Five Nights at Freddy's 1 and 2 creep their way onto the Windows Phone Store

Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2 is now available for Windows Phone 8. The games are both creepy point-and-click adventures that takes place at Freddy's (think of it as a fictional Chuck E. Cheese) after hours. Rumor has it, that at night the animatronic characters Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox come to life and become murderous. Well, you are a night security and you just got hired at Freddy's. Good luck.

In the original Five Nights at Freddy's you play as Mike Schmidt who is the new night shift security guard at Freddy's. On your first day you learn that they let the animatronics roam free at night otherwise their motors would lock up. For some reason these machines assume humans are a machines that are out of costume, so they try to force them in an extra costume that kills them in the process

Your job is to survive the animatronics during your shift from midnight to 6am. The only problem is that you can't move from your post. However, you have complete access to all the cameras in the building to keep track of the murderous machines. Yet, the only thing that can stop the characters are two doors that lead inside of your office. You can manipulate these doors to close anytime one of the machines get too close. But wait to close a door too late and you become food.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2 takes the original concept and makes it way scarier. This time you play as Jeremy Fitzgerald, the newest security guard. This time you still have complete camera access, but unfortunately you don't have the doors to protect you. Instead, you have a Freddy Fazbear mask to put on that tricks the animatronics into thinking you are one of them. However, it doesn't fend off all of the characters. Foxy the Pirate Fox can only be scared away by flashing your new flashlight repeatedly at him.

I've played the original Five Nights at Freddy's before, but I think the second one sounds a little too scary especially since I found the first to be extremely scary. So if you want to get your blood pumping and you're up for a scare, grab Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's 2 from the Windows Phone store. Unfortunately, 512mb devices are not supported as the graphical quality has been already greatly reduced just to be ported to Windows Phone.

