All six Star Wars movies are now available for purchase from Xbox Video

You can either buy the movies individually — which will set you back $19.99 each — or at a bundled price of $89. The movies are "Special Edition" versions that include newer special effects and deleted scenes. The bundle also includes extras such as documentaries, interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes footage.

Customers purchasing the content from Xbox Video get exclusive goodies in the form of an R2-D2 Xbox Live avatar and a Star Wars Pinball Pack for Zen Studios's Pinball FX2 game, available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. In addition to Xbox Video, the collection is available on Amazon (opens in new tab), iTunes and Google Play (opens in new tab).

Star Wars Digital Movie Collection on Xbox Video{.cta.nofollow}

  • Do we really wanna watch em
  • Many do, alright?
    I am a 17 year old Indian boy who hasn't seen a single Star Wars film because he doesn't support piracy and was born in the wrong year.
    I think I'll end up eventually downloading them from YTS (though I don't support piracy), but I try not to.
  • That's where I got my copies from. He does a good job.
  • You are so lucky, you'll have the opportunity to watch it in HD as you watch it for the first time! My first time was on TV, in an open channel, analogic signal.
  • Yeah that's a good point but imagine seeing them at the time they were released. That excitement, that wonder. It won't be the same as back then. :/
  • Yea, saw Star Wars when it was released at a drive-in theater.  One of my best childhood memories.
  • I applaud you for not supporting piracy. As a teenager during the Napster generation, who didn't take part in obtaining free music, I wish the vast majority had your attitude.
  • he's supporting piracy by downloading them.
  • I HAVE to download them. Do you really think that a boy who is 17 years old can put out $89 worth of Indian rupees?
    Once I have my own financial support, don't worry, piracy will be non-existent in my household.
  • I misunderstood and thought you didn't support it. You don't have to download them at all, that would be not supporting piracy. Are they not available to rent? The financially strapped argument is the weakest of the weak.
  • Listen bro. There is no renting available here, okay? The stores here sell pirated CDs, okay? The theaters don't show English films here, okay? My father is the only one who earns in my home, okay? I am victim of one of the most slowest Internet connections in the entire earth, okay? You don't know half of India. I do and I know why I HAVE to download them. If there was some other way to get them which involved a financially sound and non-pirated method, I would be the first one to get them in that way. But there ain't and that's a fact, take my word for it.
  • No one's forcing you to watch or download anything. Legal, licensed media isn't available in certain regions because of rampant fraud.
  • You really don't get my point, do you? I am forced if I want to watch anythig because there is no other option. There definitely is rampant fraud, but if it was available, I wouldn't be one of the fraudsters. That's MY point, but sadly, having a conversation about piracy with a person living in a country where everything is available in every possible way imaginable is pointless. 
  • No, you don't HAVE to steal them. Stealing is stealing. Justifying it by saying I can't afford it now doesn't make it right. You wouldn't say I can't afford this DVD from a store so that justifies me swiping it. It's not a necessity.
  • LOL. 
    You know if a DVD (which is legal) was available here which had all the six Star Wars films, I would have brought it. BUT, there isn't. There is no place where I can buy a Star Wars DVD or rent one. And if I want to see those films, THEN I HAVE to download them. You get that? That's called non-availability of choice? And yes, $89 for 6 films is not reasonable in India. Why? Because $89 is equivalent to Rs. 5, 541 and if I add taxes to it, it will become somewhere near Rs. 6000 at which I can get the Lumia 435 or the previous gen Moto E or something like that. You see, how am I being forced now? 
  • Just buy the original trilogy....forget about the god awful modern films.
    Also, don't you have Ebay in India?! Why don't you just buy a second hand boxset - can't cost very much (you can then be the good friend who shares the discs with others)
  • The real question is, WPmaniac4 25, why would you not want to watch them?
  • Do I get it on blu ray or through xbox video! The only thing I'm scared of is if xbox video eventually dies :(
  • What?
  • In twenty years time there could not be xbox video. So where would I be able to watch star wars?
  • Owh, I see. Quite a tragedy.
  • in twenty years, there may be a way to store all your movies on your phone...
  • If it dies, I am sure they will partner with another provider...Target Video did the same thing but forgot who the partner was...
  • Of course Bluray. ;). Better quality in every way. Can watch it anywhere with a Bluray player.
  • In 20 years are you going to have acess to a working blu-ray player?   I've pretty much resigned myself to just rebuying them every 10 years or so.  I'm hoping this is the last, just because even if x-box video goes somewhere in that time, I'd like to think that MS would provide some path for the videos we did buy.
  • You have a really valid point. I remember MSN Music closing down and all the DRM stopped working so you lost purchased songs. This was prior to Zune. I take a chance buying digital stuff these days.
  • Buy the BLU RAY and store the ISO inside your HD and backup on a External Hard Drive. You will have it forever :)
  • "newer special effects and deleted scenes"
    Including cheese changes like Vader yelling "NOOO" and greedo shooting first. No thanks you.
  • agreed!
  • Amen...
  • Yeah, and Hayden Christensen as a ghost in the original series, even though Vadar/Anakin died as an old man in those movies.
  • oh great. even more lucas edits to ruin those films. hopefully they added the "i'm han solo" dance from star wars kinect.
  • My very first one was the remasterd version from 2004 in 480i format resolution, A new Hope. Now I got them all in Blue ray DVD.
  • Damn.  I scoffed at the $99.99 pre-order price, but for whatever reason that $10 price drop made it a bit more appealing...
  • Cool
  • Still too much. Come on Microsoft, your asking to buy digital and remain locked to a single platform, whereas the physical version is cheaper and platform free. You need to do better if you want to promote Xbox Video.
  • You can stream it on any PC or Mac through their website,
  • Look ive bought these movies too many times already.  I had the originals on VHS, then the special editions with new content on VHS, DVD, and stupid blue ray.  Im done buy the same movies over and over.
  • Not everyone lived in the BetaMax, VHS, DVD or Bluray era and got sucked into purchasing every version of every Star Wars movie. The full catalog being available as a digital download through multiple providers is welcomed.
  • I bought them when they were priced at $99.99. Then they dropped the price to $89.99. Just got an Xbox Live message stating they are going to refund me the $10.00 difference that's pretty awesome.
  • If these were the theatrical versions I'd by them in a minute. They're the "Special" editions. #hanshotfirst
  • Too bad the pinball levels don't work on the Windows Store app. That might push me over the tipping point.
  • wut
  • I bought mine through VUDU cause they support Ultraviolet and Disney Anywhere movies.  The day Xbox Video supports Ultraviolet and Disney Anywhere is the day I'll start purchasing my movies from them.
  • Despite my avatar, I won't be buying these. $20 each might be fine for new releases, but these are really old now and should be priced accordingly. I'd expect a box-set to go for around $40-50, and a digital version should cost even less. Let's say $10 each, or $30-40 for the complete digital box-set