Fortnite possibly banning XIM mouse and keyboard cheaters

Fortnite is a free-to-play third-person shooter with building mechanics. The title has become a cultural sensation due to its unique blend of expressive gameplay. Unfortunately, as is the problem with almost every multiplayer game, Fortnite suffers from cheating on almost every platform it's available on.

Consoles are affected the most it seems. An XIM Adapter allows console gamers to "trick" an Xbox One into thinking a connected mouse and keyboard is really a controller. This allows certain gamers to aim with more precision and use other tricks to execute moves that are impossible with a controller.

This is cheating to say the least, and developer Epic Games is cracking down on it. In a report by Dexterto, the outlet revealed the story of a cheater who was banned from Fortnite for using an XIM Adapter. The cheater posted all the details about why he was banned on Reddit, but didn't garner the sympathy he expected. Many users praised Epic Games for banning the cheater from the game.

Dexterto added that many games like Destiny and the Call of Duty series also suffer from a serious problem where certain gamers are using XIM Adapters to compete against those using a controller. Hopefully Activision will take action against these individuals too because it ruins the experience for everyone else.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced that it would allow developers to support mouse and keyboard for games. Maybe when this is implemented, the cheaters can play with other mouse and keyboard players on Xbox One. Until then, they'll just have to be banned.

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Asher Madan

Asher Madan handles gaming news for Windows Central. Before joining Windows Central in 2017, Asher worked for a number of different gaming outlets. He has a background in medical science and is passionate about all forms of entertainment, cooking, and antiquing.

  • Finally. player behavior differences between console and PC.. Mouse and Keyboard users is obviously noticeable. specially in Fortnite for example when building, the speed it happens in is different. they should make XIM Banning to some end a standard for all games. no sympathy for cheating XIM users.
  • All I see is someone whining. Get Gud
  • Git gud? Are you intellectually disabled? Noone can "git gud" to the point where their aiming on a controller matches the precision of a mouse. You are probably one of those people who use XIM because they would lose if they didnt cheat didn't "git gud"
  • Using a keyboard and mouse isn't cheating, there is a input lag with the keyboard and mouse, also you are limited to the game sensitivity. So using keyboard and mouse is not as precious as you think.
  • Same input lag as a controller but with much more accuracy. Controllers cannot compete with keyboard and mouse. It isn't fair.
  • Using a keyboard and mouse isn't cheating. Disguising the fact that you're using one when others are using controllers is.
  • Ah, the same thing all idiot gamers say. The real gamers want a level playing field so it's fair for everyone.
  • Surely the only level playing field is identical hardware and internet connection speed/quality, which can never be achieved? But then how do you define a 'real gamer'?
  • @ digitaldreamer7. Get Gud 😂 as someone that has been on Pro league gaming for several games, your potato comment means Jack sh*t. Try again kid.
  • Actually XIM is hard on fortnite because building sucks because you are simulating a controller...... You are better off just using the supported keyboard and mouse settings (at least on PS4)
  • Clearly you know nothing about playing with keyboard on Fortnite. You have to click 3 times to build. Once to get build menu once to select a piece and a 3rd time to place the piece. It’s not any faster. Mouse gets hurt by aim assist and often times it’s not one to one. You still can’t key bind weapons individually u must scroll through them the same as u would on controller. All the complainers go try a keyboard and mouse and see if you feel it’s so much easier. The difference is some ppl grew up on kbm and others on controller. No advantage if there are the same number of steps. Now pc players have an advantage by binding keys for each specific function.
  • Chris either your lying or just never played pc. It does not take 3 presses to place 1 wall or stair, etc. Literally you only have to press 1 key and it will place whatever you have binded to it. Same with guns. You dont have to scroll. I have my shotgun slot binded to x and ar to v. Stop being stupid and actually do some research dumbass
  • Or, he's not talking about PC and he's actually talking about the Xbox, which the article is about.
  • It's not cheating you can turn fast and build fast on a controller to. All it takes is turning you sensitivity to the max and practiceing how to build fast. That is all it takes.
  • Caboose. Stop posting, you're showing that you really are not the brightest human. A mouse and keyboard is obviously (i mean, like obviously, like you'd have to be one of those morons who argue the world is flat if you don't understand) much faster to aim than a controller.
    Using a XIM is cheating. The apologists for it are for people who either can't get good witha controller, or just like cheating and childishly amuse themselves by smashing all competition (even though its by cheating)
    Its cheating. Simple
  • That's not cheating lol that's just using the right tools for the job.
  • So I'm just a little confused. I understand its cheating on a console level.. But when playing cross platforms.. Against people on pc's.. Is it the same?
  • From what I've heard Epic made the right choice, when you're playing cross platform, you're with people in the same conditions.
    If you're in solo on your PS with a controller, you'll only fight people with controllers.
    If you're in solo on your PC with a keyboard, you'll only fight people with keyboards.
    If you're in a team with some keyboards and some pads, it will be mixed (don't do that). With official K/M support on console, and game servers by input type (instead of by console), the game should be fair to everyone.
  • I was wondering about cross play as well... If you can't truly cross play between PCs and consoles, then what's the point?
  • Let's ban controllers on pc then and get rid of aim assist. Or how about cross platform all together. The xim wasn't just made for people to gain advantage but for those who are simply disabled and cant hold a controller or for those who just perfer keyboard and mouse. As a Xim user myself heres what i got to say.... Good luck epic we had a fix out in less then 12 hours lol.
  • It's a shame almost* no one has respect for people who can't use a controller but also don't have several hundred extra dollars for a PC. Keep fighting for those who aren't close minded mainstreamers.
  • An older Dell tower with a second gen i5 or i7 and a GTX 1050 would play any game and could cost less than $200. Computer faming isn't that expensive, it just takes a bit more effort.
  • Using a keyboard and mouse on Xbox and it isn't "cheating" like they say. You are limited to the game sensitivity and there is also a input lag to using the mouse and keyboard. Also there is that demographic of players who want to play using a mouse and keyboard and cant spend $2000 on a good gaming PC. So saying using a keyboard and mouse is a advantage is wrong it is some what more of a small cripple. Also there are people who play at the same level as people that use mouse and keyboard all you need is Max sensitivity and you are on your way.
  • ^^^This guy gets it.
  • I don't know where your buoying your components but I can build a gaming pc for less than $1000
  • Good for you. I can't build a gaming pc, period. I'm guessing the same is true for millions...
  • Well buy a console and play with a controller. Cheats should be shot
  • As an actual controller player this is literally dumbest thing I have read. Typical tier zero society at it's finest.
  • I agree. What moron would want to cheat playing a computer game. Dumb ;)
  • Thats like saying who ever plugs a contoller into a PC to play games is a cheater. 😂 just saying..
  • No, no its not. You're an idiot
  • In most PC games though, plugging in a controller usually handicaps you, with exceptions for racing games and Rocket League.
  • So is someone using a scuff controller cheating ??? Doesnt seem fair cause not everyone has one. Hahahahhaha
  • Then they should also ban the elite controller and it's alternatives.
  • The only alternative to the Elite controller is the standard one. So you're saying that the Xbox One controller should be banned which would make it hard for Xbox One owners to use their console, wouldn't it?
  • And this is the issue with Microsoft adding official mouse/keyboard support
  • Nope Xbox supporting Keyboard and mouse would resolve this issue. By allowing actual K&M support you would no longer require a set up that disguises the fact you're using a K&M. Then players would be able to elect to play against players using K&M, controller or both.