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Forza Horizon 4 details seasonal cars and exclusive rewards for October

Forza Horizon 4
Forza Horizon 4 (Image credit: Microsoft)

Forza Horizon 4: Ultimate Edition launched this morning, and gamers are loving the open-world racing experience. The user feedback seems to be great, and the title has also garnered a lot of critical acclaim. The game currently sits at a 92 on Metacritic, and may even go higher once more reviews come in.

In past Forza Horizon games, players didn't really have much to do besides play the multiplayer offerings after they'd finished the main events. However, Forza Horizon 4 features daily rewards and the season changes keep players coming back for more. Luckily, there's even more content coming in a week like new cars and exclusive store items.

Those who own the Forza Horizon 4: Car Pass get two new cars each week too. However — aside from the season changes which reshape the map — the exclusive Forzathon Shop cars have to be the highlight here. Amazing vehicles like the 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast, 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and 2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 can be purchased or won through Wheelspins.

Hopefully this loot-based approach will resonate well with gamers. The title doesn't feature any microtransactions so you have to play it in order to get these cars. Forza Horizon 4 forgoes the Australian landscape and drops players in Britain. Not only does the game look better than its predecessors, but it also features the historic and twisty city of Edinburgh.

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  • Oh it's not EA doing it it's MS, So I guess many people over here will feel ok with this BS... LOL
  • In-game credits, just like all the other forzas, you play, you warn credits, you send those credits on merchandise, there is no real money exchange here. How is this the same as EA? I remember playing a Sega Genesis racing game about 25 years ago, you had to win races to earn money and with that money upgrade your car. 25 years later, it's the same here, with game credits you buy upgrades to your car, or buy new cars, I don't see the issue. After you buy the game you don't have to spend an extra cent to enjoy all the features.
  • Yeah, it's the same thing we had 20, 30 years ago.
    The very same system we had in RPGs, action games, platformers. btw, one more way to earn in-game money is to watch other people play, on Mixer. ps: He thinks all MS games are like EA games. And games with microtransactions (even single player action game like Assassin's Creed) are designed exactly like those mobile games. No pay, no way beating boss == no more progression.
  • Oh but the problem is with stuff like VIP membership. They are intensing people to get be VIP members to maximize the credits one can "earn". Otherwise it's crazy grinding. This is just another way of doing microtransactions. Just another way of using free-2-play economic for a full price 60$ game.
    Let me know which sega game 25 years back had VIP pass, all these DLC packs and sponsored DLCs... even after paying full price for a game.
  • Lol where have you been? Went into hiding for a while. Enjoy playing the console 'for the players'..... to open their wallets for the ps classic lol.
  • So you missed me?
    I've been playing games. You know the Spider-man, Tomb Raider...
    I felt it was better to play games than to deal with people who worship companies instead of making gaming the priority. People like you. LOL
  • Lol so why you back on here trolling like usual? Must have already passed spider-man or got tired of swinging from building to building. Since it has no multiplayer like God of Button masher you must be bored. Says the man who worships the company that is 'for the players' LOL.
  • Telling the truth to die hard MS fanboys isn't really trolling. If you can't handle the truth, you are welcome to ignore me and my comments. :)
    I finished Spider-man got the platinum. I just moved to another game. You see I'm not a poor guy who can't afford new games. I don't usually like playing games like Sea of thieves and it's randomly generated fetch quest. I prefer games where there is a good story rather than doing repetitive fetch quest again and again for no real reason...
    That, I find boring. LOL
  • Lol do you even own an Xbox? Lol and God of Button masher isn't repetitive? You are too funny. And speaking of truth didn't you call me a liar after my comments about MS' E3 showing over 50+ games including 10+ exclusives. Go ahead and open up your wallet on the console 'for the players'.... lol
