Flash sale offers 6 free months of Groove Music pass when you subscribe (US only)

If you've been looking for a reason to sign up for a Groove Music pass, now might be the time to pull the trigger. Breaking from its usual free four-month giveaways, Microsoft is offering up six extra months of Groove Music (opens in new tab) to new users who pay for one month now as part of a flash sale.

The deal works similarly to other Groove subscriptions giveaways Microsoft has done in the past. You first sign up for the service and pay for one month at $10. After that, Microsoft will email you two 3-month subscription codes within 30 days. And since we're dealing with codes here, you can opt to give them to someone else if Groove isn't your cup of tea. The only big caveat is that the codes must be redeemed by September 4.

This deal is part of a flash sale set to run through 12 a.m. PT on July 12 and is for new subscribers in the U.S. only. In other words, you'll want to decide quickly whether you want to shell out the $10 for what is essentially seven months total of Groove. If that sounds like it's up your alley, you can get started at Microsoft's dedicated promotion page now.

Thanks to MARTY1774 for the tip!

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  • Also, US only.
  • Damn it.. Why aren't these things mentioned in the article?
  • Amazing how horrible XBM was vs Groove... MS said they would fix it, and they kept thier promise.... All of MS's apps are gold. The only service/app that needs work is Weather.. Weathers accuracy is below others. I swear, if I had a Surface Phone with all MS apps, improved weather, messenger, and FB apps, I could recommend it to users who aren't as app dependent... There's a lot of apps I would like to have, but a Surface Phone with quality existing apps would do for now..... I'm talking to you, WC!. Update your app!
  • Don't believe them, never got my three free months code in the past promotion, there are many same cases in the Microsoft support forums
  • I had that issue, so I contacted the help chat bot and got it sorted. Weeks later, I got a second code! So I already got a free 7 month deal (initial month plus two 3 month codes). They are a bit chaotic but you can get it to work if you press them.
  • I got mine with no issues or hassles
  • Sad!
  • If only I could sign up ... But given Microsoft is US only, meh.
  • New subscribers only.  I'll stick to amazon music right now.... Family plan is a must to bring me back
  • Microsoft's marketing sucks again. Have these marketing trolls ever seen behind borders of the USA? It's a global company with a very local vision.
  • US is a technological trend setter. This is where silicon valley is.
  • And how is this connected with marketing issues? MS has got a great products but kills them with this approach. It looks like they don't want their customers to use their products and services.
  • Who cares where silicon valley is.  Customers are everywhere.
  • Why not a family subscription?
  • They have to iron out a deal with the record labels.
  • Set region to US. Get the codes. If it is not working, set region from xbox.com settings to US, get the codes.
  • What does "new subscriber" mean? I had a subscription years ago
  • Never had a groove music pass before.
  • when in UK? MS is so biased
  • Do you have to sign up on a recurring payment? Or can you just pay for the one month of service and if you like it then do a monthly payment plan? I don't want to sign up then forget about it but keep paying.
  • US only, what a stupid company
  • Awesome, canceled mine and signed up the wife :)
  • I don't like streaming services because data is too expensive. If I had unlimited data on my phone (and I mean REAL unlimited, not this first few gigabytes then slow me down garbage) then it maybe viable. I'd much rather by a cd with my ten bucks and not have to worry about how much data I use. The way data is now, essentially you pay for the song twice. The old zune model where you got a free album every month made way more sense.
  • I had Groove Music but let it expire and switched to Spotify Premium so I can share with 6 people. MS failed miserably here.
  • they might be doing it on purpose for the sake of not alienating third party services which would scurry them away from making UWPs for their services.
  • I really don't understand why MS does everything US only.  It really hurts their reputation outside of the US.