Gabriel Aul teases release of Windows 10 preview for phones with a puzzle

Windows 10 preview for phones
Windows 10 preview for phones

After announcing on Twitter that the Windows 10 preview for phones will be available sometime this month, Microsoft's Gabriel Aul has teased the release date with a puzzle.

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What do you guys think is the answer to the puzzle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Twitter (Gabriel Aul)

Thanks Yahia and Nichkil!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Maybe the release for phones will be on 13 Feb
    And for PCs on 16 Feb
    Edit : First comment :P
  • I told him that on twitter, but didn't reply if this is right or wrong
  • According to Gabe All the guesses are wrong till now.
  • And the puzzle is referring to the "new build". ie. Windows 10 Technical Preview, for desktop, not phone.
  • Yes! I also guessed that but after reading all tweets and replies I will go for phone.
  • Well if it is for phone it must be imminent, because they were only holding it back until it passed testing. And the keyword in the tweet seems to be the word "real".
  • Don't think too complex ! It's 13th feb at 16.00 :) 
    Wait and you'll see that i'm right ;)
  • Or, the 16th (Which is Monday) at 13:00?
  • 1316
    13:: 3x2=6= 1/6 ..... Again x2
    16:: 6x2=12=2/12...
    Awnswer = 2/12 which is today.
    Update: Yep❗
  • too much math ... I will just wait and relax
  • Lol!! Exactly..
  • Thought its out on PC already?
  • Isaiah , for PCs Its the update not the release :)
  • Why fuck around like this for just an update for the PC? Be nice if phone came out.
  • I know.. But it's coming.
  • This could be the best possible answer.. As he earlier said that TP for phone would come out before the new build for PC
  • According to him none of the answers are right till now :/
  • @Yahia Did the same research as ye..Leap year-Thursday..!!
  • Was I the only one to get it right
  • May be 13 because 14 is valentine and Microsoft gonna give all wp lovers as a gift in advance..
  • 1316= 13 stands for 13th, 1 stands for 1 p.m , 6= 6th place of alphabet i.e F so its February... I think I'm right :P
  • Thats black friday in New Zealand
  • New Zealand!!!
  • Black Friday everywhere, I think?
  • Yeah, those pesky international religions and their holidays... (For the sarcasmistic challenged individual, this here is sarcasm)
  • New Zealand!! +1
  • +1
  • Why cant it be 1pm march 16th
  • Brehhhhhhh
  • Makes kinds sense
  • 8 PM EST on 12th Feb?
  • 1 = 1st day 3 = 3rd week Monday, Feb. 16 ?
  • ^^Possible^^
  • Wow!!!!
  • wow you're amazing!!!
  • and I thought Sunday was the first day of the week
  • Only in USA, everywhere else, Monday.
  • Nope. In Brazil, Sunday is the first day too.
  • "According to the international standard ISO 8601, Monday is the first day of the week ending with Sunday as the seventh day of the week. Although this is the international standard, countries such as the United States still have their calendars refer to Sunday as the start of the seven-day week" So. Officially, its Monday. But yeah some places just like to say screw officials :)
  • doesn't matter for this year if you look at february, we talking about puzzle here, 1st day of the 3rd week is on Monday in February 2015.
  • Great
  • Makes sense
  • Could be right.
  • It's 01.03.2016... :)
  • I would cry.
  • Ask Cortana
  • on Wikipedia it's written:
    Year 1316 (MCCCXVI) was a leap year starting on "THURSDAY" of the Julian calendar , so today?!!!
  • Omg,omg , omg !!!!
  • I did search for that two hours ago
    I saw it and I was shocked
    But my 820 won't get the update on the 1st preview
  • But whatever date it is on..Be assured that it's in February..!! :P
  • Already searched..
  • Yes, but 1316 had no events in February...
  • 1316 has a few things to it. 1../ 1316 Underworld Tyrant, Baphomet. Pressured Drop Locations for #1316. From Evolution Thursday 12th Feb 15. 15:00pm PST.....
    2.... 1316 IS An error code for New installation.
  • 13 = P
    16 = M PM today!
  • You got that backwards... 13=M and 16 = P so it will be released at MP? 
  • Artistic licence lol AND I WAS RIGHT!!
  • LOL. Congrats!
  • 13 - day 1 - 0 ian, 1 feb 6 timezone 13 feb 00:00 UTC+6
  • feb 13 16 utc
  • He already confirmed it is this week. So it has to be Thursday or Friday
  • This could be 47th day of the year MS always release as day of year..well in that case its 16th Feb?
  • Maybe he means between 13 and 16 feb
  • What about translating it into Abjad numerals, them translating that from Arabic to English.
  • between 13 th and 16th is no puzzle, that's too ezpz
  • I thought the same
  • Friday the 13th? Unlikely. And then there's a rule: Never do something major on Friday unless you plan to come in Saturday. So if it's this week, it's today.
  • Very true and logic.
  • It's 12 Feb.
  • I'm guessing its going to be February 18 because 1*3*6=18
  • Lok-Tar-Ogar!
  • Easy Thrall.
  • Throm-Ka, warchief?
  • Zugzug
  • 18th?
  • I bet 01-03-2016.
  • Agreed
  • 13 feb 2016..LOL
  • Hahahaha
  • Hahahaha
  • Hahahaha
    Give this man a cookie
  • If this was Windows Vista, than yes. lol
  • Like your thinking!!!
  • Someone needs to reset his clock by a year!! Haha
  • hahaha:-)
  • Lmao bruh!!
  • May there is something with his clock?! LOL
  • Try again...
  • Hahahaha
  • It's not today. He denied it.
  • Feb 16
    13 brands WindowsPhones eligible for first batch of WIN10 Preview
  • 1300 = 1pm. That's the standard Microsoft update time. This has to be it. This coming Monday, Feb 16 at 1pm.
  • What if 13th Feb 16:00hrs?
  • Not too Microsoftty!!