QR: Five Nights at Freddy's

QR: Five Nights at Freddy's 2

  • 1 GB. My brother will be disappointed. But it isn't really scary, just a nick in my stomach.
  • Not available, too.
  • You also misspelled their.
  • How so?
  • Otherwise "there" motors will lock up.
  • Thanks :) I thought you meant the title
  • It still isn't corrected.
  • You gave him literally less than three minutes
  • Fixed
  • Not in the app.
  • 3 minutes
  • Why pay I no download
  • Thanks for your input. Post of the year, folks =/
  • No it's not, this is the comment of the year ;)
  • There is no download what kind butt nuggets is that lol
  • Name of the year ..... StinkyMojo
  • What is Microsoft doing? Another app again! Amazing. Clash of Clans puh-lease...
  • *Clash of credit cards.
  • ^ this, clash of clans can suck balls
  • Age of empires castle siege is the original game, clash of clans is a copy of aoe.
  • Nope. The real AoE is the PC series. Clash of Clans is completely different, and more multiplayer oriented. Castle Siege copied Clash of Clans.
  • What app gap :)
  • No official youtube/google/street view app...most official apps are beta forever...many apps still clash of clans...candy crush never came in two years... many crucial features like messenger voice call not available...still a big gap...
  • 10 apps is not an app gap
  • Feels like it, even though I don't use half of those.
  • It's the app gap + support that's the problem. Plus, there's no Starbucks or snap chat app, or almost any company app for that matter. I can go to pretty much any store in the mall, and the ones that have apps only have them for IOS and Android. We also have instagram, but when was the last time that was updated? The app situation is absolutely terrible, and nobody can deny that, even though we want to.
  • What do you need an app for a store in the mall for? Especially if you are already in the store.
  • I think what he means is, any new developer or anyone starts off with IOS or Android, I see many new apps launched both for IOS and Android. It's just developers are still not developing apps for windows. Unless this issue is resolved nothing can be done I am afraid.
  • We don't want Google apps. So no app gap. Google is trash.
  • +HD7
  • Ya, not enough Sybian and Blackberry apps! The app gap is huge until we get all the blackberry apps!!!
  • I don't understand the appeal of these games. Seems like it's designed for short attention spans. There's no story depth like Amnesia, Outlast, Dead Space, and others. Even Slender is a better game.
  • Actually, this has a deep story if you look for it.
  • Yes but he probably doesn't want to look for it. He wants to sit there and watch the equivalent of a movie and call it a game.
  • Having to look for things is a poor way of storytelling. Sure there could be extra tidbits from notes you find. I think the idea of animatronics can be scary, the execution is not. I'm just not fond of games that have one room and a few mechanics. I love exploring. It's not an indie problem either. Amnesia and Outlast are considered at the top of horror and are indy.
  • Wait what? Five nights at freddies is nowhere near as good as the games he listed(except slender)
  • Anmesia and Outlast are good games, but arent good horror games. 
  • Good thing its a VIDEO GAME not an interactive movie.
  • The appeal is that much of the tension and scares come less from the jump scares (though those certainly play a role) and more from the anticipation of what you know is coming. You know the animatronics are stalking you, you just don't know when they'll attack and thus must use all your available resources (the cameras, limited battery power for your doors/lights) to defend yourself. It makes you feel helpless, and it's great.
  • It´s about gameplay not focus on story. We have a lot of great game with the focus on gameplay. You should check it out. Good old games! Is hard to have a great story on videogame (ok, I know we have max payne, metal gear solid, starcraft broodwar etc...) but we have a LOT of great games with awesome gameplay. Friday night is fun. Simple but pretty fun to play.
  • Oh I know about GOG. But my favorite thing involving CD Projekt Red is their Witcher series, because of the awesome story. Gameplay is important, but I would get bored with the style in this one. I prefer fps/rpg types mostly. Nothing wrong with different tastes, just those that ridicule others'.
  • I'm not judging your taste!! :) RPG? I love it too.. 3 rpgs that a highly recommend: (dark souls (more action rpg), fallout 1 (the first of the series) and Ultima 7 the black gate (the masterpiece but pretty hard to play). Cya :)
  • Eeeey I posted this lol
  • So many big games are coming to Windows Phone! :O
  • Why is part one so grainy?
  • They both are.
  • Correct he said due to "hardware limitations" he reduced the quality. BS, he just made a super quick port for a cash grab from the name alone for people not paying attention to what they are buying. It looks terrible on my 1520.
  • Great, just as my poor 810 kicked the bucket. Oh well, at least it's on Windows Phone now.
  • I'm using the 810 and it's informing me it's not available for my device (despite running 8.1 w/1GB RAM #GoFigure), so you aren't missing much as far as FNAF is concerned.
  • Too bad no trial for either.
  • Yes
  • But shit it's is 1 gb or more
  • But hey, it's not 99 cents!
  • Not universal is my only gripe.
  • omg, it runs very well on my L620.
    the graphic doesn't look like they're need 1GB of ram.
  • From the pics this looks blurry as heck. What's the original resolution on the other mobiles?
  • Horrible resolution on 1520
  • Cool
  • This sounds awesome, must buy.
  • did no one notice this: *please note that the resolution of this port has been reduced due to hardware limitations of Windows Phone* and then look at the screenshots? Sounds like a quick sloppy port.
  • It's such a poor excuse, too. They got it to run more efficiently on Android?  
  • Yeah I'm happy the dev took his time to bring to WP but it looks like he did the ports in a spare afternoon when his original plans were cancelled. I'd think a little more time spent and the game wouldn't look so blurry.
  • I have a feeling its just the game engine that is being used. So blame that. It's compiled legacy for 7.5, so that's probably the issue there.
  • Yes, but only after buying it..very low resolution compared to my One M7...
  • So I have an Icon but its not appearing in the store, what am I doing wrong?
  • Same here
  • No xbox? No buy.
