Fluent UI for Surface Duo helps developers make dual-screen apps

Surface Duo 2020
Surface Duo 2020 (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft released Fluent UI for Surface Duo.
  • Fluent UI for Surface Duo helps developers create apps that work well on dual-screen devices.
  • Fluent UI controls include things such as "AppBarLayout," which makes sure a search box doesn't extend under the hinge of the Surface Duo.

Microsoft released its Fluent UI framework for the Surface Duo this week. The framework helps developers create apps that work well on dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo. Fluent UI for Surface Duo includes nine Fluent UI controls enhanced for dual-screen devices. Fluent UI also helps developers create apps that are consistent across platforms.

A devblog post from Microsoft (opens in new tab) explains all of the Fluent UI controls. There are controls, such as AppBarLayout that stops search inputs from extending under the hinge of devices like the Surface Duo, and DateTimePicker that prevents popups from appearing under a device's hinge.

Here are all of the controls, as outlined by Microsoft:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
AppBarLayoutSearch input box does not extend under the hinge
BottomSheetAlways appears on the right screen, and never under the hinge
CalendarViewCan be spanned under hinge and day columns adjust
DrawerDrawer appears on a single screen
PeoplePickerViewPersona chips will avoid being placed under the hinge
DateTimePickerPopups will not appear under the hinge
PopupMenuMenus will avoid appearing under the hinge
SnackbarThe snackbar will only show on a single screen, and not appear spanned under the hinge
TooltipTooltips avoid appearing under the hinge

If you want to see what these look like in action, you can look at Microsoft's Fluent UI sample app on GitHub.

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  • Thing is... While it seems to be a great and unique device, it is horrendously hard to get hands on when living on the "other side of the great sea". Sure, I could somehow import it but paying this much for a device that is not officially available here (plus import cost) is just out of reach for me.
  • It might be that those of us who really like and use it don't often comment like consumer users - this device is simply fantastic for use with companies using MS Enterprise O365 services. The design is so good for work. I can understand how users for private purposes see it as a bit under baked (not for me, given how I use it, but can see it for other types), but there is simply so much to the design and software that assist for work related items.
  • Will be. Soon
  • Love my Surface Duo!! :)
  • I do too.
  • It's a pretty straightforward issue. The thing is one of the most expensive devices on the market and asks buyers to compromise on a lot of things they're used to. It's hard to spend 2-3 times my G8's cost and take downgrades on the camera and hardware features, on top of getting no SoC update. I really want to convince myself to buy a Duo, but losing half of my internal storage and having to potentially carry my G8 to have a decent music player or camera just isn't an easy decision.
  • Price is about double where it should be. As usual, Microsoft will not build a following and the form factor will die. It probably will anyways when folding screens mature.
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  • Microsoft I believe will back the Duo for at least 3 years. this fluent design UI is part of the Plan
    Microsoft is doing to make the MS Surface Duo a successful device. the next Model should
    will have improvements over this Current Entry Level Duo. I do hope Microsoft makes Sure
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  • Unfortunate time to release a 1400 dollar device for mobility purposes when so many are working out of home offices. Also Microsoft should have priced this less than 1,000 out of the gate with the delays and 855 chip. No doubt still a great chip BUT mobility moves at light speed and this should have had the 865+ at its release date and matching RAM to Galaxy Fold 2 (To think I can can get a Surface Pro bundle with iCore 5 chip at Costco for 799 and use DEX from more recent Samsung Galaxy's and this is 1400??) The price on this will drop like a stone after the holidays and new Samsung releases with the 875 in January. Lastly to be truly successful the Duo needs carrier support across the board for businesses and consumers alike. I did see Microsoft has recently initiated a trade in program on their site. Smart..