From the Forums: How do you treat your Windows Phone?

Everyone has their own lifestyle and tackles day-to-day business in individual ways. How one treats a mobile phone (or any piece of technology and belonging) falls into the same notion. But an interesting question was asked on our community forum: how do you treat your mobile phone? Are you the cautious user or simply throw it into the bag and forget about it?

The thread starter, Oxymoron428 simply (and quite humorously) desires to know how many consumers "baby" their Windows Phone and how many make the poor devices go through clutter hell. It's fairly insightful reading through the responses and surprising how many people utilise cases, screen protectors and fork out for armed guards.

Be sure to join in the discussion and add your experiences, as well as explain how you treat your Windows Phone. So, do you cuddle your phone?

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  • I don't baby mine, but I don't treat it like crap either :)
  • Same here :)
  • Same... which drives me crazy, cause I shattered the screen on my 920 recently
  • I also shattered the screen early last month. Drop mine 1meter on toilet tiles. Cost me RM800 to repair.
    Currently using flip case. Maybe want change to otterbox. I think can protect the screen if drop facedown.
  • I wouldn't say I baby mines cuz I can't stand putting it a case I want me and ever one else to be able to see my beautiful phone. Looks a part of the reason I got my 920 after all but I do take the best care I can off it but I think wit my nxt phone ill have to at least get a screen protector cuz I scratched mines and its super annoying when watching videos :/
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  • I bath and dry mine, and put cologne :-P
  • I treat mine better than I treat myself :') 
  • I use mine as a paperweight for books I'm quoting. ;)
  • Never ever put it in a pocket with keys or money. I protect my 820 from scratches as best I can.
  • This :)
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  • I dedicate a pocket just for my phone. ;)
  • I beat mine like a red headed stepchild... 
  • Luckily, neither of them has a soul.
  • It would be a shame if the phone had a soul and he'd still beat it.
  • Hey! I'm red headed and a step child!
  • I don't use a case or screen protector, but it only ever goes in an empty pocket; not even paper products in the same pocket. Edit: its a 920.
  • This is how my 920 also lives. 
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  • +1
  • +1
  • +100
  • +1
  • +1 for my DVP
  • +1 for my 8X, it's in perfect shape and gets it's own pocket, never put ANYTHING else in that pocket.
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  • +2  ;-)
  • Better than I treat my kids . . .
  • HTC 8X is the first phone I have had that I didn't bother to get a case for. Love the rubbery texture. Still clean of scratches after five months. My glossy Lumia 920 on the other hand...
  • What bizarro world do you live in? I dropped my 8x no more than three feet off the ground and it shattered. My replacement is now safely in an Otterbox. The rubbery texture also began to peel off on my old 8x, but my case has prevented it on this one.
  • My 8X slipped from my had & bounced off a steel bar & landed face down on a ceramic floor ... Nothing happened to it
  • If it falls at just the right angle (ob
  • Mine is safely wrapped in a Ballistic Maxx case. Took a few drops like a champ.
  • Mine was yanked from a wall while connected to a charger fell glass first into ceramic tile and chilling :)
  • I use it as it is. A computer that makes calls. No screen protector. Has micro scratches. It gets dusty. I don't hurl baseballs at it or anything but I don't baby it. No point. Might as well wear rubber gloves when handling.
  • I have a black "Speck" case on my black 920 although I really hate to hide the beauty of the design in that case.  It's just that my last 2 phones have both fallen from about waist level, face down onto asphault and completely cracked the screens.  I know I've seen the "Indestructable" tests done on the 920 on You Tube, but I don't know if I trust all that.  I can't afford to crack another screen.
  • The first week i made a deep scratch and few minor scratches in the thin oleophobic layer. I don't know how they got there, but I did not damage it since then. I guess I have been careless and don't remember it or someone tried to scratch it
  • I really treat mine like crap. It gets tossed in my center console with other stuff., put in my pocket with other items occasionally, taken to the beach and I'm not careful about sand. Suppose I'm lucky, but no scratches on the case nor the screen, although getting a nice patina.