  • All MS new releases are in the morning time PST.
  • Oops mybad yeah
    Sounds about right
    Release: Feb 16 a Monday
    Time: 1pm
    I still insist that only 13 devices are eligible for the first release :p
  • What if 13th Feb @1PM 16 devices are eligible for the first release :p
  • Aha!
    That's another angle to look at it
    But then only GAB knows LOL
  • Wiseman :-D
  • Sounds legit
  • Tomorrow (13th) 4 PM??
  • How dare they releasing an Update on Friday the 13th
  • Nice guess
  • I think the 13th too or the 18th
  • Hopefully yes. Microsoft really love to give suprise.
  • Maybe 13th February will be first wave and 16th February second wave. :D
  • Maybe
  • Maybe there are 2 release dates for TP, 13 Feb for 1gb ram phones and 16 for low memory phones I.e. 512 Mb ram devices
  • May be your right
  • 13.02.2015 - 16.00 :)
  • 16.00 UTC
  • today at 13:16 :)
  • It's now proven you were wrong ... ;)
  • Not in my timezone! Xd
  • Not in mine either...
  • It's 7 in the morning at Microsoft headquarters. And I just woke up
  • 13th Feb 4pm
  • 18 feb
  • 13 = 1pm / 16 = 16th of February
  • If you google 1316 there's a Microsoft related link... And its Error 1316:A Network Error Occurred.
  • Such an underhanded way of him to tell us it's delayed...
  • Try Bing lol
  • Lol
  • Bing and Cortana will give us Cricket World Cup prediction but i doubt they'd give us this, sell msft out haha
  • Then we should run regedit as administrator and correct it to 13th Feb 16:00hrs...
  • 13th February, 16:00 Hours
  • Maybe hes saying the 29th and it won't be out this month :)
  • Hahaha..u got some humor
  • I was thinking that when I first saw it and was gonna post 1st March lol
  • 16-3-1 = 12th February ?
  • Hope so
    Its already 12/2 in my country
    But in USA where gave lives , its still 11/2
    It'll be 12/2 it couple of minutes I guess
  • Guess in America, this means 2/12 and 2/11
  • So the storm has been reached here...
  • Either it will be 13th Feb 4pm or 18th feb
  • Friday 13th, yea right....
  • 1316/60 mins?
  • This would be my guess, 21 hours 56 minutes from when the tweet was made makes it 8PM Redmond time tomorrow.
  • 1316/24hrs since beginning of this year.. Would be...23rd?
  • The 13th at 16.00
  • Wow, the craziest speculation page!!!
  • Year 1316 (MCCCXVI) was a leap year starting on Thursday.
  • The next leap year that starts on Thursday, is 2060 lol.
  • Today? Nhaa, 1*3*1*6 = 18 feb
  • This week end is among the 13th feb and the 16th feb, is that going to be relased this week end? (or maybe friday/monday?)
  • Will be released only for lumia
  • Lol
  • March 1st in the US, June 1st everywhere else... :-/
  • 21 Feb 2015 ----------------------------------1337 - 1316 = 21 13 Feb 2015 ----------------------------------1316 minutes = 21.93 hours 23 Feb 2015 ----------------------------------1316 decimal = 524 hexadecimal, 5+2+4 = 11  
  • Hats off you genius...
  • 7 days in the week. 5 business days, 2 weekend days.
    [ 5 - 2 = 3 ]
    Half life 3 confirmed haha ;)
  • So genius
  • 13+16=29 On 29.02.2016 :))) LOL
  • Microsoft are adding an extra day to the Calender just for W10 release! Apple are gonna hate the 29th Feb
  • Hahahahahahah XD
  • Well, next year is a leap year...
  • Where is the reference to windows phone, the tweet is discussing pc builds NOT phone builds. Another misleading story from you guys again, with childish and immature comments attached as well. This site is going downhill so quick with no apparent moderation, I think its time to find another Windows news site.
  • Party pooper
  • This is exactly what I thought. At no point was phones mentioned, only the new PC build.
  • Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • It is rumoured that the next W10 release will include mobile devices (specifically, phones) in the release. So, that.
  • Wow! Chill out mon. It is just a bit of fun! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Gabe has already stated that the Phone build is coming before the next PC build so people may interpret it differently.
    ​How about you leave already if you complain over the pettiest things.
  • Because of this comment, I looked at the tweet with context. You are right. There was no specific mention this puzzle was related to the Phone Preview. Nevertheless, I still want to solve it.
  • You were expecting well thought out and educated comments?
  • Why would Windows Central say the tweet is about Phone, if Gabe is talking about PC?
  • 1316 hours this year would make it Monday 23rd February.
  • That seems reasonable but it isn't quite divisible so maybe not.
  • Hah, you beat me to it. 8pm makes it perfectly divisible.
  • Could be 8pm GMT, which is noon PST. Makes perfect sense! :)
  • Quarter past one!!!!!
  • May be today 13:16 in US?
  • 1 Three and 1 Six. 3/6. March 6th.
  • resuming........ waiting
  • Feb.13 by 4pm
  • Maybe 16 is referring to the amount of supported models? :)
  • I guess 13th 16:00GMT, i.e. 8:00 PMT right after the working hour starts. Tomorrow evening? not bad, better get our phones ready.
  • Harish you should have read the whole conversation.. It was about new builds for PC!
  • Trivial... 22 February
  • 13th Feb at 4 PM in IST
  • Is it the 13th? 13th day from start of Feb(duh).But also the 16th day from end of Feb!
  • 1.3.16 :P
  • The ultimate answer is 47
  • ... sagehen?
  • Dude today is 42047 in Excel date numbers! @.@
  • I thought it was 42.
  • 1-3-1+6=3 Half-Life 3 confirmed ... Oh wait...
  • Haha! Best answer so far :)
  • Feb 16 1pm???
  • Bing's answer is Thursday, it means today :)
  • It's 11 days from now. 1+3+1+6 =11.
