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French startup Opuscope wants to bring HoloLens to the museum

We can surely expect to see some unique ideas from developers once they get their hands on a HoloLens development kit, and French startup Opuscope is leading the way. Opuscope's main goal, as reported by, is to make museum visits much more interactive using both augmented and virtual reality. On the augmented reality front, Opuscope wants to use the HoloLens to dynamically display information about pieces of art as the wearer explores a particular museum.

HoloLens Opuscope

If Opuscope is successful, it wouldn't be hard to imagine museums eschewing audio guides for augmented reality guides, whose interactive nature could help to pull in more visitors. And while Opuscope is a young startup, only having been founded in early February, it does count well-known VLC developer Thomas Nigro among its co-founders.

Do you think an interactive experience via HoloLens would be a great fit for museums? Shout out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Hope the results will not be like vlc on wp and windows store.... :(
  • I agree the Windows 8.1 app wasn't really cool, but we're working a lot on the Windows 10 version. We truly believe Windows 10 is a great OS and the new developer platform is excellent. Expect more news in the month :)
  • I think this is a brilliant idea! You guys should move quickly before others try to run away with similar plans! :-)
  • Thank you!
  • I hope, thanks
  • You are such a gentle man Nigro
  • Hadn't thought of museums, but yea, it would make a great experience. Would enable visitors to get information at their pace and the items that interest them rather than a group tour that hit the main pouts of everything but makes in depth study of anything pretty hard. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • I think museums are a fantastic place to showcase the HoloLens.
  • This is a great idea! Would especially love to see this come to Bletchley Park.
  • and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis would be cool too.
  • Thanks for the comments, everyone. We have several museums interested outside of France, and we'll keep you updated on our website.
  • This is a really cool way to make Museum visits a lot more interesting...quite innovative...:) hope you succeed Thomas!
  • Bring them on, I totally in this idea. That's better than my furnitures arrangment tool idea. Are you guys looking for investors? I am interested!
  • Best idea. Much better than google glass.
  • Did an interactive thing at the Louvre last year.  They had 3DS XL's with headphones on them that talks about the piece you're looking at.  It even knew where you were inside the museum.  We had a good time.  The hololens would kick it up even further!
  • What a great idea I vouch for that.
  • Brilliant
  • NICE! i am excited. :)
  • It could be a good idea, but I am somewhat concerned about all that wireless radiation going straight into my head. Most mobile manufacterers are including disclaimers against this kind of thing in their operation manuals and many major doctors are pointing out the cancer risk. However, scientists are also working on light-based wifi that should totally sidestep this issue. I hope that both technologies progress so that more augmented reality is in general possible. It would be very cool to walk around my house or workplace with such technology and be confident about it's safety.
  • You should probably be aware that that stuff is not true and has been proven false for a while now, you have nothing to worry about.
  • Nice idea! However, doubt that that many museums would be complemeting, let alone altogether ditching, their $20 (just a guess) fail proof, super durable audio guides with clitch prone, easy to break $1000 (or more) Hololenses any time soon. Sure, maybe some very specialized, relatively low visitor volume, high entry price museums might. Now, allowing museums to provide content to visitors who have their own Hololense could be a more widely viable business model, but only on the very long term if sufficient number of people start having Hololenses. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Just sounds like jealousy, cos you didn't think of it first...
  • lol, are you freaking kidding me?! :D Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol!
  • This is just what the national gallery of Australia needs! What a fantastic and enlightening use of hololens technology :)
  • Nice
  • This would be amazing if it takes off. It would make the whole experience so much more immersive and bring a while new dimension to school visits. Obviously cost is prohibitive at the moment but in time it will come down.
  • I am aure cost won't be that big a consideration. For starters, they may charge an extra rental for the hololens in your visits. I am sure many people would not mind paying a little extra for such an experience. The cost of the device can be recovered in a few month's time or less.
  • I think it would be interesting to visit Pompeii with a HoloLens and see a virtual reconstruction of the ancient city with animated people. But to visit an art museum with HoloLens I fail to see the benefits of doing that. Look at a painting through Hololens instead of looking through my own eyes? Kind of strange.
  • The experience will be great if the painting can move, or how the painting is painted. The painter themselves explaining to you the meaning of the painting. Or you see the painting being placed in the setting it was painted etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Great idea!!
  • Wonderful idea!
  • This is the kind of innovation in services that MS hope via the hololens. I would love to go to a museum and pick up a lens and walk around the place without the need to any guide to follow me around. Same could be the case with a lot of tourists attractions around the world.