Game Troopers is a company which offers an independent game publishing service to bring popular titles to both Windows Phones and PCs. The company's sole focus is to bring popular titles from competing platforms to the Windows ecosystem, and so far it has done a great job.

Game Troopers is founded by Space Inch, who say the untapped potential that sat in the Windows ecosystem and decided to attack it. The company is also founded by Plunge Interactive, a work-for-hire studio based in Europe.

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Nicholas Reville, co-founder of Game Troopers describes the publishers goals as:

“In many cases, we will even do the coding to get the game running on Windows. We want to make it easy for developers to decide to bring their game to Windows. It shouldn’t add any extra stress for your team.”

The first game brought to Windows by Game Troopers was Tiny Troopers, which made its debut in December 2014. Since then, the company has published a number of successful titles, some of which include:

Currently, Game Troopers has released 9 titles to the Windows Store, and the company has plans to support Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 10.