Forza Horizon 4 Expansion 2 is Lego Speed Champions, launches June 13

What you need to know

  • The second expansion pack for Forza Horizon 4 (opens in new tab) has been revealed at E3 2019.
  • Centered on a licensed tie-up with Lego.
  • Launches on June 13.

Forza Horizon 4 fans have been waiting what feels like an eternity for the second expansion DLC to arrive, and at Microsoft's E3 press conference, the first details have finally been revealed. It's all about Lego Speed Champions.

Forza Horizon 3's second DLC was in partnership with Hot Wheels, and in a similar vein, the latest game has also gone for a wacky take on open world racing. It's a far cry from the first expansion, the rugged terrain of Fortune Island.

Owners of the Ultimate Edition or the Expansions bundle will get access to the Lego DLC upon release. When is that? Pretty soon; Lego Speed Champions is set to launch on Xbox One and PC on June 13.

Everything is indeed awesome!

Is the Forza Horizon 4 Expansions Bundle worth it?

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  • Playground games should be embarrassed. I'm so disappointed.
  • Are you serious? This looks so much better than freaking Hot Wheels. Also, I assume by your comment that you have never played a Lego game. They are quite fun, even if meant for kids.
  • It really doesn't though. Lego is Lego, why would I play something that looks like Lego but has no functionality of it? A London expansion with Street races would make sense, I'd even settle for a scalextric themed map, but Lego? LEGO?
  • Not that I care at all for this game but the game is just not for you then, not all games are for every audience.
  • This actually just looks like stupid amounts of fun. The Horizon series never aimed to take itself too seriously so I'm cool with this. As an aside I really hope they allow you to build your own Lego cars because that would be epic.
  • The trouble is nobody is taking this seriously. I've been in awe of the horizon series since the beginning, the introduction of clothes and emotes was a mistake, nobody plays a racing game to win a sequin skirt. Then they offer us Lego. No.
  • That's my point, it isn't meant to be serious. If you want serious Forza, you play Forza Motorsport. Forza Horizon has always been over the top, they've just pushed it even further now, instead of just racing planes and trains or whatever, now you have these quirky expansions (which are only expansions mind you, not embedded in the base game, so it's merely an option, not a requirement).
  • I mean, you can literally jump a Bugatti Chiron off a (small) mountain in this game. What part of any of it is realistic outside of the actual cars and some of the locations?
  • I don't recall mentioning realism. Just people not accepting this as the right choice.
  • Not a racing game gamer, but I'd buy FH4 for this expansion.
    * I bought FH3 for Hot Wheels tho, for the sake of doing something impossible in real life.
  • Saddened by this. The time and effort in recreating Beautiful historic Britain will now have Lego cars driving about too. It will totally ruin the immersion. It may be fun, I personally didn't like the hot wheels expansion that much as it just didn't fit in to the ideal of an open festival. Lego takes it one step further removed and spoils a great game. I'll.reserve final judgement until i play it as i have the ultimate version. I'm hoping.for a 'proper' 3rd expansion maybe Cornwall, London or even Isle of Mann and throw in some bikes.
  • I've wanted bikes forever, I feel like at this point it's just not going to happen. Maybe, just maybe, in FH5 though. I can only dream. Although I feel like they will be more likely to be added to FM than Horizon as with the style of game bikes would either just be plain terrible to ride, or they would have to seriously alter the physics which would go against the style of the game.
  • Who cares if they have to change some physics, lego bikes!!!
  • If you hate fun that’s fine, more server space for the rest of us!
  • "fun" 😂😂😂 You're welcome to the server space, you and the other 8 people who find this amusing.I won't waste time nor money on it. NFS payback is looking more appealing now.
  • I love salty gamers in the morning.
  • Ah, if only you put the same amount of effort into your journalism as you do trolling.
  • Could 100 percent say the same about your commenting.
  • I'm sure you can, though I'm not trying to do this for a living. The way I interact with people here isn't portraying any lack of professionalism on my part.
  • Yeah, NFS Payback is pretty fun, but the world of forza is better.