  • LOL I don't need a XB1 I have a PC. But to answer your question I got a xbox. A xbox 360.
    God of Button masher? There is a story. There is a purpose to what you're doing. Not like Sea of thieves where you only do the same fetch quests again and again. It's a game where all you do is randomly generated side quests that you find in Ubisoft games.
    Oh you did lie because you said XB1 had more than 10 upcoming exclusives!! HAHAHA
    And yes, I'll open up my wallet to play games. It's great that the company making the console "for the players" makes so many quality games "for the players"!!
    So many upcoming AAA exclusive (true exclusives not fake ones) on the console "for the players". Enjoy saving your money to buy different XB1 consoles, controllers and the few repetitive fake exclusives (that I can play if I wanted to without ever owning a XB1). LOL
  • Lol so you are here for what reason exactly? Of course you have a PC that you don't use for games. That's like me going on Sony forums and trolling I mean telling the truth to their fans..... What do you do once you pass God of Button Masher or Spiderman? There is no multiplayer. Which means there is very little replay value. I lied because I repeated what was shown at MS' E3? I gave you a link as well. How did I lie? It's funny how most Sony fans claim that exclusive games are very important yet the most played games on PS4 are Fifa, COD and Fornite all of which are all the multiplats and run better on the One X. Same will go for RDR2. Enjoy your repetitive 'exclusives' with little replay value.
  • What am I doing here? Well, this is a site with gaming news. I'm a gamer so I'm here for that.
    I trash EA when there are news about their microtransactions. When I do the same with MS's bs, I have to deal with people like you defending the company they worship.
    I have the right to post here as this is not reserved exclusively to XB/MS fanboys. "Of course you have a PC that you don't use for games."
    LOL And why would you make up that bs? I play games on PC. In fact, I finished games like Quantum Break, Cuphead or even Ori... I even played Sea of Thieves' beta, so please stop your lies and bs. Replay value? There are SO MANY games on all the platforms I own. I have a huge backlog. I just don't want to play games for the sake of it. I don't enjoy grinding and being tempted to pay real money to grind less. You lied because you said they announced more than 10 xb1 exclusives while talking of games. It's not my fault that you provided a link that 1) didn't support your claim and 2) had mistakes.
    You link was even talking about stuff not exclusives to XB1 and also had updates and DLC of already released games. LOL The funny thing with XB/MS "fans" who bring out the "exclusives are not important" argument is that the main reason why a person will buy one product over another is their differences. What one product can do more compared to the other. Not the common stuff. lol
    If there are two TV providers both provide the same popular TV channels but one provides loads of popular and highly rated extra channels that are only available throught that provider, most people will head towards the TV provider offering more.
    It's simple logic really... Even you should understand that. Unless your love for MS prevents you from understanding it... LOL Now tell me do you have a PS4? Did you play any PS4 exclusives that you trash?
  • Lol it's funny you have no problems trashing MS or EA but when it comes to Sony's BS you worship them and kiss the ground they walk on. Nice to see you actually played some MS games on your PC. Just wondering does your PC also run games in 4K, support dolby atmos, 4K blu ray movies, HDR, backwards compatability and cost sub $500? I doubt it. That's always what Sony fans brag about when a multi-plat game that looks and runs better on the X. They supposedly have a PC that runs way better than the X and somehow costs less lol.... bs I gave you a link to 10+ Microsoft exclusive games. Do you understand what MS exclusive means? So please tell me again how did I lie? Simple logic even you should understand. And again Sony fans continuously play COD, Fortnite, Fifa and GTA(forgot about this one) RDR2 is next and will look and run better on the One X. I mean Assasin's creed is running at like 1242P on the PS4 Pro lol. How you going to defend that? I had the original PS1, PS2. So i got a chance to play the first GOW, Gran Turismo and played the following releases after. My friends have PS4's and while GOW isn't a bad game it definitely doesn't deserve all of the hype it gets. I also played GT sport but that game is more of a demo with the limited cars and tracks offered. Graphics were pretty sharp though. I played hellblade was well.
