New Foundbite update adds transparent tile, likes, tile notifications and more

Foundbite is one of our favorite apps on Windows Phone. Why? It's a solid app that's really fun and it's exclusive to Windows Phone. We don't have too many apps that are 100 percent unique to Windows Phone, but the few we do are really good. Foundbite has also just been updated today, so we're going to take a look at some of the new features in this latest version.

The last update for Foundbite came in early April. That was version 1.5 and introduced new features like photos automatically saving to the camera roll, a redesigned feed and more. It also introduced Pioneer, a new pro subscription within Foundbite that gives users extended profiles with a bio and links to other social networks. With Foundbite Pioneer you're also able to capture longer sounds and higher quality images. It goes for $2.99 per year.

Today we're looking at in the Windows Phone Store for Foundbite. Here's the changelog for the most recent update:

  • Fast app resume improved
  • Transparent tile
  • Tile notifications
  • See when foundbites were taken
  • Mapping - Foundbite's equivalent of liking, allowing you to create a map of your favorite foundbites.
  • Import photos on the camera viewer to add sound
  • Upload bug fix

Foundbite Screenshot

Foundbite fans on Windows Phone 8.1 will be pretty happy to get support for a transparent tile. Everyone else can look forward to fast app resume being improved, notifications on the tile, and the ability to see when foundbites were taken. You'll also notice a redesigned Foundbite viewing page.

A new feature we're excited to play around with is the ability to 'like' content. Though it's called Mapping in Foundbite and gives you the ability to create a map of your favorite foundbites. To add foundbites to this map just favorite them. This a cool move and makes likes/favorites a little more meaningful and useful.

What's next for Foundbite?

The team has been fairly quiet with features on the Windows Phone app from because they've been tweaking the website. There's a site redesign happening behind the scenes and we can't wait to see what the Foundbite team has planned.

Foundbite is an awesome app and social network for Windows Phone fans. You can create foundbites, which are a collection of images with the ambient sounds of the world from those images. Download the newest update and let us know what you think of the app!

QR: Foundbite

Sam Sabri