  • March 1, 2016
  • May be on 13feb 4pm...but very eager about the windows phone 10 :)
  • 13:00 16 Feb
  • Date 1 month 3 year 16
  • Or date 13 month 16 :))
  • 16th Feb Monday
  • 1:00Am Easter time, 3 model, 16 Feb. May be..
  • Friday the 13th... at 4pm (16:00) Lumia 920
  • I Wikipedia 1316 and what I found is that 1316 was a leap year starting Thursday. So the correct answer is Thursday!
  • Fire this Author!!! It says Windows 10 for PC.
  • 13 Feb at 4 pm lol
  • The 15th.....
  • Can it be a build version?
  • Meanwhile tom warren just tweeted it could be today!
  • Its about letters... Friday
  • march 1s 2016 ?
  • Hahahaha
  • May be 13th Feb at sharp 16:00 hours
  • 13+16 = 29 / 2 gives an average of 14.5 so maybe it will be released half way through valentines day
  • Looool
  • Could be true. I do know Microsoft is very kind with their customers, so hopefully you're right.
  • This is crazy!! There are many possible answers!! Those comments gave me a headache!
  • Ask Cortana, she knows EVERYTHING!
  • Nope;-)
  • 21hour later they would release it
  • 3rd march
  • Is the time o log the day...
  • 1.3.2016? It wouldn't be surprise from MS...
  • Year 1316 in Mars calendar? Seriously, if it's until Feb 28 I will be ok with it!
  • Read the conversation it says Windows 10 for PC
  • 13:00hrs, 16th february
  • Yeah!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!!!!
  • Or 13 Feb 16:00
  • 13:16 p.m.
  • 25th???
  • February 19...
  • A is first letter in the alphabet so I vote Austin 316
  • 28th Feb
  • Has anybody, who has access to Cortana, asked her?
  • Yes, no answer
  • Year 1316 (MCCCXVI) was a leap year starting on Thursday -wiki
  • Even Cortana is confused
  • 19
  • S 13th at 16:00
  • Yeah! It would be great!
  • 2/15
  • Its tomorrow the 13th. The puzzle says tomorrow.
  • 1316 i.e.- 16
  • 16-13=3 , Half Life 3 confirmed
  • I was searching for this comment
  • 18/2/2015
  • 6-1-3-1=1. In one day!
  • 6*3=18. 1+1=2
  • Vhgf
  • Maybe its 16+13 = 29... Woo 29th of ..... oh :( nevermind
  • Wait a second, the person who asked the question asked about the PC build, not the phone build. Nowhere did he say a thing about the phone version. I know we all want it to be for phones, but now we're just getting a little nuts. -_-'
  • Their conversation says Windows 10 for PC. FIRE THIS DAM AUTHOR false advertisement.
  • But that reply was in regard for the new build for PC?!
  • If there's time for such a puzzle, then the preview isn't coming very soon. 13+16 = 29 Feb
  • Any of these answers could be right or they could all be wrong. One would assume that you would only send out a message like that only if it was actually releasing this week.
  • Its month 13 and year 16!
  • Lol :D what month is 13??
  • December, because I live in the Discworld :) edit: or maybe I'm wrong, it's December 16th. In Discworld we have 13 months
  • My be feb 13 and 16 pm
  • Guess its tomorrow.. 1316.
    Shift 1 , 13/2/15
  • 1 3 1 6: 1+1=2 (Feb); 3x6=18 (18th). So, it's February 18.
  • I think it's 28 coz 1316 was a leap year
  • 1 Day 3 Hours 1 minute 6 seconds  
  • 22hrs 33min
  • hehe good one
  • Bunch of BS!
  • I think Microsoft Excel cell format will give u answer
  • 1 March at 4 PM (16)
  • 29th ™ (13 +16) but I really cant think straight enough for puzzles atm :)
  • Can just wait for it
  • Getting exciting!!
  • 1316 minutes = 21.9333 he was saying 12 midnight tamorrow
  • 22hours & 33 minutes
  • I'd be surprised if they released it on a Friday or the weekend. MS usually releases & announces new products on the beginning of middle of the week. That being said, I'm guessing Feb 26
  • I hope 13 Feb 16:00
  • 23 feb
  • 28th Feb...
    No sirree, bob, I've learnt my lesson. Unless everyone reports bug free excellence, I'm happy with what I got...for now.
  • Year 1316 was starting of leap year and it was started on thursday
  • My guess is 1316 hours since the start of the year, i.e. 23 February, 8 PM.
  • 1316 -> 13, 16, February 19th?
  • arithmetic progression could make sense... windows 10 > 13 > 16 > 19 on 16 or 19 february?
  • 1316 minutes
  • Was just about to say this myself. Released 1,316 minutes after him posting that tweet, time-stamped at 10:03pm on February 11th. That would make the release time 7:59pm-8:00pm on Thursday, February 12th.
  • WTH, why don't we all be patient... It will come out, just wait for it...
  • It's tomorrow, there are 16h GMT untill tomorrow that is 13
  • Sometimes between 13-16
  • W10 Tech Preview will be release on Monday 2.16.15 @ 1300hrs(1:00AM) i won a new phone. Thnx MSFT.;-)
  • 13:00 is 1pm.
  • 1316 - its like B16 - February 16, its day in "this week"
  • 1 March 4PM?
    1/3 16:00
  • Something unconventional...Valentine's day. A little something to who how much MS loves to tease us.
  • Hmmmm, he could just mean the 13th at 16:00 GMT which would be 8AM in Redmond, Washington (GMT- 8) or they are saying that it will be released as soon as they fix error 1316 which means that a program is preventing the software from being installed. So they are currently dealing with compabillity issues for a few programs.
  • Nevermind, I read the tweets. They're all discussing the next build for Windows 10 for PC. Nowhere are they discussing phones... How are you guys getting "Phone Preview" from that discussion?
  • 1+3x1+6=28..