  • A nice dinner with candles and a sweet bottle of wine.
  • What are you having for dinner?
  • chicken burrito
  • Niiice
  • My devices have always been babied in otterbox or trident cases. I keep them clean, etc and they keep their resale value
  • I don't have a case for my phone, but the left pocket in my pants is solely for my phone. I've heard some horror stories about keys scratching the screen up and I doubt my Trophy could take it as well as a Lumia
  • Dude, what about ur junk? Like its almost pandemic, ain't no one having children because they're trapped in the LTE... =/
  • I don't use a case. But, I do take care of my 920. I keep a cloth to erase smudges and fingerprints. And, like anything you really love, it's never somewhere I'm not.
  • I don't take care of mine, it cost 50 dollars. Dropped it many times on accident, slight scratch on screen. Getting a new phone soon anyways, S4:)
  • . . . RICH!!!
  • The Odyssey S4?! =P
  • Screen protector and gel case is is used during work anyway keep it in a designated pocket just the phone nothing else
  • I'm somewhere inbetween. I don't baby my phone but I don't just throw it around either.  Usually its just attached to my hip or sitting on the counter when I'm home.  I figure the phone has to last me for 2 years until upgrade time so i should probably try to take care of it.
  • I put it next to me when I go to sleep and make the ol' lady sleep on the floor.
  • Screen protector and that's it. It goes in my pocket, sometimes along with a stray receipt. I've replaced the screen protector once in the nearly 2 1/2 years I've had the phone.
  • I have the 920 and have it in a HTC OEM holster with microfiber lining. I used to carry my phones in my pocket but they somehow always got micro scratches. Since Nov 9th, it still looks flawless plus's I don't have to worry about coins, keys wallet. I only put a ghost armor skin on my Yellow 920 on the body. Screen in bare.
  • My 810 has a tank of a BodyGlove case on it although no screen protector; i've never been a fan of those. My phone is in perfect condition. Even though a make an example of how awsome my case is to my friends my purposly dropping it on the ground to show that my phone wasn't harmed ... i've stopped doing that.
  • I like that armor-looking case from T-Mobile, it looks all kinds of badass... =P
  • I try not to put it in my pocket so much cause I'm starting to see dust starting to gather on the ffc.
  • Padded case when cycling, three other covers, screen savers a different shells too. Too expensive not to care 'bout!
  • Lumia is the name of my one and only child (Not really). Just saying, I almost always have 2 hands on my phone
  • Took mine to the beach. Boy can a grain of sand under your finger scratch up the screen of a 920 nicely! 
  • . . . I remember the first I lost to sand. Her face was so disfigured from the accident, I didn't even wanna touch her anymore . . .
  • You can basically turn your screen back into sand! =P
  • My phone is taken care of very well. Not a big fan of cases/screen protectors so my 810 is naked so to speak... Besides that, I never fumbled it yet nor dropped it (football mentality). And I always pull her out to show it to the world. Lol.
  • I took off my phone hard cover because it feels to bulky and clean my screen from fingerprints daily, but i have a screen protector on it.
  • I have to say I baby my phones. I have a Zagg screen protector on my Nokia Lumia 920. I also have it in a case at all times. I also change the case like one a week n clean my phone.
  • I generally try to take care of my 8X, but just yesterday, my girlfriend used it as a cutting board.
  • Ouch!
  • To play Fruit Ninja?! =P
  • Like a Lumia 920...
  • After watching hundreds of videos about how tough and scratch resistant the Lumia 920 is, I didn't feel the need to get a case apart from just to make it blue, but then it ended up with a nasty scratch within about a week! So I've finally got a leather case which doubles as a card wallet and stand which offers protection and convenience :)
  • I scratched my iPhone 3G in the first couple of days. From then on my right trouser pocket is my phone pocket and nothing else. So that's how i look after my Lumia 920. Outdoors or sport i use a neoprene sleeve. Wash my hands a bit more often i think too, to reduce greasy fingers. Baby? It cost 100's of my hard earned £, I look after stuff!
