From the Forums: Health + fitness discussions, Nokia exclusives and UK meetups

Howdy, folks. It's time for another From the Forums where you're kept up-to-date with the latest threads over on our community forum. It's been a rather slow start to the week with all eyes on the HTC One, so what's been cooked up by readers on the boards?

As you're probably more than aware, it's Mobile Nations Fitness Month. These 28 days are full of training, healthy eating and progress monitoring to see just how technology and health can be combined to work on a lifestyle that suits individual needs. We've been urging you all to get cracking and join us in activities and projects that have been undertaken by the Mobile Nations team. 

As well as participation (howdy, Windows Phone Central Fitbit group!), we've also dedicated a forum just for Fitness Month. If you haven't already done so, we suggest you head on over to the forum and engage in discussion with others. Not only that, but we're running a number of contests which you're more than welcome to take part in.

Be sure to check out our Health & Fitness forum when you get a moment.

Nokia's exclusives a good thing?

Nokia has done a lot for Windows Phone, there's no denying that. But some consumers are becoming slightly concerned at the number of exclusive apps that have been, are currently, and will be restricted to Lumia hardware. Apps have been coming to all other Windows Phones, but are the exclusives a good thing?

Forum member sniffs believes it's out of control:

"I'm getting annoyed by the fact that when apps are coming out for WP, they are timed Nokia exclusives. This isn't making me want to leave my 8X for a Lumia.. it's making me want to leave the entire platform. Nokia needs to stop buying exclusives, it's getting annoying and it's hurting the platform in general. Exclusives for an entire platform is one thing (360/Ps3), but exclusive apps between phone manufacturers is just out of control."

What are your thoughts? If you don't own a Lumia Windows Phone, do you want to see Microsoft doing more instead to bring apps to all devices? Head on over to the "Anyone else getting annoyed that apps come out as "Lumia" exclusives?" thread and voice your opinion.

Potential Windows Phone UK Meetups

Forum member Paladinleeds is planning a UK meetup for Windows Phone enthusiasts. There have been a number of events such as this hosted by members of the Windows Phone Central community in different locations. The plan is (should enough interest build up) to have the meetup in York, this coming April.

"Hey guys, I'm looking to try and get the ball rolling with some UK meetups. As this is in the UK, we'll be hovering between Scotland, Wales, and England. The first one, I am planning to host not too far away from my home, in a lovely city called York. It is planned to be held in April of this year."

Are you interested in a UK meetup for Windows Phone enthusiasts? If so, be sure to head on over to the "Interested in a UK Windows Phone meetup?" thread, as well as the Facebook page for more information.

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