Two new Windows 10 apps have appeared in the Windows Store, Fresh Paint and Straw. At this time, you can download Straw for Windows 10, but the Fresh Paint Preview is not yet available for download. We've seen lots of Windows 10 apps go live in the recent weeks, and it is great to see even more of them continue to arrive.

Fresh Paint Windows 10

Fresh Paint is a new preview app from Microsoft, which is described as:

Preview of Fresh Paint for Windows 10. The delightfully realistic painting application for you, your friends and family. It's time to set your creativity free!

Check out the Fresh Paint Store listing

Straw Windows 10

Straw, the polling app created by some Microsoft employees, is available now as a Windows 10 app. The description does not note any changes that may be included besides it becoming a Windows 10 app. You can download it from the Windows Store now. Note: Not available for Mobile just yet.

Download Straw from the Windows Store

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