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Forza Horizon 4 crosses 7 million players on Xbox One and PC

Forza Horizon 4 launched a few months ago, and gamers are loving the open-world racing experience. The game features upgraded visuals and a shared world for an even more community-focused experience. The user feedback seems to be great, and the title has also garnered a lot of critical acclaim from numerous outlets. The game currently sits at a 92 on Metacritic from over eighty reviews.

Recently, Playground Games — now owned by Microsoft — launched the "Fortune Island" expansion. While there isn't another major piece of content dropping for another couple of months at least, there are smaller updates in between. The constant patches and introduction of tweaked features is what keeps players coming back for more. Recently, the game crossed five million players.

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Today, the developer announced that Forza Horizon 4 recently crossed seven million players. Keep in mind that the title is available on Xbox Game Pass so that accounts for this total too. Do you play Forza Horizon 4? What compelled you to buy it?

Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-like subscription but for games. For $9.99 per month, you get access to over a hundred titles at no extra cost. However, just like the video service, certain games — aside from Microsoft exclusives — rotate in and out. While Xbox Game Pass started off as a somewhat lackluster service, it's become much better now with the addition of high-profile games like The Division.

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  • I've never been much into racing games but gave FH4 a try via Game Pass. What a great game! I love the open world play and the co op contests and games keep me coming back. Also speaks to how Game Pass should work to draw people in to new games and genres that they might not otherwise have dropped $60 to try one game. And my 9 year old son plays it and enjoys it. If it keeps him off of shooters a bit then it's even better.
  • Awesome. This is how I feel too.
  • Includes XBOX game pass numbers? Seriously. Just because someone has the game pass does not mean they played the game!
  • I don’t think you understand. It includes people who have played the game through Xbox Game Pass. If it included just Xbox Game Pass numbers it would be millions higher.
  • U should see twitter. Its a drama with those non understanding people :D
  • Twitter is the fall of society, it's embarrassing.
  • This game deserves it. FH4 for me is game of this generation so far.
  • Nice to see a family friendly game throwing up these kinds of numbers. Hope MS does more of this. Give Nintendo a run for their money.
  • 7 millions? That's impressive...
    Uncharted 4, the only PS4 exclusive in the top10... + digitals, give or take, 10m?
    And how many PS4 we have?
    Are people still playing U4? Continuous income for Sony?
  • I have no idea why you are talking about Uncharted 4.
  • No most Sony exclusives have very little replay value and no multiplayer option.. You play it a few times or possibly even pass it(though data says most don't get that far) and then don't play it again. They have very little replay value and no multiplayer option. That's why games like GTA, COD continually outsell Sony exclusives month after month year after year. GTA is an older game too and it still easily outsells newer Sony exclusives.
  • @jams
    Same old same old...
    Console exclusives are not important... blah blah
    Oh they only are important if they are made by the company you worship... LOL
    Typical fanboy hypocrisy I guess. LOL
  • LOL What are you talking about, hiroxk?
    Uncharted 4 sold 8.7m in 6-7 months. And that the number of copies SOLD. Not the number of people who played the game. Sorry but your comparison is really dumb.
    You are not considering the number of people who bought it used or how many times a copy of the game was used by different people.
    Plus here FH4 counts the number of people who tried it using game pass. The number of people who may have just tried it for free using the game pass trial thing. We are talking about how much cash this game brought it vs how much U4 brought in than it's totally different. Giving out "number of people who played the game" doesn't give a clear picture of revenue or profit. It's just silly marketing bs... Next time you try to troll, please post something that actually makes sense. :)
  • It doesn't matter that they count Gamepass. Subscription is the future. Noone complains that Netflix breaks all the records when it's just streaming and not selling. Sales mean absolutely nothing in gaming anymore. It's about who is playing what under whatever means they can to play said game.
  • We'll see. I mean you made some laughable predictions in the past so I'll just not take any of your predictions seriously...
  • "Sales mean absolutely nothing in gaming anymore."
    I don't know who you are you trying to convince with that bs? Do you really believe the bs you write? Did you ever stop, read and think about something before posting it?
    So tell me, how does this 7m give the amount of cash they made or even how popular this really is? At least with sales we have a better idea about how much they would have made more or less. Here, MS is just hiding actual numbers that really matters.
    If they want to talk of concurrent number, why don't they do it like steam? Steam doesn't really care they publish all numbers and even how many people are playing any game in real time. MS? They'll only communicate on numbers or stuff that favours them. It's all marketing and PR bs. And MS fanboys are falling for it like idiots. LOL
  • I tried downloading the demo of this game from the Microsoft store and can't even get past the start screen. I guess they lose a potential customer. Ryzen 2700x, 16gb ram, SSD, GeForce 1080ti.