skype new windows desktop

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched a preview version of Skype for Windows desktop users that included a number of new features and design changes. Today, the revamped Skype app for Windows is now out in an official release build.

Microsoft says that the chat experience is much-improved with this new Skype build, with better display of photos and more spacing between contacts and chats. There's also message preview support for unread chats. Microsoft says:

"We've made improvements to other types of file sharing, too. When you share file types like Office documents and PDFs, you'll see file icons displayed to make it easier to visually scan for and find different files in your chat history."

skype windows chat

The new UI design, which is similar to the recently release Mac app allows Skype users on Windows to share chats, files and photos without having to leave a video call. It also makes group calls easier to view as well.

Version numbers jump from preview to the now stable Skype If you are on the preview version, just download the final release and it will update it. There is no need to uninstall.

Source: Skype blog