First look at Mirrors Edge for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones [Video]

This morning Nokia and EA Games teamed up and finally released the long awaited ‘Mirrors Edge exclusively for Lumia Windows Phones. Coming in at 131 MB, the port is so far behaving nicely.

While the game is somewhat old (it came out years ago on iOS after being on consoles previously) it was quite the hit at the time and for good reason--featuring an interesting backstory, excellent graphics and relatively simple gameplay the traditional horizontal runner became a quick game for many people.

And that title is now available on Lumia Windows Phones via the Nokia Collection. What’s more, this is an exclusive Xbox LIVE offering meaning you get the whole package including achievements. The game itself ported nicely with smooth graphics, great sound and features un-lockable wallpapers which you can download for later use.

Fetching for $2.99 the game is well done and should provide Lumia owners’ hours of frustrating jumping. What’s more, Nokia and EA have many more games in the pipeline meaning Lumia owners will soon have a nice advantage over their non-Lumia counterparts. You can see that list here. Fear not though as these games will go to all Windows Phones once their “exclusive” restriction runs out--when that will happen, we're not sure (we're working on finding out).

Pick up Mirrors Edge here in the Nokia Collection for $2.99.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Hopefully in a couple months, my Samsung Focus needs a new good game lol
  • I think we can have it via "marketplace config", i'm downloading the trial on my Focus right now
  • How? I do not think so, since site also holds which device we own.
    edited: ah, you need an unlock dev device.
  • "tittle"?
    You know spell checking takes seconds.
  • You know "title" is a word so spell check won't pick it up?  Armchair editors ...
  • Not all of us have Nokia as an option. And if everyone dumped their phones for Nokia, then HTC, Samsung, etc then they would all dump WP. That would be just great.
  • Samsung is doing good with android HTC is an ok choice but if ur being tied down cuz a carrier that's bad get the phone u want don't be bent on carriers
  • I'm not bent on a carrier. I'm bent on not being charged for every kbs I go over.
  • I'm bent on not getting my discount through my work if I switch from Verizon.
  • you make me laugh XD
  • That's my only goal life. Mission accomplished....apparently.
  • I do think it's stupid that At&t don't have unlimited data anymore
  • I hope this EA and Nokia games will happen every week. But did they have to start will a game that was almost 3 years old...
  • Hehe, right? :)  Actually, if companies were just going to port old games - I must say, I'm nostalgic for some good ole official SNES SMB3. (No ROM-emu sideloading stuff)  :)
  • Why every week, it's not like WP7 can afford this, we are far behind competition, they should release all at once.
  • Tittle ;)
  • I'm starting to get real annoyed by all of these Nokia exclusives. It wouldn't be as big a deal except for the fact that so many people like myself (see: Verizon and sprint users) dont even have Nokia as on option
  • That would be down to....Verizon and Sprint not selling a Lumia WP? Not Nokia's fault.
  • Dont worry, they will soon. Verizon has said they will carry Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices...
    If you really want this game now, just go on XDA and get a marketplace changer, I'm tryig the demo on my trophy and if it's good, I'll buy it, I guess someone can check my Xbox achivements to see if acutally end up buying it :)
  • Do what the rest of us do when the device we want isn't "available" from our carrier... BUY IT OUTRIGHT AND STOP COMPLAINING!
  • You can't interchange ATT phones with Verizon or vice versa. They have are not compatible.
  • I bought Lumia 900 the first day it went on sale but I have still not found the unlock code to use it on Tmobile. I have to pay extra 15 bucks to tether my Htc Radar on it. Has anybody gotten the unlock code yet?
  • How do you use gsm phones on Verizon or Sprint? Next time think before you say something.
  • I was expecting first-person gameplay, but I, too, am too ambitious.
  • Got my first achivement on my Trophy :)
    Not a bad game for $3, wish it was like the PS3 version tho...
  • I remember this game from 2008. Time flies!!!
  • Does anyone know if you can download on a Nokia device and then look at your download history on another device and snag it ??
  • you can probably buy ps3 or xbox version for that money. the game is 4 years old
    plug that into a 40 inch tv with hd graphics, sounds and a proper control and see how the game is suppost to be played.
  • but you can't put your 40" televion and 360 in your pocket and play them on a train or where ever when you have free time. Which I think is really the point..
  • Its a mobile game - don't forget that. And for $3 you really can't complain
  • Still mad this isn't available for all WP7 devices. I know Nokia has some deals going on with ms, but don't short change all your users on a game like this. This game isn't a device mover like on consoles.
  • It feels like Temple Run on Steroids!! :D
  • Nice one Microsoft! Way to go proving that windows phone system isnt fragmented </sarcasm>
    Ugh, seriously which genius decided to start making brand/handset specific/exclusive apps.
  • all manufacturers before... Nokia is not the only one that has exclusive apps, every other manufacturer has these. The only diffenrence is: Nokias exclusives are nice and don't suck like HTC, Samsung or LG.
  • Its funny this crap always gets brought up. If Nokia are investing in getting apps to the market, then they have every right to be exclusive. Just be happy for the work they are doing to the platform once the exclusive period ends for the titles.