  • Loading... Please don't stand by.
  • Another teaser.
  • I wouldn't say that it's a teaser, I'd say it's just like : "Well, the riddle might as well point to today, so just start refreshing", but it's Tom Warren, so who knows. 
  • It could be. But you'd expect Tom Warren to know a bit more than just that.
  • I'm going with a pattern. What comes next. 13 16 19February!
  • LOL..  Funny..
  • 1+2=3 16-2=14 2/14 Valentine's day... Squeeze
  • I hope the build codename says "Chocolate" then.
  • What about love
  • March 6
  • 13th-announcement of compatible devices
    16th-windows 10 :D
  • Its 13th Feb. At 16:00
  • Week 13, Year 2016
  • What's the point of a riddle, if the only clue we have is that the solution is a date in February, and even if we somehow solve it, we won't know if it's correct until the release ? 
  • Yeah! this is childish. They should just give us the release date already.
  • 13 hours and 16 minutes?
  • Or 13-1=12 16-1=15 2/12/15
  • This year for windows 10 so take time and roll out without bugs . Microsoft again roll out ur updates with bugs like resuming, loading , lagging in windows 10 hurts too windows user . So take a time
  • Its On networking phase !!
  • In 13 hours and 16 minutes... :/
  • They where talking about Windows, not Windows 10 Mobile.
  • 15th Feb. By 4:00 pm
  • 12/02/2015.. 1316 started on a thursday. wikipedia 1316.
  • First day of third week. 16 hours.
  • 13 February for video, 16 february for preview release....... maybe?
  • No, the conversation was abount windows 10 and windows phone 10. If you read the complete timeline  You can see it is a double answer to windows 10 and windows phone 10
  • Tonight at 13:16 I.e 1.16
  • 13:16 relese time today....
  • Downloading now!
  • What
  • but seriously, why cant they just tell us?????
  • I have no idea, and I'm not very good at solving puzzles. But I like that he is being playful about this. I think it's a good sign when the folks near the top of the food chain maintain a sense of humor.
  • 13 feb 4PM?? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 27 feb
  • 12 February, that is toay
  • 1/3/2016 :pppp
  • I don't have Twitter... but 1316 hours into the year. That makes it Monday Feb 23rd at 8pm. That's how a computer nerd should think right?   edit: boo, someone beat me to it.
  • Wow
  • Is cortana predict preview release date of Windows 10?
  • No
  • lol
  • I wanna It tomorrow
  • Seems faster
  • As a mathematician I read it as 1 * 3 * 1 * 6 = 18th.
  • Maybe its 14-15 between 13-16.. 8.1 came out on 14th...
  • May be 6th of march.
  • 25th Feb.
  • After 1316 hours.
  • Friends....1 pm is not coming.
  • May its today midnight or tomorrow.100%
  • 13 ways for kicking you're ass if you don't give us the update before the 16th. I hope I'm right.
  • 4-4-2015 it is..
  • It's the 1st day of the 3rd week in Feb. Check the calendar, it's Feb 16!
  • Why complicate it: 13th Friday or 16th Monday. He is not sure.
  • 28 Feb
  • PUZZLE SOLVED: 13 days of Feb counting from the first, 16 days counting from the last - both indicate 13th of Feb, so it's tomorrow...
  • You may be right! As this is only sensible on February
  • How about 16-13 as 3 days to launch
  • 1st day 3rd month 1pm 6 phones?
  • Sensible!
  • I think I just solved it; when I searched 1316 on Bing, it showed me an link to the Wikipedia page 1316. It was an year that started on a Thursday and I opened the Julian Callendar and searched for the nearest Thursday and it should be the 19th of February on Thursday. But there is one more solution: there was an battle on Sunday, February 22nd called Battle of Picotin. So those are the two possible dates February 19th or February 22nd.
  • Wow what a logic.... The delay already fired up frustration among WP insiders and now you are adding more fuel to increase that frustration!!!... Claps for the spoiler.. :(
  • WTH man stop it now with your "frustration" comments. I've seen You've been hounding Gabe on twitter with your rude comments. It's just an update stop treating it like its your life.
  • 1316 1= 3+16 =19th February the first W10 update releasing for phones ( I.e. On ChineseNewYear )))
  • Since 13th Friday is regarded as unlucky the release was pushed to 16the Monday.
  • Many comments indicate 19 feb
  • Could it be as simple as 1316 hrs today? I mean people might be overthinking it a bit. Hehe.
  • Over the weekend, between 13 and 16. Or, it was supposed to be tomorrow, but because they had some internal issues, postponed to monday! ; D
  • It's gonna be today 1-3-1-(2x3=6)-1-(2x6=12)
  • Wow that puzzle has got this place buzzing like mad!!
  • I think its 20th. Cuz in Feb calander 13th and 16th coincide at the 20th
  • Unmm realizing a buggy os on Friday 13th.. Marketing classes much Gabriel?
  • I think it will launch on 13 Feb 16.00hrs as Microsoft said they will launch #wp10 this week!!
  • Its Thursday (today) as 1316 was a Leap Year, starting on a Thursday.
  • one day three hours 16 minutes, that makes 13 feb 10.19 AM
  • Oto chudia lab nai bara.. Jobe charbe Tobe marbo
  • Can't take this is no more...
  • NEW phone: Lumia 1316
    13MP Front Camera
    16MP Rear Camera
    1.3 Ghz CPU
    16GB RAM
    3611mAh Battery
    Upgradable to Windows 13 phone update 16
  • Lol
  • It is definitely not just going to be the date stated in the numbers. Think a little beyond that...
  • Ask Cortana.
  • I am guessing one 3 one 6. 3+6=9. So may be today 9am PST
  • Um done
  • Lol, it has to be this: 1316/24 = 54, the 54th day of 2015 is the 23rd :-D
  • 13+10, 16+10 = 23rd to 26th, or 1316inBase10 is 20231inBase5 as in 02/23/2015 (just an Insider thinking outside of the box)
  • I don't think he would go that complex with the date
  • It's got to be the 23! Everyone's calculations keep coming out to 22 or 23...
