First batch of Steam Deck verified games revealed

Steam Deck
Steam Deck (Image credit: Valve)

What you need to know

  • The first wave of games have been verified for Valve's Steam Deck.
  • This wave of games includes titles like Hades, Dark Souls 3 and more.
  • The first wave of Steam Deck shipments is scheduled to arrive starting in February 2022.

The first wave of Steam Deck shipments is rolling soon, meaning players will soon get to take their PC games through Steam on the go. While in theory the Steam Deck can handle any game by adjusting the settings, games need to be verified due to needing to run with Valve's Proton compatibility layer. Now, the first batch of games verified for the Steam Deck have been revealed.

Valve is slowly adding verification for these games to Steam's backend. While this data is ostensibly hidden, SteamDB has scraped the data, revealing a batch of games confirmed to run on the Steam Deck. There's a wide variety of games verified so far, including Cuphead, Hades, Dark Souls 3, Death Stranding, Total War: Warhammer 2 and more.

In theory, the Steam Deck allows players to take many of the best PC games on the go, though there will be some games that aren't compatible with Proton or cause issues.

After being delayed past the original holiday 2021 release window, the first wave of Steam Deck shipments are scheduled to arrive at some point in February 2022. Other shipments are further out and are slated to arrive several months further into the year.

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