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Fresh Dell Mobile Connect and Dell Cinema updates kick off 2019

Dell has unveiled new updates on the horizon for its Dell Mobile Connect smartphone companion, and the Dell Cinema entertainment suite. Unveiled at CES 2019, the firm is set to refresh the duo with an expanded feature set.

Dell Mobile Connect has reportedly facilitated over "30 million phone calls and text messages" since launch, offering a bridge between PCs and select devices. The app is now set to expand these offerings, with full-fledged drag-and-drop functionality for fast photo and document transfer.

This pairs with an all-new VR experience, where users can receive phone notifications inside the headset from iOS and Android devices. Android users can even interact with their mobile over desktop VR, via a touch-enabled 3D model.

Dell Cinema also receives love with a forthcoming update, expanding all aspects of its video, audio, and streaming enhancement suite. CinemaColor 2.0 makes its debut with improved colors backed by Dolby Vision, while CinemaStream 2.0 now promises "10x less buffering and up to 6x improvement in video quality." Finally, with CinemaSound 2.0, Dell plans various audio enhancements including sound oriented by Waves MaxxAudio NX head-tracking and further optimization across Dell's 2-in-1 lineup.

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Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Matt Brown is Windows Central's Senior Games Editor, Xbox & PC, at Future. Following over seven years of professional consumer technology and gaming coverage, he’s focused on the world of Microsoft's gaming efforts. You can follow him on Twitter @mattjbrown.

  • I would love to see the dell mobile connect in full screen!!
  • I wonder if it integrates properly with the Windows 10 notification centre now, instead of handling its own notification system.
  • Have never owned a Dell. But Dell’s Mobile Connect kinda makes me want one. With Samsung’s modified WallStreet guidance combined with Apple’s it’s looking like maybe smartphones are losing their personal computing reign supreme. I love the idea of keeping one’s phone in one’s pocket or purse when one ISN’T out and about. Which is still a lot of one’s time. ;0)
  • it is in the Windows Store, and can be installed on any W10 PC. I use it on my SP5, its pretty cool, it could use some UI updates, but otherwise, its great.
  • not on my SP6. Says it is incompatible
  • And then we have "mY pHonE" app. Requires Microsoft account, internet access and provides half the features.