Japanese Forza 6 website goes live early revealing night racing, wet weather, 450 cars and more

Hot on the heels of last year's Forza Horizon 2, Forza 6 is ready to take pole position this holiday season. The game was revealed earlier this year, and patient Forza fans have waited for fresh details ever since. If you're one of those people, today's your lucky day.

The Forza 6 Xbox Japan website (opens in new tab) (now offline) revealed a ton of tantalising details, many of which were probably slated for Microsoft's June 15th E3 conference.

...Breathtaking graphics at 1080px resolution and 50 frames per second. Wet weather, 3D puddles, and night racing test your driving skills. Cutting-edge ForzaTech™ engine powers the unrelenting action and stat-of-the-art-physics at simulation speed...

...Ultimate car fantasy - The most cars of any racing game this generation. More than 450 cars all immaculately recreated and customizable, and complete with working cockpits and full damage. Tour 26 world-famous locales including Daytone, Rio, and more...

...Never race alone - Home of the greatest racing, tuning and painting community in gaming. 2-player split-screen racing, 24-player races, and realistic Drivatar opponents deliver packed tracks and unrivaled action...

The website contained a few typos, including one that describes the frame rate as "50 FPS". Microsoft have confirmed to ICXM that Forza 6 will run at 60 FPS, certainly indicating that someone hit the green light on this website prematurely.

The site included some screenshots watermarked with "FPO", which sometimes means "for position only" in design. These might not be indicative of the final product, but they're impressive renders nonetheless.

Forza 6 will be playable at E3 as well according to the leaked site, so we'll hopefully have some hands on footage for you in the next couple of weeks. For now though, refresh your hype with the teaser trailer Microsoft launched back in January.

