Forza Horizon 3 will get its 4K upgrade on Xbox One X in January

While Forza Motorsport 7 may already be updated with all of the extra bells and whistles for Xbox One X, it looks like Forza Horizon 3 will have to wait a little bit longer. Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One X Enhanced patch for its open-world racer will drop on January 15, 2018.

Thanks to the complete, growing list of Xbox One X Enhanced games, we already knew Forza Horizon 3 would eventually receive an update — we just didn't know when. There was some expectation that it might land in time for the launch of the new console, but Forza Motorsport 7 is the only entry in the series with that honor.

As for what the update will contain, Microsoft says it will up the resolution to a native 4K. And while Microsoft doesn't mention it framerate, it's expected that Forza Horizon 3 will retain its console 30 FPS cap on Xbox One X. Still, the game had already received praise for its visuals, particularly with HDR, and the bump to 4K will only amplify that. Microsoft may have some other tweaks up its sleeve, but we'll have to wait until closer to launch to learn more.

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In any case, you can look forward to Forza Horizon 3 looking a little better on Xbox One X on January 15, 2018. For now, the game is available for $49.99, though it can occasionally be had for slightly cheaper at Amazon. If you want to dive into 4K Forza action now, you can check out the latest update to Forza Motorsport 7 for Xbox One X.

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