From the Forums: Games Spotlight for May 5th

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It’s time to talk games and our Games Spotlight Forum has them. We all want quality games for our devices and our developers are hard at work getting them ready for us. We are going to take a look at a few that are available in our Spotlight area this week as our developers need your helpful comments to make their games the best around.

Paint Stuff: WP7 Pictionary  - Available in the Marketplace for $1.99 with a trial version this is a nice turn based game where you are given a word to draw (sound familiar?). Then your opponent has to guess what you have drawn. There are quite a lot of drawing options including colors, line thickness and even offers screen capture. These and other advanced options are only available in the paid version which also removes the advertisements. This is how baflink describes his game:

“I have tried a few of the pictionary games and they are pretty buggy to say the least. My girlfriend was getting flustered with playing with me because of the bugs. She wanted a simple pictionary game that didn't make random lines in your drawing, that was fast, had colors, took screenshots, could undo/redo and didn't have a time limit. So I sought out to make such a game.”

Rocket Raid (Free) - If you have ever played Defender you will like this arcade style game. You choose how the world will be made then fly your ship trying to drop bombs and shoot rockets to destroy the targets. For a free game, this could be a fun way to burn some time. From the developer dominiauk:

“It's an arcade game where you fly over planets destroying their defenses. Like "Scramble" the arcade game. It has over 20 campaign missions along with an arcade mode. Anyway it's getting good ratings (which I'm glad of!) so please give it a go.”

Number Factory - This game reminds us of Tetris but with a twist: you are given a number and you have to pick the blocks that add up to that number as number blocks fall from above. You choose how to add the blocks and how many blocks you will use. It's a fun, fast paced, and challenging game as the developer spdr870 explains:

“Number Factory is a very addictive game. The goal of is simple: combine numbers to equal the number in the left bottom corner. Clear the playing field before the numbers reach the top of the factory.”

We have these and hundreds more games available for your review in the Games Spotlight forum.  What better way to contribute to the Windows Phone community than to play games and help developers at the same time?

Dave Blake