Fox News app updated to v3.0 for Mango

The official Fox News app has been updated for Mango, complete with fast-app switching.  The new 3.0 version also lets you pin multiple live tiles to the start screen.  Tiles can be created for Fox News shows or news categories.  We thiink it's a pretty slick app, but we only decide.

You can get it here, spin-free; Thanks for the tip, Steve!

PS Do us a solid and keep comments political-free on this one, m'kay?

Seth Brodeur
  • the wall....remark...
  • USA Today and Fox news have set the standard for news organization apps. When the heck is CNN on board?
  • I think a better question is, where's a beautiful MSNBC app? Same company!
  • Shame the same thing can't be said about their standards of reporting
  • I can finally now pin Greta Van Susterenenenen to my start screen!!!
  • It's a sad day when Fox News is more on the ball with these sorts of things than most others.
  • It's not a surprise. Whatever you think of Murdoch -- and flying spaghetti monster knows I have some thoughts -- he's been ahead of the curve on using tech to diversify consumers ability to, ahh, consume his product.
  • It is ridiculous that we have no CNN at this point!!
  • This is way better than the previous version good job.
  • You won't find me on any of these infotainment apps XDI'll pass! Lets remember this isn't news but infotainment!Find your humanity and use YOUR "God" given discernment humans! Not some guy who is paid by someone who is paid by someone who is paid by someone who is paid to pay those people that are being paid... Oh the humanity!
  • I actually emailed Fox News a few days ago suggesting having the headliner be on the flip Live Tile....not sure if I made an impact or that it was already the works.
  • Fox News.... ROTFLMAO!!!
  • Wake up!
  • nevermind, not really news, more like oatmeal for biggots
  • Spelling is hard!
  • ok let's do this...overtly political comment in 3..2..1..WE NEED A REPUBLICAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE! :+) lolol
  • Don't think so... Been there done that for 8 years in a row and look where that brought us.
  • Right, cause 4 more years of what we just went through is all we need. Bury us even more Democrats! We need more debt!
  • You righties are just so delusional.
  • Yeah, cause Obama was the reason America has spent a billion dollars on war. RIGHT!
  • I would comment on your point, but you seem to know not only nothing about politics, but nothing about finances either. Keep on being comfortable in your bubble of ignorance.
  • Just FYI, the vast majority of the news reported in Fox's, CNN, USA Today, MSNBC, etc, websites are all actually stories from the Associated Press. So maybe television is about entertainment, but their websites all mostly aggregate the same information written by the same people... Which in turn means if you like this app, how it behaves and performs, etc, it will be providing you with the same news and stories, written by the same people, as any other major sites app or website...
  • Co-sign the oatmeal for bigots.
  • now, hopefully Fox Business Network will make an app for WP7 cause we are so totally lacking on free, quality stock apps.