App in the Air

Flying can be both an enjoyable experience and an absolute nightmare, depending entirely on just how smoothly the journey progresses. There are numerous apps available to help make things easier and App in the Air for Windows Phone is one of these solutions. Available for free on the Windows Phone Store, App in the Air helps travelers by providing accurate information on a variety of topics, be it finding the best food in an airport or connecting to free Wi-Fi.

Already available on other mobile platforms, the developers have brought across the highly rated experience to Windows Phone. The app itself is able to perform a number of tasks when at an airport, including:

  • Get the latest official information on your flight/airline/airport
  • Follow advice from fellow passengers

App in the Air

Aside from checking in before heading to the airport and using a packing to-do list, App in the Air is also able to provide detailed flight tracking, personal statistics on miles flown, airports and airports visited, as well as sporting a beautiful design for Windows Phone owners to enjoy. Also, it's always a bonus to see more iOS apps move to Microsoft's mobile platform.

We'd highly recommend you check out App in the Air, which has just been released to the store. The app is listed for free but there are premium features included in the app (free for the first flight).

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