  • 13+16=29.... They're giving it to us on the VERY LAST DAY of February... So I guess that really sucks. Lol
  • Yep it means never since there ain't no day in this year XD
  • Too many games for me dude...fuc it,hello android.
  • As bad as windows can be. You have consistency. You don't get that with Android.
  • Rudy is saying Feb. 24.
  • It'll be ' soon'!
  • All I have to say is that it's probably this week! Gabe previously said on Twitter that the demo video would be released this week & he just added after a while that the build could be released in the same time. So the wait could be nearly over!
  • But he suddenly changed his own statement that '... In February'.. So he is not a trustworthy person. He gives contradictory statements everyday just to increase anxiety among us but doesn't delivered the promise at all
  • Stop it and keep calm
  • Rudy has answered check it out!
  • :( he means another 12days?? Hope rudy is wrong
  • Me too.
  • I bet Rudy is right, I trust him.
  • He's guessing, like we are, he's not the freaking dragonborn.
  • It's 24th February 2015, coz after 1316 hours from 1 January 2015 it's 24th Feb 2015
  • Harish junglegymgaga just tell us the damn release date please!!!
  • 20th
  • 13 is M (Monday), 16 is the date, so maybe it's Monday 16 lol
  • I've used Bing to search for  a "1316" riddle, and came across this riddle to make the number 1316 using only the numbers 4 and 7 two times: 4x7 = 28 ( => where 28 are the number of days in February) 28x47 = 1316 So the numbers 4 and 7 are used twice.. So I think it's 4+7+4+7 = 22 Feb.
  • Hmm seems logical
  • Seems logical thinking
  • I got the about same day by taking 1316 and dividing it by 24 hours. Gave me 54.--- 54 days from January 1st is February 23.
  • May be 1.3.2016 ? Seems faster..
  • 13th feb time 16:00
  • 4pm on the 13th?
  • Maby tomorrow or the First of next month...
  • One PM 16 Feb
  • Its 16 February guys
  • How about answer hiding in answer ;) 1=a 3=s 1=a 6=r As soon as ready
  • Hahaha.. Funny
  • this is the best answer... Lol
  • I understand that 1 = A according to the alphabet, but from that logic, where do S and R come from?
  • Letters come from word answer. 1 = first letter = a 3 = third letter = s 6 = sixth letter = r
  • oooh like that :)
  • Good one! 1=a 3=c 1=a 6=f Meaning as chic as friday! Sh.. ! lol. Nonetheless, this was the best article about Windows 10 preview so far, provided by Gabriel A. and Windows Central!
  • might 13x16=208
    Remove 0, then 28. March 28?? or March 20, at 8am. Lumia 920
  • It's confirmed to be out this month and hinted to be out this week....what made u go till march?
  • 1316 is a Julian calendar of years start Thursday means Thursday is today....
  • THey cleared before windows 10 phones preview before saturyday thats mean 13 Feb Friday 2015 confirm to release Preview and Gabriel Aul Real Answer PUzzle it solved. 1316 means  13 feb 2015 16= 04:00 PM its time is this right. there is no doubt there is no any puzzle
  • My guesses were: 1. (13+16)/2 = 14,5 or February 14, at Noon 2. Today is 42047, 1+3 = 4 | 1+6 = 7 or 47. So replacing 1 for 2 (Feb) -> 2+3 = 5 | 2+6 = 8 that is 58, 42058 is equivalent to 23/02/2015. (MS Excel). 3. 1316 is actually related to the build version of the TP, maybe something to do with the current number system within Windows Phone 8.1.
  • I bet on the 18
  • Heres what I thought
    13 = letter B
    1 = letter I
    6 = letter G
    Its only tells us that its gonna be a big release! Or big surprise maybe? Lol!
  • 1..... "3" ....***** Half life 3 confirmed !!!! :D
  • And according to Rudy huyn its 24 feb
  • 14 feb
  • 1316 means 13 february 2015 16:00 04:00PM its confirm...
  • Lets see if Cortana guesses this one!
  • PLEASE LET IT BE FEBRUARY 13, 16:00!!!!!
  • So anyone Asked Cortana ? She's replying "Very soon"
  • What is command you asked from Cortana. Tell exactly
  • Maybe the solution is simpler than it looks. We just add 13+16 for the Day. Nos we just wait for a year with day 29 Feb.
  • Or may be 1316 is simple date 13th and 16th feb
  • 1316 upside down on a calculator is GIEL.
    Google this and you get giel! As first result.
    Go to page calculator spelt giel as heading and 12th Feb 15 date on page
  • 11 days to go
  • 1316 he means this: 1+1=2/3+6=9
  • Or tonight, 13 = 1 and 16 = minutes, ha2, 1:16 am, jus guessing
  • 11 days to go
  • So far none has solves the puzzle, maybe "puzzle" is the puzzle.
  • Add the number of each letter from the word puzzle, what do you get?
  • Feb 16, 1:31 AM PST
  • I think the puzzle ia for next pc build !!
  • True, that's what I thought when I saw the tweet preceding Gabe's tweet. The guy was asking about next build for PC I think.
  • feb 18...
  • it's 16 feb 2015 on mon at 1 PM Eastern Time b/c last two devpre of wp8.1 & wp8.1 update is release on mon at 1 PM .13 means 13hr in 24hr format but in 12hr format its 1pm and 16 means 16 of feb monday ;].
  • feb 18 1:16 time
  • 13 february 16:00 PM
  • Why?any reason
  • 13 + 16 = 29th
  • Not a leap year fella
  • Tomorrow at 4 o'clock will release.
  • 1 +3 + 1 +6 = 11 days from now = 23rd
  • A good news new Lumia 1330/1335 dummy pieces already reached India for demo.. a quantity of 7000 pieces... So we can expect a launch date soon may be mwc on march 2-5
  • February 13, 4pm pst, that's midnight in Ireland or Britain
  • Ive found the solution!!!!
