The folks at Lenovo have been working hard to keep the Yoga line cutting edge and interesting, and as far as most people are concerned they have managed exactly that with their Windows tablets. A new year means new tech on the horizon, especially here at CES, and it's clear after spending a few minutes with the Yoga Tablet 2 that the focus is making sure you can use your tech wherever you are. Sometimes that means you're in the kitchen with egg yolk all over your hands, while other times it means you're out in the shop with thick gloves on. The one thing these scenarios have in common, according to Lenovo, is the ability to use whatever is handy as a stylus thanks to AnyPen.

It's probably still important to remember that just because you can use any piece of metal around you doesn't mean you should, especially since a carrot will work just as well, but the ability is exciting and perfectly functional.