  • It depends on the build quality and design. For me if I had the Lumia 810, I'd probably cover it with a case and not worry much about drops and stuff. If I had a red Lumia 920, I'd keep it polished like a new Mustang or Corvette that you want to be seen in. I wouldn't cover it up with a case and I would most likely never drop it.
  • My 900 lived in my pocket with my leatherman one day. Recabling a computer and moving it around on the desk I leaned up on the edge of the desk and my 900 screamed with terror as the screen grimaced and shattered.
    My 920 runs naked and lives alone with no companions venturing into the pocket it travels. 
  • I treat my 920 like a girl I want to keep around for two years then kick to the cerb when a younger sexier on comes along.
  • Haha that is kind if funny.
  • Ya but if it loves me right, I might settle down....
  • I use a screen protector on my 820 as scratches on screens are really annoying
    But no case as I'm hoping the removable cover will protect the phone reasonably well and i can replace that easily. I do look after it though, no keys in my pocket and never put screen side down
  • Im in the middle I really don't want to put a case on my beautiful cyan 920 but I have paid the price. I broke my screen on my HTC Arrive 3 times in two years so when I got my 920 I swore id get an otterbox but after holding it couldn't resist keeping her naked. I use a screen protector which means I don't get that great glossy feel but that's okay. It lasted from November to February surviving about 5 bad drops until it dropped about 1.5 feet onto a ceramic floor hitting the corner and cracking my screen. Terrible day. Needless to say I still don't use a case because she still beautiful naked.
  • I had body armor covering my 920 from about the first week I had it. It's been covered for the last 5 months. Just recently I removed the body armor becuz it was peeling off. I was shocked how clean, smooth and beautiful the 920 is naked. I did have a case for about 2 days on it. Case sucked.
  • People going caseless beware, the damn 920 fell on my tiled floor from head height today and now there's huge dent that looks really nasty...and let me tell ya man, these freaking tiles aren't cheap!
  • Lol! The floor never stood a chance 920 hulk smash!
  • This is why I always use an Otterbox. Took me forever to find one large enough to fit the kitchen floor though... ;-)
  • LOL. This one made my day sir.
  • I have never dropped any of my Windows Phones, of the three I've had, though the last one has its share of nicks and battle scars...I do my best not to haphazardly toss it around except for the one rare occasion I caught it from almost bouncing off my bed! *whew* =P
  • I sorta baby mine if you consider making sure the speakers on my Lumia are facing up when its in my pockets. Month 5 no dust in front camera yet. I've had two others and know from experience what im doing.
  • When I first got mine u stupidly used the metal part of a lighter to test out the "super sensitive touch screen" luckily I had bought a screen protector or I would've scratched my screen after like 10 minutes of having it. Since then I have lost the screen protector got a fancy wallet case and no problems thus far
  • My Lumia 920 is like a tank so it handles it self more than well.
  • 'Armed guards' LOL, that was a funny line
  • Wow glad to see this as a news article. Its gonna be interesting reading these comments :)
  • I put my 8X in a case , because I don't want to get it scratched ... My Atrix & my Milestone were naked, the backs were scratched like hell
  • Naked is the way to go
  • My phone never leaves my pocket, so I dont lose my phone like every other person seems to do these days. I baby it also by deleting rarely used apps, protect the screen. Keep it simple :)
  • I am a big fan of HTC. I adore my 8x, but had to go back go my Radar. I'm looking forward to Catwalk.
  • What a great thread.
    I babied my new 822 for a few months when I first got it, as my first smartphone I had no idea how durable it might be, and it looks kinda fragile at first glance.