    So 20th of February!
  • Isn't 1316 going to be the name of the next preview build for PCs so I'm guessing the phone will get it when the PC gets updated?
  • It could be today at 13:16 or 1:16 pm!!
    I think!!!
  • 16th 1pm sounds like a good bet...
  • 13.16% of this year is feb 17
  • I guess might be today at 13:16 PST ?
  • I know the answer!
    Guess what?
    SOON! :D
  • What's the point 520 is not getting it in first update! No it's not like anybody told me but I feel like:(
  • I used to think this site was good.. Lately though... Perhaps you should do some fact checking before running the next story - this entire twitter conversation is quite clearly about the next PC build.
  • Nearly any news page got it wrong.
  • Most actual news sites didn't run with the story.. I understand what you're saying, but this just really illustrates the problem with these blogs turned news sites - there's little to no journalistic integrity and they don't fact check because they want to be "First!", even though most of the time they're just re-reporting hearsay anyhow.
  • on February 13 we'll get build 10016.
  • Look at the context of Gabe's tweet. It is not about #W10 for Phones! It's about a new build for the Desktop! That will probably be on Feb 24. But #Phones has priority = earlier!
  • thats really sounds "soon" is soon... :)
  • You will be surprised when 520 and other low mem devices gets it first
  • They are the lab rats
  • Year 1316 (MCCCXVI) was a leap year starting on Thursday
  • Half Life 3 confirmed!!!
  • 1316 = Soon
  • 1:00pm Feb 16th 2015 as it is on monday
  • 3-1 =2 6-1 = 5, 25th Feb ;p
  • Today at 13:16?
  • I think that Windows 10 for Phone Insider Preview will be out between 13 - 16 or maybe this by the end of this week.
  • 1+3 = 4 | 1+6 = 7 | 4 + 7 = 13? Today is the 12.02. So tomorrow? Or it may be the time 13h today? Or even 13-16th feb.
  • 13+16=29 he said it will release in February... That means February 29 . That means next year !!!
  • It would be a first build number i guess
  • 1st March 2016?
  • Maybe 1316 is the PC o/s build number? So therefore before that build number hits insiders? If not it could be various dates in February lol. So patience, you must have young padawans :P.
  • Looking forward for the consumer release... This beta not so much, may put in on a 530 bit cant get the app, only got it on my 930 but I wont be installing it on that. When I go the link on my 930 it goes to windows insider app no problem but the 530 on the same link shows a different insider news app and says I cant install anyway. Maybe WC will post another story with app link again... Or not
  • 1316 = B I G ???
  • I thinks it's tomorrow actually because when cyan was coming as an update to my phone, the bing image of the day sh!t itself amd stopped working on my lock screen then cyan came. Today my bing image of the day just sh!t itself again and I'm back to the yellow car picture on my lock screen.
  • 42
  • 1+6=7, so 13th July...
  • !! sounds really "soon"
  • I think 28feb for phones
  • This must be a number of minutes left until the preview is live. 1316 amounts to 22 hours.
  • We know that it's coming this week, so 16th isn't the right answer -in my opinion- so it must be tomorrow at 14pm
  • We know that it's coming this week, so 16th isn't the right answer -in my opinion- so it must be tomorrow at 14pm
  • Or maybe today, 1316 leap year, started on Thursday.
  • I think that Rudy found it!
  • Maybe, its between 13-16 feb.. *horrayyy my first post!!
  • 1316 => (1) (3) (1 6) => (true) 3 (16 year) => Half Life 3 Confirmed in 16 years
  • Why don't you.fuckers stop playing and release it already?
  • What's the need of this? Can't he just tell us the date? Is he always like that?
  • Gabriel is a not the CEO of Microsoft so that he will know exact release date.he is just fooling all. windows 10 preview for phone will be release between 13 feb to 16 feb . i confirmed it from my uncle working in Microsoft.
  • Bible passages maybe? What was one of the Spartans in halo? John 16?
  • I found this (LOL): Hebrews 13:16 "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God".
  • Year 6131
  • (13)- Feb - 20(16)
  • Hey american guys, the one you go to Microsoft and give a note to the Gabriel Secretary from me , please write : "fuck you and your puzzle." I'm in IRAN and can't do this .Thanks alot
  • 1:16pm today military time 13=1pm 16=16mins past would be written as 1317
  • Hasn't anyone removed this story yet?
  • I think i may be like this 1316: 3-1=2 month of the year and 16 feb
  • Forget Friday the 13th. Microsoft is not going to release the TP this Friday the 13th so it must be Feb 16 at 1:00 PM... I think.
  • 1316 stands for 22nd Feb. Just google "Battle of Picotin"
  • Hey american guys, the one you go to Microsoft and give a note to the Gabriel Secretary from me , please write : "fuck you and your puzzle." I'm in IRAN and can't do this .Thanks alot
  • Friday the 13th at 16.00 hours
  • 13 = M
    16 = P = PM This afternoon :)
  • The new "Windows Phone Recovery Tool" is release today. Windows Phone Recovery Tool works for all Nokia Lumia and Microsoft Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8 or newer. They should first, release a tool to be able to downgrade the OS. So i think it will come tomorrow.
  • 13:16 is 1.16pm
  • 13th 4 o'clock (24 hours)
  • He said that the release for phones is still very early...
    Do you guys know if any Microsoft event has occurred 1,316 days ago, in a time frame of 28 days?
  • May be 11 days from now
  • He said he loves the way we "squeeze" him. If you unsqueeze 1316, you get 1415. Saturday, Feb 14, 3 pm., or at the midpoint between. 12:00 am, Feb 15
  • Some how releasing on Friday the 13th seems like a freak bad idea.
  • Tomorrow confirmed.
