Game Troopers launching Monster GO for Windows Phone May 26, Tiny Troopers 2 due soon

Publisher Game Troopers continues to stay busy on the Windows Phone front. The company plans to release a new game, Monsters GO!, in the Windows Phone Store on Tuesday, May 26. In addition, it is developing Tiny Troopers 2, a sequel to one of their first Windows Phone games.

Here's a quick description of Monster GO!, which is a cartoon-like endless runner game with some role-playing features:

"Pick a Monster, level up and upgrade monster's skills, evolve monsters. Journey through many exciting levels, fights enemy monsters & bosses along the way."

The first game published by Game Troopers was Tiny Troopers, a top-down action-strategy game that came out for Windows Phone in December and was released for Windows 8.1 in March. found a private beta listing in the Windows Phone Store for the upcoming Tiny Troopers 2, which has yet to be officially announced. Here's a translated version of its description:

  • Tiny Troopers is back! And he does it better than ever! Get ready to fight again, soldier! Test your courage and guide your troops to victory in three exciting special operations.
  • MARCH! - Join the all-terrain military and handles the 50 caliber machine gun while you open you passing through hostile territory, but beware the bullets and shells!
  • TO ORDER! - Dress up your soldiers with new uniforms and train them to go up in rank. Improve their rifles and protections they survive as long as possible on the battlefield.
  • SPECIAL FORCES - Recruit all kinds of specialists: doctors, guns, soldiers with flamethrowers, Delta operators... Thus you will complete missions easier.
  • READY FOR COMBAT - Sophisticated Tiny Troopers 2 controls allow you to move to the peloton, download bursts of bullets and deplete the ranks enemies with grenades, rockets and air attacks.
  • YOU DO NOT REACH - It resists the endless hordes of zombies and exceeds three action-packed maps! How long can you survive among the undead?

Source: Game Troopers (Twitter),

John Callaham