FlexiSpot OC63 Home Office Chair review: Add some minimalism to your office

Live in Europe? Want an affordable and small office chair for occasional bursts of a work-from-home lifestyle? Look no further.

Flexispot Office Chair Profile
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FlexiSpot is one of the go-to companies for office equipment and provides a great variety of chairs for working comfortably at home. You can choose from various styles and price categories. Trying out the Home Office Chair, I got to test one of FlexiSpot's more affordable models. Does it make the grade to be on our best office chairs list? Here is how it went.

FlexiSpot OC63 Office Chair: Price and availability

You can purchase FlexiSpot's Home Office Chair from the company's U.K. store for a relatively affordable price of £100. FlexiSpot offers free shipping within the UK and a 30-day return guarantee. Unfortunately, this specific OC63 SKU doesn't seem to be available in the U.S. as of writing, but it does appear on Amazon's European sites for 120 euros. The closest equivalent in the U.S. is the FlexiSpot OC6B, which we have yet to test.

FlexiSpot OC63 Office Chair: What you'll like

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Seat height480mm-570mm
Seat dimension540mm × 460mm
Weight capacity250 pounds

FlexiSpot's Home Office Chair won me over with its affordable pricing and modern yet elegant look. It's available in a selection of four different colors: blue, grey, green, and pink. I got to test the pink version of the chair and immediately fell in love with the pretty design. The modest colors create a calm work atmosphere and fit well into different home interiors.

The setup of the chair was very easy, as it was shipped with major mechanisms already connected. If you're an impatient person such as I, you'll appreciate the easy assembly: All you need to do is to stick the top part onto the bottom part and put the wheels on. The chair stands within 2 minutes — no screws involved.

Despite the simple build of the chair, it feels stable and rather comfortable. The height can be adjusted from 48cm to 57cm to fit the height of your desk. The wheels turn 360 degrees and roll smoothly in any direction, without damaging my wooden floor.

The backrest is ergonomically curved and provides decent lumbar support. Even after a couple of hours of working at the desk, I felt no back pain. The cushions are comfortable to sit on, with the material advertised as breathable and dirt resistant. Even during warm weather, the chair provides good airflow. Despite prolonged usage over the past few months, there are no visible signs of wear and tear. If you do manage to spill something on it, you can take off the outer fabric for washing, making the chair even more durable.

Another plus: With its minimalistic design, the chair only takes up very little space, so it works well in small rooms. Since there are no armrests on the Home Office Chair, it can easily be stored under desks of different heights.

FlexiSpot OC63 Office Chair: What you won't like

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The Home Office Chair's low price is certainly a plus when you're on a budget, but the simplicity of the chair has its downsides.

The chair is lacking more advanced comfort features. There's no headrest and no armrests, for example. The curved design provides some lumbar support, but it can't be individually adjusted. So, if you feel like you need those extra features to be comfortable, this chair may not be for you. The chair works well for a few hours of work at the desk, but for full time work, you may want to opt for a higher-priced model that provides additional comfort.

Another downside: The backrest can't be adjusted to fit different heights. It works well for my 5-foot-5-inch frame, but taller people might feel like it isn't high enough to fully support their back. It should also be noted that the seat of the Home Office Chair isn't very wide, so if you are a bigger person, this chair might not be for you, although it does list a fairly impressive 250-pound weight limit.

FlexiSpot OC63 Office Chair: Should you buy it?

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One of the main reasons I wanted this chair are my space constraints. With that restriction, it does a really good job. For me personally, with my smaller frame, this chair is comfortable to sit on. After all the chair is 540mm wide and 460mm deep, with a weight limit of 250 pounds. For anyone bigger, it may not be the best choice.

You should buy this if ...

  • You're looking for great quality on a budget
  • You're looking for a simple design
  • You don't spend too many hours at a time at the desk

You shouldn't buy this if ...

  • You need features for extra support
  • You have a taller or larger frame
  • You're working full time at the desk

I personally enjoyed trying FlexiSpot's Home Office Chair. It's a great quality purchase when you're on a budget, featuring a nice selection of colors with a stable design, and decent comfort.

For full-time office work, however, you might want to invest in a chair that provides more advanced support for your body. However, it's hard to deny that this might be among the best office chairs below $200 right now, if you're in a region where it's available, at least.

Andrea Memhardt