  • 1316 is a error message
  • Decipher me or be devoured! Gabriel playing The Riddler (or Sphinx). Elementary, my dear Watson... Nice article!
  • You guys have to read the entire tweet... The guy question is about Windows 10 for PC, not for phones...   @GabeAul Hey Gabe, will the new PC build of #Windows10 be from fbl_awesome or fbl_impressive? 0 respostas1 retweet0 curtiram  Responder  Retweetar1  Curtir Mais   Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul  8 hHá 8 horas @callum90ish next PC build will be from fbl_impressive. 0 respostas7 retweets7 curtiram  Responder  Retweetar7  Curtir7 Mais   Callum Moffat ‏@callum90ish  8 hHá 8 horas @GabeAul Is new build coming "soon-ish", "soon", "very very soon" or "within the next week"? 0 respostas1 retweet1 curtiu  Responder  Retweetar1  Curtir1 Mais   Gabriel Aul ‏@GabeAul  6 hHá 6 horas @callum90ish I love the creative ways you guys try to squeeze me :-) How about a puzzle? This is a REAL answer if you can solve it: 1316
  • Who thinks he is laughing his ass off with ask oh stupid guesses?
  • Who cares about new and buggy?! Just give me denim like the 930 & I'm good! #1520 Microsoft is being childish with that low phone market share. Hints, clues and games for s buggy update, get serious or fall off......
  • We all know is February and the year 2015 therefore the puzzle is about day and time. Day number 13th and time 16:00
  • 1316/24 - 31 days of Jan = 24 th
    m gonna cry if its true ;)
  • The 13th 1600 UTC.
  • I think its 18 Feb
  • 13+16=29. Febuary 29th !!!
  • 25th
  • Its on 16feb for phones
  • Difference between numbers: 2,2,5 -> 2/25
  • 16feb for phones
  • It might be 22nd
  • hint = "REAL" answer, R=18,E=5,A=1,L=12. decreased by 1-3-1-6 each number => 18-1=17, 5-3=2, 1-1=0, 12-6=6=> 17 Feb at 06:00 PM because 16=P, and 13=M
  • 42
  • I like either 13th @ 16.00 (4pm) or 16th @ 13.00 (1pm) Drops are usually evening GMT, dont recall a drop at the weekend. It could be 13.16 (1.16pm) today..... Or.... There ar 16 days remaining in Feb, so the 13th out of 16..... = 25th?
  • 1+3=4[ love ], 1+6=7[ Windows ] so LOVE WINDOWS
  • Military time.
  • Contana sends me for a configuration wi- fi, if I say one, three , one , six
  • I'm pretty sure the release date is 24.Feb at 8 p.m. :)
  • 13+10, 16+10 = b/w the 23rd 'n 26th
  • Even windows central hasn't figured it out yet!!!
  • 1st March 2016...
  • The release date will be somewhere between day 13-16
  • January and February combined have 59 days, now that's 1416 hours. Minus 100 hours is 1316 hours. And that my friends is. 24. Feb at 8 PM!!!
  • searching in wikipedia for "1316"  says that 1316 was a leap year started on thursady. so maybe we will leap today to next version (in israel its thursady and nothing yet) or maybe it will occur next thursady
  • 27th Feb 
  • Win 10 for PC is already released and why he should point that...
  • On 22 Feb 1316 was the Battle of Picotin but I fail to see how that is relevant.
  • I think it's time in north America 13:16
  • 23 Feb. The number is hours since 2015 started. 1316/24 = days.
  • Ask Cortana!? Easy pizzy..
  • Well actually it is will be today some time if you just add all the digit together you have it at number 12 . Since we all know it will be release in February, now if you put this together it is February 12. So it definitely today.
  • Tomorrow at 1:16pm
  • .1316 * 365 ~= 48
    So Feb 17th? (48th day of the year)
  • This is hilarious.
  • 1316/24 = 54.83 - 31 = 23.83
    I guess it would be Monday 23rd around 8:30 AM
  • I think the answer might be 11:36
  • Could be the total amount of hours since 1.1.15 ... This would be: Tuesday, 24. February 2015, 8:00:00 pm This would fit in line with the statement, that the preview will come in late/r february!
  • Maybe 13 feb 2015.. At 1 PST hehe
  • Seems obvious. One 3 followed by one 6. Feb 36 is clearly the date. Of course it could be 36 hours after his tweet.
  • This tweet was about a PC build, not about a release for phones... :( Check please before you write an article to excite us all...
  • Lpl mr Gabriel :D
  • Today.
  • The puzzle means release in Feb 13 at 4pm (16:00)
  • Military time, 1:16pm today!!
  • Or tomorrow, at 1600 hours.
  • I think 29 feb
  • 13th Feb and 16th
  • 1316 = 1PM (1) on Feb 18th (316 day)
  • Friday the 13th at 16:00
  • I tried entering it into excel as a date code. Comes up with 8/8/1903. No dice. ;(
  • 1316 was a leap year starting on Thursday...........
  • Maybe it's a DECIMAL number and they want us to convert it
  • Just realized, this riddle is for the PC build, not Phone -___-
  • Feb 23 8pm :)
  • 15 Feb, 10am Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 1 3:16 To u guys in Steve Austin style WHAT
  • 13th Feb at 16hrs
  • I think that 02/13/2015 (tomorow) - 16:00 (4PM)
  • Tomorrow or 22nd of this month
  • Feb 12 2:19
  • It's tomorrow or 22nd of this month
  • I think its 13th February at 1a.m.
  • 2/16 perhaps?
  • 1st of March 2016? I sincerely hope I'm wrong though
  • Ask Cortana
  • I think its 25 or 27 February 2015
  • I'm almost 100% certain that it is, without a doubt, no ifs ands or butts, coming out within this month... lol
  • I think its 16th Feb at @13WST
  • Gabe Aul sounds like a queer dance.
  • I think the date is 23
  • 1 chance to try Windows Phone
    3 times dissapointed
    1 hope still left for the OS
    6 it's the name of the studio of its best developer... Windows 10 come out now, I'm losing it...