  • The problem is you only see when I criticise MS but not other companies. I trashed Sony during the initial PS3 years, with their bs policies on mods, for not having EA access, the storage for VITA. I even criticise them for not having BC (even though it's not really an important feature imo). I've criticised their last 2 E3 but ofc you wouldn't see that because you're to busy getting made that I criticised MS. LOL Does my PC do BC? What? Do you even know what BC is? LOL and to answer you question. ofc my pc player A LOT more games than the so-called BC that XB1 offers. LOL
    And about "power". I'm sure I've already told you that power is not my priority. Never was never will be. If it was I would be only playing on PC with two 1080TI. What's funny with MS "fans" is that their priority depends on what MS does.
    2007-2009: Exclusives, lineup and cost of the console was the most important.
    2010-2012: It was all about kinect and how you were the controllers. Fanboys use to crap on controllers... LOL
    2013-2015: Kinect 2.0, the cloud and the hdmi out cable. Oh and the "best lineup in XB history"... LOL
    2015-2016: BC is most important thing in gaming.
    2016-2018: After having the weaker console for 4 years, it's suddenly all about power.
    Also we can add cross-play. But not any cross-play only the one with consoles. And now renting old or incomplete/unfinished games is become the new big thing.
    With the 3 new studios, I can almost guess that all you guys who trash exclusives now, will find exclusives great again. LOL
    Bunch of hypocrites... LOL MS exclusive? LOL
    As a consumer I look at products. But I guess since your priority is for a company you will think of "MS exclusives". The problem with your list is that you mentioned DLC. DLC is content to already released game. DLC is not a game by itself. Also many of the games you mentioned aren't even MS exclusive. I mean PUBG or Cuphead are not even MS exclusive. LOL
    You ask any gamer (not MS fanboy) to name me more than 10 upcoming MS exclusives that was announced, they'll laugh at your face and say they don't have 10 upcoming exclusives. Ah so you don't even own a PS4.
    And that's the difference between you and me. I love gaming. I play games no matter which company makes them. I loved QB. I would have bought a XB1 to play it if it wasn't on PC. And that's where exclusives are important.
    I own a PC. I wouldn't buy a XB1 to play COD, FIFA or Fornite since I already own a machine that can run these games.
    But if I want to play Spider-man or Detroit: Become human I need to buy a PS4. That's the whole point.
    Now you'll talk about "Power". But I'm on PC if power was my priority I would be only on PC. And history has shown us that the most popular consoles throughout generations has mostly been the weaker consoles. Also the console that always does better is the one with the bigger library.
    These are facts. You can't argue with facts:
    The NES (bigger library) beat the Master System (more powerful)
    The GB (bigger library) beat the Game gear (more powerful)
    The SNES (bigger library) beat the Genesis
    The PS1 (bigger library) beat the N64 (more powerful)
    The PS2 (bigger library) beat the Gamecube (more powerful) and XBox (more powerful)
    The DS (bigger library) beat the PSP (more powerful)
    The Wii (bigger library) beat the PS3 (more powerful) and XBox360 (more powerful)
    The 3DS (bigger library) beat PS Vita (more powerful)
    The PS4 (bigger library) beat XB1 and Wii U
  • So all I read from that is you only trashed Sony during the PS3 years, you still don't understand what Microsoft exclusives mean, and you don't own an xbox. Nice troll on! Running emulators on a PC is not the same as fully supported backwards compatible games. Think i'll have to check out MGS2/3 on my xb. And again God of button masher is nowhere to be found in the top 10 sales list. Fifa, GTA are still up there. COD and RDR2 will be soon. All of which look better and will run better on the One X. I bet your PC can't even handle 4K. You going to be able to play RDR2 in 4K? I doubt it. Enjoy your lag PSN which seems to go down quite often. Lol and ya single player exclusives with little replay value are the most important thing!
  • This is what they need to do. They need to build the Xbox OG classic console in a miniature version. But here's the kicker. The inside and software is xbox one. Why go to this route? Because xbox one is already backwards compatible with tons of Xbox OG and 360 games. Give this a massive 1TB. And let this be digital only. Price point: 149.99