  • I'll bite when it's universal.
  • What is the reasoning behind having to drop the graphics really low for Windows Phone? How is there an OS limitation for JUST this game but other games can figure it out just fine?
  • good question.... considering they are some GREAT looking games that run fine, like Asphalt 8, Sonic Dash, Spider-Man Unlimited, Halo: Spartan Assault and more.   like i said before, sems like a fast, sloppy port  
  • The hardware limitations is kind of a slap in the face. I have a 1520 which is a quad core and 2gb of RAM. There's no hardware limitation there. That's called lazy development.
  • This is cool but where's plants vs zombies 2 Microsoft come onnnnn
  • Last I checked, Microsoft doesn't make PvZ. Don't whine to MS about something they can't control, go to the people who make the apps
  • I'm fully aware of that and I have they don't respond pop cap but maybe if ms gave them the nudge might help just a tad more I'm hardly whining just it would be nice :) ​
  • I'm curious how iOS gets full graphical support with devices that have 512 optimized and compatible in iOS world while here in Windows phone 512 devices that are the majority don't get support or aren't compatible and graphics get lower down in comparison to android and iOS Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not going to spend $2 on something that looks like the screenshots.
  • The resolution is horrible on 1520
  • The issue is not about what some people think is useful or not. It's about other platforms having more app support than us. I personally think one official app is worth a hundred third party apps. Not in terms of features or functionality, but in terms of reputation. I'm pretty sure that if there was a fully supported official Windows phone app from every company/developer, etc but very few third party developers, this wouldn't be an issue. The fact that everytime, I have to tell people that "no, my phone doesn't have that app," or "no, but we have some third party apps" is pretty sad. Or when there are apps for small businesses/local organizations that are too small to have any third party apps, so I don't even have a choice. The worst part? Hearing about companies trying to shut down third party developers because they're too lazy to make their own app, as well as companies that discontinue their apps (such as American airlines).
  • Thought hte move isn't proving as effective in the US as they would like, I have to think this is why MS is pushing low and mid-level phones. They need penetration/market share to entice developers to actually support the ecosystem. As for games, if a game is on Unity or is made by a huge company, I find no excuses. Clash of Clans, a popular no-show, really just says to me that SuperCell (or whatever) are lazy s#its. They're not dumb. They understand that people will literally not buy a phone that doesn't support their game (if I've heard it, they've heard it) yet they just say it's not happening. WHY? They make money hand-over-fist on it. The revenue used to port it would be made back in hours of it being in the Windows store... MS needs to get to 10% of the market, at least, before companies turn their heads to look, that's the tuth of it. I'm really hoping Windows 10 is the new era for MS where they push EVERYTHING forward in a big way and make their product lines immensly appealingto the masses.
  • The scariest thing about this game is the chunky resolution. I know Windows Phone can do better than this.
  • Of course it can. Especially the L1520. It's just most devs that port over their app(s) don't really give 2 shits about WP and they are just doing it for quick money. Most of them will never support their WP app either. The harsh truth.
  • Also, available for my WP 7.8 brothers!
  • Also available for WP7 :)
    But my Lumia 610 can't play it (not enough RAM) if it has a trial i might try it once i get a WP8 device :)
  • Resolution is so horrible on my Lumia 830
  • Windows rt?
  • Bla, the WP port looks like GBA version of Doom
  • Don't know what's going on, but when you search the Store for these titles all that comes up are "Guides" that are expensive paid apps.  The actual games are nowhere to be seen. US, AT&T, Lumia 1020/520
  • Not available on 1520, DevPre (latest) in UK?
  • I think both games were pulled from the Store today. I hope it's not true because that would be a ridiculously anticlimactic solution to the criticism they've been getting in this thread, but I bought FNAF1 pretty much right after this article was published, and even I am getting the "This app is not available for your device" blurb - and the game is literally bought, installed and fully playable. If you try opening the link to FNAF1 above you'll see a two-star rating based on one review that I actually wrote. It wasn't scolding by any means. I just wanted Scott Cawthon to know the low resolution actually makes the game significantly more difficult to play. Part of me wonders if the low score made him sour, but seriously, this game should incur no such "hardware limitations." It's literally screenshots, sounds and two-second jumpscare animations. Cawthon has dozens of other games on the WP Store, none of which as a comment above put, look like "the GBA version of Doom." My review is here for anyone who wants to see my words about the now unavailable game: "I really really want to rate this version higher, believe me. The resolution and brightness are just way too low compared to the PC edition and both work against you in the darker rooms on the cameras. It makes it a lot tougher to manage the animatronics' locations. Admittedly I have no idea how the other mobile versions look, so I'm just critiquing this version for what it is. I'm grateful for getting a Windows Phone port though and I'll keep playing. The sound is still good and if anything, the lower graphics do contribute to a more tense atmosphere."
  • I guess, it's a another rare delisted game on the store. At the current version of FNAF, it should be released as free game as its certainly looks like half finished port.
  • I have a problem, I have a Lumia 1520 running OS 8.1 and I live in the US but I can't find FNAF or FNAF 2 in the store, when I go to the links the app says I am not compatible to download, please help
  • They were pulled the day after they launched. As I said above, I see the message you're seeing too even though I have the game installed.
  • will i be able to get  five nights freddys on a nokia lumia 530 and if i get a 16gb sd card ? :) 
  • -
  • I don't get why they were removed