    I got a case for it, a nice sturdy textured black composite material, with a belt holster. I use to think the holsters were goofy, but now I cant go out without one.
    Anyways, one day a month ago or so, I was kinda tipsy, demonstrating a bat swing to my gf out on the street at night (I know, what the hell right). Ofcourse the phone I was holding slipped and flew like 10 meters and tumbled on the asphalt.
    I was sure it was done for, but surprisingly it only got a little scratch on one corner, but zero actual damage to everything else. I am blown away at how solid this thing is. Ive dropped it numerous times too, and there isn't a scratch on my screen still
    Nokia rules
  • 920 here. I do have a screen protector + a Casemate hard all transparent back cover so the red color shines through!
  • I have a white ballistix case with screen protector built in and pretty much baby it since I bought it at AT&T launch in November. No scratches or wear marks.
  • Had some big falls off bike with 920 on board and it is fine Nokia makes tough just ask my 3310
  • Zagg invisibleshield on screen (changing to Ghost Armor tomorrow 'cause invidibleshield is peeling), Seahawks Zagg skin on the back. Recently bought a grey CC-1043 and LOVE it.
    Phone is definitely babied. Never in a pocket with anything else. Of course I'm the type that doesn't like ANY scratches on any of my things. Especially electronics. ;)
  • Gorilla glass isn't that hard.
  • I have the RED Lumia 920, and because this is such a well designed and beautiful phone, in addition to the fact that I'm paying for it monthly on a 2 year contract, it makes sense to take good care of  it. I always keep my phone in my pants pocket with nothing else in there to avoid any scratches, even though it has Gorilla Glass II. I wipe the screen regularly to keep off finger-prints and dust. From time to time I'll take a can of air and blow out the 3.5 jack to free up any particles that may have accumulated inside. Lastly, I'll take the protective case off that I purchased for it, and shine up that glossy red finish. :)
    Sooooo, yeah, I take really good care of my Lumia 920, I think it's well worth it. :)
  • I don't think , I really take good  care of it. I know it has gorrilla glass II, so  i don't care weather it's with keys or not. yeah,  i have put a screenguard on it, but apart from that no safety. My 3 yr old son always play his songs, games and other thing on his kid corner.My 920 has fallen twice. Once he dropped it, and next time I dropped it in my gym. I give my phone to anyone my cousins, my friends, my relatives. I think my phone can take care of itself. hehehhehee.... afterall it is 920 baby
  • My Lumia 920 is naked through and through, all the time.
  • My phone has fallen about five times 3 to 5 feet tall and nothing happened to it cos of the protective case. STILL INTACT.
  • I baby my 920, and I don't use cases, but it did slip from my fingers and it the pavement. There are two deep scratches on the back. One on the bottom right corner and one on the top left corner. Made me sick to my stomach. Wanted to call in and get a replacement, but I have this phone set up perfectly and do not feel like setting it up again. So I'm learning to live with the scratches. Still didn't buy a case. Don't like using them. Just wish I could go back in time. Wish I held my baby a little tighter. Damn!
  • I baby mine until I am eligible for an upgrade, then the case comes off and I enjoy my phone as it was meant.
  • Mine have an Amzer case with holster and a screen protector. Lumia 920.
  • Welp... Just dropped my Trophy and broke the screen last week... Had it two years though. Waiting not so patiently for the 928!
  • I Otterbox mine....
  • An Otterbox or equivalent is a must for my devices. I've failed life if the screen protector gets scratch. Pocket storage, but always alone.
  • I abuse the hell out of my Lumia 800. And it just doesn't care. It's the honey-badger of phones. I've dropped it on tarmac, concrete etc and had it in pockets with keys. A couple of little nicks, and tiny scratches, but generally fine. Nokia do tough.
  • My 920 is still in box it came in. Once a week I put on gloves, take it out very carefully, and admire its beauty then return it gently to its protected nest. Sure, I may not be getting full value, but there's not a mark on my phone!
  • This topic never gets old.