Free Xbox One Ben-Hur game lets you take the reins in Roman chariot races

Xbox One owners can download a free game based on the upcoming remake of the classic movie Ben-Hur. The game gives the player a chance to participate in chariot races in ancient Rome.

Ben Hur

Here's a look at the game's features:

  • Experience the glory - and brutality - of ancient Rome. Race merciless charioteers through a stunning re-creation of the Roman arena in Jerusalem, fueled by the visual horsepower of the Xbox One.
  • Race for glory. Crush your rivals. Show no mercy and survive each race by avoiding obstacles and using them against your rivals. Each victory unlocks more difficult tracks, and drives you closer to victory. But if your chariot's health runs out, so do your chances at freedom.
  • Hurtle towards vengeance. Step into the story of Judah Ben-Hur. Betrayed by your own brother, the ancient arena is your road to revenge. With each race that you win, you'll sharpen your skills for the final battle.

We have low expectations for Ben-Hur, as a movie-based game combined with a free price tag is usually not a good sign. However, it might be an interesting diversion. Let us know your opinions of the Ben-Hur game in the comments!

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  • One other oddity, this game is published by AOL. I didn't know AOL made video games. Or still existed.
  • Verizon owns them now. 
  • Interesting game. Haven't thought at this antique racing thing. It should be nice. Can't wait to try it.
  • Needs Nurburgring DLC, race all night.
  • Free achievements I guess. The concept is interesting though, we rarely get racing games like this. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like Big Rig: Over The Road Racing lol
  • Is it US only? Struggling to download from in the UK
  • Same here. Doesn't show up in the UK store. ☹
  • I'll download for the free acheivements:)  but the two video clips uploaded to the xbox site both commentators say it's horrible.
  • Ancient NASCAR
  • Jerusalem 500, Grail Cup Series.
  • Haha! Just had a chariot race in Tales from the Borderlands yesterday :D
  • Marketing for the film. 
  • Installing
  • Downloading now, for the guys where it doesn't show up in the store, just set your region to united states on the bottom of the site. Judging this gameclip I don't think you should bother though.