Forza Horizon 4 ranked multiplayer woes are being addressed

The recent release of Forza Horizon 4 (opens in new tab) has been nothing but a success, with a 92 rating on Metacritic, and two million players in its first week. It's the most polished racer Microsoft has put together yet, and highly deserving of its praise.

One post-launch area that has suffered a little, however, is multiplayer, more specifically the ranked league play. Thankfully, it hasn't gone unnoticed, and Microsoft is working quickly to remedy the problem.

The problem with Forza Horizon 4 ranked play

Forza Horizon 4's multiplayer mode is a lot of fun, and generally speaking there haven't been any issues that we've seen or that have been widely reported when it comes to the casual team adventure modes. Whether on your own or in a group it's easy to get a game, and performance has been strong in my experience without any noticeable server issues.

Ranked is another kettle of fish entirely. Since day one to this point I haven't been able to get into a single ranked game. And I'm not alone. There are also issues present where people who do get accepted into a game immediately get kicked out, sometimes suffering an in-game ban for abandonment.

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Ranked play requires ten games to be completed in order to qualify for a league, but right now that's going to be a stretch, leaving those sweet rewards unclaimed.

Microsoft is working on a fix

Naturally, we reached out to Microsoft to raise the issue and received this from a spokesperson:

"We're aware some users are having difficulty connecting to ranked multiplayer in "Forza Horizon 4" and are working to address this as quickly as possible."

There's nothing specific on exactly what's causing the problem, and considering the player base and the quality of rewards available in ranked it's hard to imagine that lack of interest is behind it. What is certain is Playground Games' commitment to post-launch support, so hopefully, this gets rolled out soon enough.

Coming up in Forza Horizon 4 is the launch of the route creator tool later this month, ahead of the first expansion pack which is currently slated to release in December. The game is available right now for $60 for the standard edition, or $100 for the ultimate edition which includes a host of additional content. Alternatively, the standard edition is available to play for Xbox Game Pass (opens in new tab) subscribers.

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  • Good to know. Haven't tried to get into ranked yet. Too busy with all the other stuff.
  • There are workarounds. I find that if after two or three attempts when you fail to connect because someone didn't accept, generally buy the 3 or 4th attempt everyone is paying attention and accepts. Plus you'll find that after the wait for the first, the next couple will pop up within about 30 seconds. Think the issue is the initial wait is so long, people just don't see it when it pops. But then by the second and third, they are paying more attention. Needs an alarm for when a session is found I think. As for the banned for quitting early, because someone else left... Just don't do anything when you're in that wierd limbo lobby map. Wait for it to find and put you in a Horizon Life session, it takes two mins max. That way you don't get the ban.
  • Multiplayer woes everywhere. Still, an amazing game.
  • Really? Casual multiplayer has been solid for me, couple of times teams ended up imbalanced because of cry babies leaving but otherwise it's been pretty good.
  • I say multiplayer is sparse most prefer to play alone on a Sunday
  • We've been playing as a group and we often get disconnects from the caravan, it's also a bit complicated, not seamless at all.
  • Issues with Ranked: On top of waiting an age, if in a convoy, only one player gets in. Once in, often disconnected prior to first race (sometimes with a ban, sometimes without). Leagues dont progress for me. Started at 20, went into 19, next day back at 20, and thats where I've stayed since (20 - lvl0) and does not progress to 19 and onwards. My only gripe with casual adventure is that they need to give an opportunity to players to leave the lobby between championships, so the 1st race of every adventure isnt a farce (with all those chosing to leave after completing the prior adventure). It's a shame as the single player experience is supurb. But its' the Adventure part that will keep me playing this game for years to come, not the single player.