First Destiny 2 raid since Bungie left Activision has been revealed

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 is getting a new raid.
  • The "Crown of Sorrow" raid is coming to the game with the next season.
  • You can purchase Destiny 2 for $13 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Destiny 2 is a first-person shared-world shooter from Bungie, the original developer behind the Halo franchise. The game used to be published by Activision, but due to poor sales, both parties separated and the title became an independent endeavor.

Since then, we haven't heard much about the game, but new content is still being planned. While the next major expansion should be unveiled at E3 2019, a new raid was revealed today. Deep within the belly of the "Leviathan," one of Calus's former "Loyalists" has lost his mind to an "Ascendant Hive" relic. It's up to you to stop him.

The next season of Destiny 2 should start on June 4, but it's unclear if the raid will be available at the same time or if you'll have to wait a few weeks. Either way, it looks fantastic and we can't wait to play it.

Do you still play Destiny 2? Are you looking forward to the raid and new season? Let us know.

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  • "The next season of Destiny 2 should start on June 4, but it's unclear if the raid will be available at the same time or if you'll have to wait a few weeks." Uhh, the raid starts June 4th, like 6 hours after the game comes back online for the update. This has been known for at least a week.
  • Dude, who wrote this article? They split because of poor sales? Haven’t heard much since the split? Don’t know when the Raid will drop in the Season? You obviously don’t do research which makes me question why you write articles in the first place? Sales were fine, Activision just needed more and more profit from it and tried to push for more and more releases and micro transactions and when that didn’t happen because it would damage the game more than their demands already had they let it go to Bungie. Also there have been many updates and information released since along with the fact that the Raid drops at 4 pm EST, the same day the Season starts... Today! Research Research Research... Not just other uninformed fake article writers as sources...