Force than anything else. We still don't know at all how The Force works.
  • That's how it has always been portrayed. The Force is a great mysterious force connected to everything in the universe. Dedication, training, and meditation can atune you to it stronger and allow you to turn it to your will. Quantifying strength/attunement as an infection of midichlorians just takes away the mystery and spiritual qualities of it. "Dedication and training? pffft just inject more midichlorians and you're good to go". Why do you think so many people were unhappy with the midichlorian explanation? It's like someone having a scientific explanation for the belief in gods, when the important aspect is having faith. The Jedi/Sith could always sense the strength of someone - they didn't just whip out their scanners and marvel about midichlorian counts.
  • Oh, so you're telling me the midichlorian explanation made you actually wiser about The Force and it has lost its mystery for you because suddenly you know everything there needs to be known about it? Also, your part about "injecting midichlorians" is nonsense because that was never hinted at and everything points to that not being possible. You still need dedication and training - that is, when The Force is with you in the first place, which is no different to how it was before.
  • The midichlorian "explanation" was pointless and unnecessary - most people thought so, hence the backlash (although that was mainly against the awful Phantom Menance movie itself). Yes, the injecting of midichlorians was clearly a joke - although with droids and engines being able to harness the the Force, who the heck knows? Although (after checking) it seems midichlorians are in living things, while droids (such as "Skippy The Droid") have midichloroxians and so are still able to sense the Force. It just seems to be a bit ridiculous... if you drained the droid of it's lubricant and put it in another, that would imply the Force sensitivity is transferrable and not somehow spirtitually imbued in someone/something.
  • Well spoken, I grew up with original but get the prequels. Bad acting and to much cgi is really the only flaws.
  • Agreed, too much CGI, no dark side focal point either, if Darth Maul had progressed through to episode 3 and was eventually killed by an angry Anakin as a final nail in his dark side coffin, the prequel trilogy would have been much better IMO.
  • One of the things many won't admit is that their opinions of the prequels (and the dangers of expectations of a continuing story in general) is also clouded on one's expectations and imagination on how the story continues. Many of times I've seen on message boards and comment sections (or discussion areas in general) is people speculating and pretty much writing in their head how a story should continue. And they get so stuck on what they predict that anything remotely different is deemed a failure. That's not to excuse the faults of the prequels or make excuses for any mediocre written story. Just something I've noticed alot of lately 
  • Looks like JJ is bringing the magic back to a galaxy far, far away. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well done for managing to link this back to something vaguely related to Microsoft! I am totally caught up in the hype too, so when I saw the headline I was thinking 'now that is cool, but relevant how?'. Well played!
  • Lol, this!
  • So Awesome! Maybe Microsoft got the Lumia 950 & 950 XL ad in preview's for the new StarWars movie! This would help sell phones?
  • I really hope I don't see a Lumia in the film lol that would be so shameless
  • Cannot wait! /tear Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bought 8 Imax tickets. Should be able to get $100 a shot.
  • What does this have to do with Microsoft?
  • There's an Xbox one game coming out next month with a tie in DLC. tangentially, it's related. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In the very last movie in the new trilogy Master Chief comes and saves the day. Then he marries Luke's daughter and they have baby Spartan Jedis.
  • LOL
  • You can buy the movies on there movie service and watch the other ones to prepare you for the new one. And game coming out soon. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I can afford the 950xl.
  • It's awesome. Microsoft is awesome. Link applied ;-)
  • Boring! Never liked Star Wars.
  • Same here. More of a Jurassic Park geek.
  • And you admit that, lol. JK.
  • I don't see the link in the Win 8 App. Am I missing something?
  • You can always go to the windows central website and check it out there. It should work in the web browser Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • First teaser trailer looked very very good... This trailer has tempered my enthusiasm... Now I am worried they are needlessly pandering...
  • I remember when Lucas said episode 3 was definitely going to the the last one. He should've stuck to his word. He's going to turn star wars into Terminator.
  • Don't worry, it'll be much worse since he has nothing to do with them. It's all Disney that'll ruin them now.
  • Lucas isn't making these and it wasn't his decision either. Episode 3 was the last episode he made so that was true.
  • There were Episodes beyond Return of the Jedi that were written based on Star Wars books and other canon even before episode 1 was even filmed.  Luke lets himself become seduced by the dark side to get close to the emperor (cloned himself) to kill him, Luke falls in love with a bad girl, Han and Leia have twins, both strong with the force, one goes bad, yada yada yada.  Some of the books are very good.
  • You do know he is no longer involved with Star Wars?
  • Luke is the new Darth Vader! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He was in the old Dark Horse comics and the twins (his niece and nephew) had to stop him.
  • Not how I interpreted that, more like hinting Kylo is Luke's son, finishing his grandfather's work.
  • I thought Leah was?
  • Leia is Luke's sister.
  • Can't say I've ever been a SW fan, and I won't be seeing this film either
  • Thanks for letting us know.
  • Can't wait!!
  • Wooohooo!
  • Honestly forgot about this
  • This movie looks weak.... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I love all star wars movies!!! Because they are star wars. I wish there was a 3.5 though.
  • And I'm waiting for this film...
    Except that i'll see it on Dec 16th because in Italy SW 7 is going distributed two days earlier :D
  • Great that this is posted here. Otherwise we would have never seen the news. ;p
  • As a star wars fan this really didn't excite me :/
  • How this news made it Windows Central is beyond me.
  • Slow news day?
  • Someone typed the article and then pressed publish.
  • The Light Sabers in the movie run on Windows 10.
  • I do believe I am the only person in this human world who actually don't like Star Wars. Is this true? Posted via Spaceship One
  • I know some people who don't :D
  • Stereotypical star trek fans hate star wars.
  • I like both. 
  • May the live long and prosper be with you.
  • In Finland we can go watch this on 16.12 :D
  • Is it on Netflix? Didn't Netflix make a deal with Disney?
  • What does it have to do with Windows?
  • The droids run on Windows 10?
  • I want a new Angry Birds Star Wars game!
  • Angry Birds 2 Star Wars - the Movie (coming to a theatre near you)
  • pinched out. Red​920
  • Now I hope Stormtroopers will be sharpshooters this time. XD Anwyays I cant wait for this!
  • 12/18 is my birthday, Lux level viewing, I think so.
  • Pitched the tent yesterday. Will live on the street in front of the cinema for two months.
  • Freaking epic, cant freaking wait.... 2 months....crap I hate when they do this.... Day one in theater if I can...
  • What's is this bonus content you speak of?
  • Great trailer. Keeping Luke absent is sneaky, I like it. For someone who has been chosen by the force, Finn sure doesn’t control his emotions or seem to have a clear conscience (the opposite of what makes a strong Jedi/Dark Jedi) that you would expect. This is the first trailer I’ve seen that doesn’t only show him in desperate need for an inhaler or Xanax.
  • I'm really excited for these new SW movies. And I admit to being just a casual fan who also understands the importance the franchise has in pop culture. My dad is a SW geek. So ts cool to see him so excited 
  • It would be great if your purchase of Star Wars Battlefront included 1 Theatre ticket you could exchange on US Cinemas, as many old Star War fans are very excited about this next generation game which almost looks like your inside the movie.
  •    This trailer was definitely better than the first two but I'm not to excited about the movie even though I will still be lined up to see it opening weekend.