Fly smarter with App in the Air, now available for Windows Phone

Flying can be both an enjoyable experience and an absolute nightmare, depending entirely on just how smoothly the journey progresses. There are numerous apps available to help make things easier and App in the Air for Windows Phone is one of these solutions. Available for free on the Windows Phone Store, App in the Air helps travelers by providing accurate information on a variety of topics, be it finding the best food in an airport or connecting to free Wi-Fi.

Already available on other mobile platforms, the developers have brought across the highly rated experience to Windows Phone. The app itself is able to perform a number of tasks when at an airport, including:

  • Get the latest official information on your flight/airline/airport
  • Follow advice from fellow passengers

App in the Air

Aside from checking in before heading to the airport and using a packing to-do list, App in the Air is also able to provide detailed flight tracking, personal statistics on miles flown, airports and airports visited, as well as sporting a beautiful design for Windows Phone owners to enjoy. Also, it's always a bonus to see more iOS apps move to Microsoft's mobile platform.

We'd highly recommend you check out App in the Air, which has just been released to the store. The app is listed for free but there are premium features included in the app (free for the first flight).

QR: App in the Air

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • How did you know I leave in exactly 2 weeks and I need this? Thanks for the tip... Downloading now.
  • I cannot reveal my ways! :-P
  • And... subscribed to Alerts... 5 Flights $4.99. Covers me both ways. Also Available: 3 months $7.99 or 1 Year (sorry, didn't catch price...) I have 5 flights, 3 layovers, 3 countries, one month... Peace of mind is worth $5...
  • How did you know I'm leaving in exactly 2 months and will need this.
  • I'd be all over this if I flew more often.
  • Come-lets switch to android L
  • Come, go to Android forums.
  • Got it, love it.
  • Wpcentral app just updated!
  • Anyone else getting the iPhone 6 and not missing their Lumia 1020? :)
  • You are not missing it yet because you are still on your 1020. But if you go iphone6 from a 1020... Why the hell get a 1020 back then in the first place?! It's a completely different device with different usage and purpose. That's like saying I don't like my ski's anymore so I'm exchanging them for a surf board ... Just a completely different thing.
  • Nope. Just you, Bra.
  • Would be really nice if you could add info on why it needs access to various things like media playback, music library, photo library and wallet.
  • Cortana already alerts me for flight info be it delays, on time, gate info or traffic info to the airport without any setup. I think it pulls it up from to your email and a server somewhere.
  • Cortana does do that... If the email has the correct mark-up format... And with a limited time window. She's still not tracking my departure in two weeks... This App is tracking my departure and my return flights which are more than one month out... Also, did you not read the in Airport advice and reviews the app provides? It's free to try, you don't have to upgrade. No harm, no foul.
  • Also... I'm now setting App in the Air to send text alerts to my wife who is traveling with me, but does not have the App. Nice touch that; alerting others in the party is a huge bonus!!!
  • I downloaded it. Its good to be there as back up. Esp when you're in a country with no Cortana. But I don't need to be updated of flight 1 month in advance. Flight updates by the minutes so when flight appears on Cortana tile about 6 hrs in advance is good enough. At least for me.
    I think to uplevel Cortana, the app needs airport maps, "nearby" info, able to login to airline account pull flights itinerary and frequent flier miles but i think that's too much.
  • windows better than android
  • I find it immensly useful, very organized, yet the look is easy to customize. I moved over from a Nexus 4 on the latest Android versions always. Some like it, some don't. Visit in our forum and chat with a few users.
  • Really cool, I was waiting for this app for Windows Used this one on my iPad, helpful and clear-designed service
  • Now, if checkmytrip could get it's act together and join the 21 that would be great. I'll give app in the air a try though.
  • Great news. I just turn to the WP from iOS, thankfully App in the Air now on WP. Very useful app. I'll give a try to WP version.
  • Anyone tried to sync with tripit? I thought it didn't work, but figured it out. You need to import the flight rather than a automatic sync.
  • fddownunder, We want to investigate this case so please, write me on about this issue with TripIt import with all steps that you did (so we can double check everything). Looking forward to your answer. Nikita Kosholkin, co-founder App in the Air.