From the Forums: Surface Pro promotions and smartphone jokes

As well as reporting on all the news relating to the Windows Phone platform, we also take pride in maintaining the top Windows Phone community on the web. Our forum accumulates thousands of posts each month, but how does one keep track of everything being published? This is where the From the Forums column comes into play. We take a handful of interesting threads and highlight them for readers to check out.

Everyone loves a bargain, and Microsoft fans are no exception. With the Surface Pro set to be released and hunted out by those looking for a new tablet experience, are there any promotions or deals near you that you're aware of or would like to find out about? Member fitchalcyone created a thread dedicated to promotions and deals to be added.

Be sure to check out the "Release Day Promotions at Microsoft Stores?" thread for more information or to add deals you've come across.

How big is "too big"?

Smartphone screen sizes are increasing, especially with 'phablets' hitting the shelves. But how big is too big? What's the maximum screen size you'd choose? 5-inces? 6-inches? With the Lumia 920 sporting a 4.5-inch display and the ATIV S from Samsung opting for a 4.8-inch screen, we're closing the gap to the 5-inch marker for Windows Phone.

Stephen Vogel noted the following:

"It's supposed to be a "mobile" phone but for me some of these devices are becoming cumbersome. Heavy, in your pocket, which you get used to, dig into you when you sit down, which you don't get used to. The 800 & 820 are fine, any bigger is a bit to ungainly for my liking."

It'll definitely be interesting to see where manufacturer continue from here. Could we see a 5-inch Windows Phone in the next wave of hardware? Head over to the "Anybody disappointed that the Lumia 920 doesn't have a 4.8" screen?" thread to add your thoughts.

Miscellaneous: Smartphone jokes and comics

The smartphone battle can get heated sometimes (especially when it comes to BlackBerry versus Windows Phone), but we all have to remember it's just technology and there's certainly more to life. This is where jokes and comics come into play. We're certain you've come across some humorous material that relates to mobile devices.

Here's one which was posted by JerseySal, which just so happens to be taking a jab at BlackBerry:

BlackBerry Comic

Have you got any you'd like to add to the thread and make everyone's day? Be sure to head on over to the "Smartphone jokes/comics" thread and publish your findings.

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