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What you need to know

  • Microsoft released Fluent UI for Surface Duo.
  • Fluent UI for Surface Duo helps developers create apps that work well on dual-screen devices.
  • Fluent UI controls include things such as "AppBarLayout," which makes sure a search box doesn't extend under the hinge of the Surface Duo.

Microsoft released its Fluent UI framework for the Surface Duo this week. The framework helps developers create apps that work well on dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo. Fluent UI for Surface Duo includes nine Fluent UI controls enhanced for dual-screen devices. Fluent UI also helps developers create apps that are consistent across platforms.

A devblog post from Microsoft explains all of the Fluent UI controls. There are controls, such as AppBarLayout that stops search inputs from extending under the hinge of devices like the Surface Duo, and DateTimePicker that prevents popups from appearing under a device's hinge.

Here are all of the controls, as outlined by Microsoft:

Control Description
AppBarLayout Search input box does not extend under the hinge
BottomSheet Always appears on the right screen, and never under the hinge
CalendarView Can be spanned under hinge and day columns adjust
Drawer Drawer appears on a single screen
PeoplePickerView Persona chips will avoid being placed under the hinge
DateTimePicker Popups will not appear under the hinge
PopupMenu Menus will avoid appearing under the hinge
Snackbar The snackbar will only show on a single screen, and not appear spanned under the hinge
Tooltip Tooltips avoid appearing under the hinge

If you want to see what these look like in action, you can look at Microsoft's Fluent UI sample app on GitHub.

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