Source: ICXM

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  • Can't wait weather racing
  • Woah.
  • Forza is a great game, but I prefer Project cars or asetto corsa
  • Curious, why? I have been debating project cars but I have held off due to Forza.
  • From what I can see PCars has a more accurate physics engine (for those who can tell the difference), and most notably, has far more tracks. It also fully simulates the racing weekend with qualifying, practice etc and of course has weather and full day night cycles. It's definitely a worthy competitor to the Forza series and if only it had a better car count it would definitely give Turn 10 and Polyphony Digital some serious trouble.
  • Well, that physics might be great when you go in a straight line, but when you collide it is absolutely hideous. Cars have little weight, won't take much visual damage, impacts have little to no effect (or complete opposite) and heavy bounces are handled badly. Plus the AI is terrible. Sure, you might always play online, but still it shouldn't be that bad. Not to mention the fact that the release was terrible as well, when the default controller settings were all over the place and had a few game-breaking bugs that took way too long to patch (and made clear that it wasn't properly tested)
  • You should have a look at assetto corsa. I think its better than pcars, but I guess its subjective. In assetto corsa, the thrill of actually driving the car is so great that you don't even need to have a race to have fun. Just simply turning all aids off and going for a practice is so much fun. The driving experience is so immersive. And when you do crash, somehow, you don't hate the game. Its one of those things. When you crash in other games (like f1 2014) you hate the game and you curse the physics engine and handling model. In assetto corsa, when you crash, you praise the accuracy of the physics, and there's a moment when you just think 'wow that looked real'. That's what I love about Assetto corsa. Sure, the damage model and visual damage need sorting, but that doesn't really matter once you start having fun at imola all by yourself Edit: And if you have a wheel, that's really good because the force feedback is AMAZING! Better than anything else out there hands down
  • PC has a joke of physics engine. Almost all the cars behave same, you are not penaltized for wiggling, but do slide like on ice at turns. And collisions are premature as in early NFS games. The game is broken, ugly and overhyped, and is definitely not a competitor to FM and GT.
  • Project Cars would be nice if it wasn't broken. On Xbox the controller mapping was a disaster and whether or not it's fixed now I haven't played it since.
  • Agreed. Assetto corsa and pcars are in a different league when it comes to physics. They have a way more complex physics engine than forza or even Gran Turismo for that matter
  • Driveclub :P
  • CHEEZUS.  MICROSOFT really need to put a lock on these auto updates of their website and partners.  this news and the amazon leak is ruining e3 for me. How the hell dont these people know about not releasing infos right before e3.
  • Every e3 where Half Life 3 and Portal 3 are not announced is ruined for me
  • you downvoted me because its not fucking Half Life 3? are you kidding me.
  • Anyone could have down voted you. Calm your tits.
  • how about upvoting me then to balance that out.
  • Did we get halo spoilers? Nope. Actual gears of wars news not one minute video? Nope. Did this really spoil forza 6? No. Did we find out what the new IP is? No. You need to chill.
  • Lol you care that much?
  • You made 3 comments on your post, half life 3 confirmed
  • Forza 6 was announced months ago
  • We already knew about 1TB xbox coming eventually. That wasn't really a surprise. Nor is Forza 6 since it was announced already.
  • 450 cars? That's awesome! I'm still about 20 cars short of owning all the cars in Forza Horizon 2. Might be able to own em all by the time Forza Motorsport 6 comes out. 
  • I laughed when I seen the name of the fh2 recent car pack anyone remember nfs shit had a coppertop car pack
  • Good to see but I still haven't played much of the last two games. Doubt I'll be picking this up but great for those of you looking forward to it.
  • And Sony had a so called Forza killer with driveclub :D, it never did and was and its still broken. Forza is still king.
  • Well driveclub was really more of a Gran Turismo stopgap than a Forza killer, since Forza is more of Microsoft's "Gran Turismo" killer if anything.
  • Forza use to be the Gran Turismo killer.  FWY, Forza killed GT way back with Forza 3.  Now, everyone is trying to kill Forza. 
  • My body is ready!!!
  • Honestly, taking racing too seriously is not for me.  I want microsoft to bring back Midtown Madness as Midtown Madness 4
  • You should try out the Forza Horizon games, they're much more light hearted and tons of fun.
  • You've never played midtown madness have you?
  • Actually I was an avid fan of Midtown Madness 2 and played it on the MSN Gaming Zone regularly. I also bought Midtown Madness 3 for the Xbox on launch. Why?
  • okay now tell me that game wasnt fun because i spent a whole year playing mm3 online.  forza, not so much. got old quick.
  • Both were very fun to me.
  • That game was amazing online, can't remember the exact version I played but I played a lot of it, on the original Xbox
  • yeah it was an amazing game.  i feel like microsoft wouldnt put them out now since there are games like GTA5.  GTA5 stole a lot of genre's wrapped into one game.  Racing, FPS, action, comedy, platforming, puzzle.
  • I miss pgr3/4 it'd be a nice unique game to put on gwg(with dlc)(even blur would be nice wish I would've converted to digital) then poof disappear for those that didn't take advantage of the deal
  • pgr series with motorcycles.  that was awesome.  forza needs motorcycles.
  • No. We just need another PGR. Forza is, and should always be about cars.
  • Why so you hate motorcycles. Cars are boring
  • Diversification is not always a good thing. Forza is a quasi race sim, personally I don't think bikes fit that equation. Maybe in a Horizon title. But maybe not even then... No hate for bikes, that's why I would love to see a PGR remake, which remains one of the most fun racing series in my experience. Or a dedicated motorbike racing sim, though I don't know how well that would do. IMHO
  • i have moto GP, but i want it free roaming, not on tracks.  the only place i get to do that is GTA5.
  • Forza 6 is not free roaming. That's why I say the only place a bike might work is in Horizon.
  • The website contained a few typos, including one that describes the frame rate as "50 FPS". Microsoft have confirmed to ICXM that Forza 6 will run at 60 FPS, certainly indicating that someone hit the green light on this website prematurely.
    Phase Alternating Line (PAL) is a colour encoding system for analogue television used in broadcast television systems in most countries broadcasting at 625-line / 50 field (25 frame) per second (576i). Other common colour encoding systems are NTSC and SECAM. This page primarily discusses the PAL colour encoding system. The articles on broadcast television systems and analogue television further describe frame rates, image resolution and audio modulation.
  • Is this game available for PCs or exclusively for Xbox??
  • E3 will tell... Though unless Turn 10 has had some major additions to staff, my bet is Xbox only. But MS is saying they want to focus on PC gaming more.
  • Maybe they'll do both, like Fable Legends for Windows 10 and Xbox One. And Halo 5 too?! :D http://www.engadget.com/2015/01/21/fable-legends-confirmed-for-windows-1...
  • Gonna be Xbox One exclusive. Also said in the leaked site.
  • Man I really wish they release forza for pcs with the windows 10 n all I hope it happens
  • Really excited for this game!
  • Please for PC too!!!
  • I hope they do as they said earlier and also releases Forza 6 for PC.
  • I was just thinking how MS could use a car combat game. I was thinking how they used Forza as a base for Horizon, they could use Horizon as a base for Forza Combat. Loved the Vigilante 8 series from back in the N64 days.
  • Twisted metal
  • Yea, I've only owned a Playstation once and that was the "3" for about 6 months last year to play its exclusives. Don't quite remember wether TM Black had good multiplayer. So my fondest memory of vehicle combat is V8.
  • I want rally cars and snow and dirt tracks!!