The first look at Windows 11's new Snipping Tool is here

Snipping Tool
Snipping Tool (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11's Snipping Tool just got a snazzy first-look preview video.
  • Snip & Sketch is losing its title.
  • The new Snipping Tool will come to Insiders soon.

On a seemingly ordinary Wednesday, Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay dropped a major bomb by releasing the first look at Windows 11's new Snipping Tool. It contains not only the snipping utilities you've come to know and love on Windows but also rounded edges.

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As you can see in the embedded tweet's video, it's a similar experience to what's already on Windows machines. You can snip a part of your screen, scribble notes or drawings on it, and do a few other things before saving it as an image and sharing it wherever. It's a simple, useful feature.

In case you're wondering about the existing Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch, Microsoft addressed them a long time ago in its list of features that are changing or being removed as a result of Windows 11's arrival. Specifically, Microsoft said, "Snipping Tool continues to be available but the old design and functionality in the Windows 10 version has been replaced with those of the app previously known as Snip & Sketch."

When asked about the new Snipping Tool and its utility, Microsoft General Manager of the new Microsoft Store and Windows Apps Giorgio Sardo kept things short. "Today we are sharing a sneak preview, and in a few weeks we will bring the new app to all Windows Insiders to try," he said. "More details soon."

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So if you want more details, either be a Windows Insider or be comfortable with waiting for a few weeks until we cover the rest of the details right here on Windows Central.

Robert Carnevale

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  • Snip and sketch has a more modern w11 ui as well. So I'm confused here. I thought we were consolidating?
  • They are probably combining both into a new Snipping Tool.
  • Need to be able to type text within a snip.
  • so is the original snipping tool back just with a new look or is it still the awful snip and Sketch?
  • It looks functionally identical to the extremely useful Snip & Sketch. I hope they kept the option to assign Print Screen to it.
  • How is it awful?
  • I think it offers too much for a simple job, and sometimes it seems not to want to react to the shortcut. The snipping tool, just do what is needed, not that I use that very often, I use an old bit of software called printkey 200 which I think does a better job than both.
  • It has no text input
    It has no stamping of symbols For heavy screenshot users, this is poor imitation of sharex or greenshot. With all their devs, you’d think they could knock out a decent simple utility.
  • I love the more recently developed snip and sketch, much more than the older version.
  • I'm also spotting a new music app icon in the tweet! It will probably finally lose the "Groove" in the name, too.
  • Woah! That would be awesome and long overdue.
  • Hmmm... major bomb? What was the Windows 11 announcement? Supernova?
  • Sorry, how is this new? It does the same thing in W10. What am i missing?
  • new not in terms of functionality i guess only in design and looks
  • Always the same news... design and looks, not enough new functionality... and this snipping tool is anemic compared to others.
  • Maybe this pumped excitement from Panos is too soon. Would have been better to show off the final design. Right now this is looking like the old snipping tool that we have been told to migrate from, with some adjustments.
  • the "major bomb" is rounded corners??? what the actual f.
    do you value your readers' time and trust?
  • That isn't what the article says and if you think it is then you need to do some serious work on your reading comprehension skills. Seems to me that you are just determined to be outraged, even if you have to build an obvious strawman to do it.
  • "do you value your readers' time and trust?"
    Your sarcasm detector is off, you should have that looked at.
  • I hope this means: 1. There will only be one "snip" tool moving forward.
    2. That it will actually launch when you call it up. Snip and sketch fails to open on my computer. Snipping tool fails to open on my daughter's computer.
  • Still far behind ShareX which is an absolute reference to me in terms of precision (with magnification when drawing), convenience (can customize the workflow of what to do after taking a screenshot), and all the tools to edit the picture afterwards.
  • its too much powerful and offers so many features
    that an average user will get scared XD Majority of people want simplicity and ease
  • Babying users is not the right way to go. Apps should be feature rich yet intuitive to use. Simplification for the sake of useability is poor design when there is potential to do so much more. People should stop trying pigeon hole others with their own use requirements. Not only is it selfish, it reeks of extreme arrogance and sense of entitlement.
  • Snip n sketch is still far behind Skitch that dropped from windows a ~ decade ago. Still pisses me off Evernote killed the version for windows which was the perfect simple copy and markup tool.
  • Everything moving to WinUI
  • Still doesn't have a nice looking arrow, box, circle, or text. Still fawking useless as a basic markup tool.
  • Honestly can't get past the start menu on my insider preview. They ruined the most important and constantly used aspect in my opinion. I hope they make it at least movable in the release. Left or right