  • Isn't it obvious? It's going to be released on 1/3/16. Sorry, guys. No release this year. 
  • Could it be the release number?
  • Could also be April 7th, which IS a Tuesday, lulz.
  • I already have it. *wonders how many people just went to check for an update*
  • Cool thought
  • Is this a leap year where instead of 28 days in Feb. We have 1316 day... LOL bahahahaha yeah it will be on February 1316, 2015 :-)
  • It's the average of the two. 14.5 so the 14th at noon.
  • Hex 1316 is 19, so Thursday 19th seems real
  • My binomial combination says it has a lot of possible guesses
  • Its today 12th, 1316 has a total of 12 factors negative and positive.
  • I think it is 25th Feb. 3 w/out 1; 6 w/out 1.
  • I am developing a brand new hate for Microsoft and Windows, a deep abiding hatred. I have a 1520, unlocked, paid a crap load, UNLOCKED, NO CARRIER, and still no update. None
  • @GabeAul 16+13 = 29/2 = 14.5.. Feb. 14th 5am PST. This will be the perfect give for Valentine's day
  • A few possible solutions 13,16, and then its 19th so 19th February; Happy Chinese New Year! 1st March(3) Pacific Time 00:00 (16=P) The ultimate answer is 42-35=7, 7 days from now :P    
  • February 13 16.00 UTC
  • 1316 is angel number 11. It means 11 hours from tweet (13:00 on 12 Feb). The answer is 24:00 on 12 Feb or 0:00 on 13 Feb.
  • How can you spread such a rumor? If you read the whole tweets, Gave Aul talks about a PC build, not a phone build! :(
  • It is obvious it comes out on Saturday
  • between 19 and 22 of february
  • The 18th of February
  • As close as friday
  • Between 13 and 16 feburary anytime.
  • I think it's Feb. 13 at 8 AM Pacific.
    Why? Because the 13 is obviously February 13, and the 16 could be 16, as in hour 16, which is 4 PM. The global standard time zone is UTC, which is 5 hours ahead of where I live (Eastern time), and that is three hours ahead of where Microsoft is (Pacific time). 4PM minus 5 hours is 11 AM, and 11 AM minus 3 hours is 8 AM.
    I see Microsoft is becoming more like Apple with their release times, if I'm actually correct.
  • Must be 1-3-16 :P
  • This is fucking stupid! Just give us a date. While I hate Apple, I do like how they provide real release dates or release shortly after an announcement. :-\
  • Duh... February 13th 2016...
  • Here is your answer:             DateTime startDate = new DateTime(
                                                  DateTimeKind.Local);             DateTime dateAddHours = startDate.AddHours(1316).AddMilliseconds(1000);               Console.WriteLine(dateAddHours.ToLocalTime());   1316 is the number of hours from the begining of the Year 2015. I started at 1 second before midnight on December 31 but then added 1000 miliseconds. Results:   2/24/2015 8:00:00 AM 12/31/2014 11:59:59 + 1000(milliseconds) + 1316(days) = 2/24/2015 8:00:00 AM (local time)
  • Is this #WP10 is available for Lumia 520 phones...
  • 1+3x1+6=4x7=28th of februari
  • They making fun on #WP10 lovers...
  • I'm going with Feb 24th.
    1316 = hours since start of 2015.
    1316 hours / 24 = 54.8 days.
    54th day of 2015 is Mon Feb 24th.
    Remainder might be specific time?
  • Its ridiculous how they going about this when thats they need to do is release it! Not happy with Microsoft playing with our emotions lol
  • 13 Tomorrow at 16:00 PM?
  • Geez. Can u give the softies room to breathe and get 'em time to do it right!
  • I think it's hours.... 24 hours in a day and 720 hours every 30 days. So 1316 hours/24 Hours is about 54 days. 54 days from Jan 1st is Feb 23. So Feb 23rd is the release date?
  • All these guys in despair for Windows 10... Then will despair again when their devices start to freeze, lag, and bug with an instable OS (yes, that's why it is a Preview...)
  • 1:16 PM today ;)
  • 13:00 PST = 16:00 EST... But what day?
  • two possibilities:
    1. 1st day of 3rd week of feb i.e.16th
    2. 13 day of feb, or 16 day from last...both come out to be 13th...may be.!
  • I am beginning to dislike windows phone...well Microsoft for that matter. I am tried of all the games there playing. I am leaning towards picking up and going Iphone everything.
  • 13th and time 16:00?
  • 13th month 2016 ;)
  • He's confirmed its for windows 10 for mobile
  • 19 feb
  • O/T - Cortana was updated to read time and all instant answers! :D
  • 13th 16.00pm
  • This release should be on February 13, 2015 by 16:00
  • It's the 19th. To bad there are no prizes involved. :P
  • Maybe the release would be on February 13, 2015 by 16:00 hours i.e 4:00pm
  • 19th :)
  • Maybe the release would be on February 13, 2015 by 16:00 hours i.e 4:00pm
  • I think its tomorrow (13) at the 4pm hower
  • Gave said windows phone is coming today on his twitter account, the wait is over!
  • The next in the series 1316 is 19. So I'm guessing the 19th.
  • Its 13th at 4oclock
  • Its 13th at 4oclock.
  • It's out now
  • June 31?
  • Cmon Microsoft .... Really your gonna reward the low of the low end windows phones instead of the real windows phones this is horse shit. Get it together Microsoft....... forget about lumias Update H
  • Microsoft will rollout wp10 for all lumias from 13-16 feb
  • I don't know if anyone wrote that but i guess 1316 means 13 days and 16 hours later from the moment that gabriel aul tweeted
  • all are bastards , is saying that will be the 13th 2016 Jajajajajaja
  • We are on 02/25/2015 and are still doubts and we are here as guinea pigs , they steal millions of dollars to make us wait for a build with errors