Funny Polls for Windows Phone - cast your vote now on a boat load of topics

Every now and then we receive tips on Windows Phone apps that are more novelty than productive. Funny Polls is one such Windows Phone app that presents you with dozens of poll questions that cover a vast range of topics.

Some of these topics are serious but in more cases than not, these poll questions are more humorous or oddball in nature. The poll questions are updated on a regular basis to keep things fresh. After tinkering with the app for a short time, Funny Polls isn't a bad choice of apps to pick up when you need a break from things and some of the results might surprise you.

Funny Polls

Funny Polls wastes no time jumping into things with the app opening up directly to the first poll question. There is a hamburger menu in the upper left corner that offers a few menu options that include:

  • Suggesting a new poll question to the developer
  • Emailing the question to friends
  • Reporting a problem to the developer
  • Rating the app in the Windows Phone Store
  • Viewing the About Us screen
  • Viewing more apps from the developer

The interface is straightforward. Read the question and tap on the answer that is most appealing for you. The poll questions range from who would you like to party with to more personal preferences.

When you cast your vote, the current poll results will be revealed with options to rate/review the app, email the developer, share the question with friends and move to the next question.

Funny Polls

Funny Polls currently has seventy poll questions with more added periodically. Live Tile support is present that will rotate through the poll questions and there are toast notifications when new poll questions are added to the mix.

Overall Impression

Funny Polls is a novelty Windows Phone app that is fun to pick up from time to time. I can see the app being an interesting conversation piece or just something to waste a little time with to see if others share your views. I do like how the poll questions refresh periodically to keep the app from growing stale.

The app is a free, ad-supported Windows Phone title with banners running below the poll. It may not be the most scientific of opinion gathering and if you give Funny Polls a try, let us know what you think of the Windows Phone app in the comments below.

At last check, Funny Polls is garnering a 5 Star rating in the Windows Phone Store. The app may not appeal to everyone but for those who like to take polls, the 5 Star rating may not be too far off the mark.

Download Funny Polls for Windows Phone (Free)

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