Find your MAC address on the Samsung Focus

One complaint we've seen in regards to Windows Phone 7 is when people have tried to set up Wi-Fi on their secured home network. In short, there is no easy easy way to grab your MAC address for configurations that require it.

Luckily in this case, the Samsung Focus is different from the others by having a diagnostic screen that reveals this info. The directions are easy enough, as described by Mobility Minded, reminiscent of older tricks from Windows Mobile:

  • Go to the Phone section (as if you were going to make a call)
  • Enter ##634# and select “Call“
  • It did not call anything. There should now be a “Diagnosis” option on the top of your screen;
  • Go to Diagnosis and a keypad comes up and enter *#1234# –It should bring up a menu that includes the WiFi Mac Address

Source: Mobility Minded; via wmpoweruser

Daniel Rubino

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  • Booo, now people are going to contiune to use MAC filtering and think it actually is a form of security like hiding the SSID. :)
  • Yeah, agreed. But people want this stuff so there ya go, lol.
  • This actually is inaccurate. The MAC address on any Windows phone can be easily obtained if you have another device being used as a hot spot. All you have to do is turn your device on as a hot spot and open it up to be used publicly. Just make sure you aren't in a restaurant or a busy place like that. Home is the perfect place. Once you do that, you can look at what MAC addresses are accessing the device. People typically know when a new address pops up. We just purchased an HTC Surround for our teenage son and I used my other teenage son's HTC Inspire to get his MAC address to put into our router. My kids tell me it really sucks having a mom who is computer-savvy. It is only as hard as you try to make it.